V2 Ex E Cig Review: Check This Out Before You Buy!

If you want to go ahead and pick up your V2 Ex get it here: http://roundaboutplace.com/vendor/v2cigs and don’t forget to our other brutally honest e cig reviews at: http://roundaboutplace.com/


Robert Love says:

I was about to place my order to see if I should upgrade to the new one. Thanks for the video, I will stick with standard since I have to have someone bring these to me internationally. 

Lucas McLaird says:

Thanks for the video. I’m deciding between the standard and ex. I’m hearing that the ex cartridges can get hot

mak90ak47 says:

I also bought this ex battery & it does not work with good the ex blank cartridges but it works good with the regular cartridges if you use the cover, I also found it to work better if you use one of the extra rubber gaskets to cover the holes if you are using the ex blanks. I also bought the red one too, now the red one is different than the carbon fiber one. The red one does not have the two hole like the carbon fiber one instead it has two bigger holes on the end of the cover so if you use the cover over the cartridges its just as bad if not worse than carbon fiber battery with the ex blanks but if you use it with the ex blanks it works a lot better but there still is a problem because on the ex blank cartridges on the bottom were you screw it onto the battery there is a little slanted notch on the metal so air still gets in when you hit the cig so the two batteries are different but they still have the same problem but I will say the red battery works much better with the ex blanks & the carbon fiber works better with the regular cartridges. Another thing you can do to help completely stop the air from the carbon battery is to use one of the gaskets & roll it up against the end of the cover & that stops almost all the air from getting in the way of your hit. So I hope this will be helpful for some people. I only have the carbon & scarlett batteries but I did notice in some of the videos that the card battery has the two holes like the carbon battery, I am not sure about the silver & the flower one

ThirdrailHQ says:

My EX is about a year old. Even though it’s never seen heavy usage (maybe ten to fifteen puffs a day), it’s completely broken and run down. The indicator lights stopped working a long time ago, and it only holds a charge for a few minutes. V2 has the worst customer service ever, so it’s just a bunch of wasted time and money. I wouldn’t buy from these guys again if you put a gun to my head.

mak90ak47 says:

Sorry to keep posting but I just seen the bloom pattern ex battery also has the two holes like the carbon, steel, & royal. The only one that does not have the two holes is the Scarlett metallic, but like I said the Scarlett has two bigger holes on the end of the sleeve/cover. I’m thinking maybe they made them that way so that it doesn’t get too hot because if they do get too hot you get that burnt taste, just my guess.

MrDeadSea777 says:

I’ve been using the V2 EX for a while now, and the holes actually help you get a better draw… You’re not supposed to screw the cartridge on too tight, you won’t get a good draw and you’ll damage the thread on the battery. The manual version is in stock but don’t think you need it. I think these are great, my only complaint is the battery size, which means constant recharging, but I’ve found that with the new chargers you can charge them more than before and they charge faster and last longer. I actually bought two and keep them on rotation so I don’t ever have to wait (got the V2 EX Kit and an extra V2 EX battery)… I have been looking into the V2 Pro 3 because the cartridge is encased in the body and it would be easier to carry around. The Pro 3/pro 7 cartridges are expensive and I’m not sure how well they would hold up against the V2 EX cartridges in value for money. To get the best vape taste and draw, I replace the V2 EX cartridges once every 3 days – so that’s between 9 and 10 cartridges I go through per month, and I use only Blacknote e-liquids… Hope this helps

Pamela J says:

Very cool review! Appreciate it!

Bob Swaggot says:

the holes were probably meant to be a carb like function, so you cover then while pulling, then after you pull you release the carb so that you suck in just air which would push the air into your lungs like a pipe or bowl does. 

Treyce Freemna says:

The holes are for air that should help get more vape

silentkb says:

Great review. I also don’t like the ventilation holes, but I found you can cover the holes by stretching one of the extra rubber grommets over the holes. But again, you shouldn’t have to.

Real-Batman says:

Just recieved mine today, looks like they fixed a lot of issues. The EX does not have holes now. works great. Take a look v2.com

Bad Morty says:

Damn it, I just bought the v2 ex battery to replace my old standard. :O

FoxDie says:

I just bought a Blu Cig kit from walmart for like 35 bucks. Not bad, one of the carts was shit though. DIdn’t produce any vapor really but the next one did and it’s not bad. Still not sure if I want to stay with Blu though since I’ve always smoked marlboros and the flavor is really weak to me.

JJPasadena says:

Thanks for the info man. I’ve been using pre filled V2 cartridges w/ my V2 battery. I’m sick of the pre filled. They don’t last long enough. So I want to try the EX Blank. Will it fit right onto a V2 Automatic battery? If so, what all do I need? Just the Blank minitank, a liquid and the battery? Any info will be great. I just subscribed to your channel. Thanks again!

Jonathan Price says:

Yeah, for an upgraded battery, they certainly could have done a little better! But I guess it is meant to be used with the cover.

Vaping Deals and Steals says:

Like you’re YT videos! Keep up the amazing content. Was hoping to chill awhile but had to go to the job. I’ll be checking back!

Jonathan Price says:

If you are thinking of trying out the new V2 EX electronic cigarette make sure you watch this video first: V2 Ex E Cig Review: Check This Out Before You Buy!

My Name says:

I have a V2 manual being a new V2 owner. I have been buying disposable cartridges/atomizers. Does the E-liquid/ mini tank offer more vapor clouds or better hits ? Was looking at buying a mod instead but hate to keep spending $ on stuff I don’t know anything about. So can this manual V2 EX be beefed up to make clouds ?

Jonathan Price says:

Hey JJ. Thanks for commenting. All you need is the mini tank, battery, and eliquid. It will connect straight to your v2 battery so if you already have a battery your good to go! The ex battery is good. But I honestly prefer the regular v2 batteries.

Connie Long says:

they do manual now

I says:

So glad they changed it since this review. It’s getting the best reviews for “quit smoking” pens.

mak90ak47 says:

Hi, just to add one more bit of info on the ex batteries I just seen in a video that the silver also has the two holes like the carbon battery. Bummer, I was going to buy that one too because I thought it didn’t have the holes but I’m glad I did see it in the video before buying it.

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