V2 Cigs: Disposable Electronic Cigarette Review: Guest Starring blu Cigs

Watch how much vapor these V2 Cigs disposable electronic cigarettes provide! More info/Coupon: http://www.darthvaporreviews.com/v2-cigs-disposable-electronic-cigarette-review.html

Take the first and hopefully the last step in quitting smoking cigarettes. Disposable electronic cigarettes helped me quit, but that’s just scratching the surface. Subscribe to watch reviews on the latest vaping devices. The links below should help your journey go smoother.

Disclaimer: This is my first review ever of reviewing anything. Sorry for the “ums”.

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Darth Vapor Reviews says:

Thanks! Great! Perfect transition off of cigarettes.Are you ready to take the next step to rechargeable batteries? They are much cheaper in the long run if you’re ready to be a full time vaper.

Darth Vapor Reviews says:

Sorry to hear that. If you buy from a local shop who resells them, then sometimes the batteries are not as fresh if they have been sitting around for awhile. I got mine directly from V2 Cigs and they lasted much longer.

Ted Johnson says:

I’m just trying the blu e-cigarettes for the first time while watching your video. This is the first electronic cigarette I’ve ever tried. Wish I knew about these before destroying my lungs the past eight years of my life.

Nick Accornero says:

Dang…. I thought I came up with Darth Vapor first… This ruined my day…

Darth Vapor Reviews says:

Great! 🙂

Tobs Zehcnas says:

is this refillable or disposable e-cig?

Darth Vapor Reviews says:

Cool! I haven’t tried 7s yet. If it keeps you off the cigarettes then stick with it.

Christopher Mouradian says:

What is Tar

Seymore Glock says:

I purchased 7s kit. It came with 4 cartridges and usb charger for $20. They claim 1 cartridge = 3 packs. They do last quite awhile.

Nathan Wright says:

Yea I can’t get mine to start either

Darth Vapor Reviews says:

Awesome! Vape on!

DCbest202 says:

Great vid

NoOrdinaryGamer says:

Smoked one today felt great

Seymore Glock says:

Nice review. I am new to the eciggs and so far I’ve been trying the disposables. Blu menthol was the first I tried. I like the taste and the “carb” hole it offers. Retail $9.99. Next I tried V2 menthol. A Lil shorter, taste ok, and no “carb” hole. Retail $5.99. So far I lean towards blu disposables.

IgoRex B. says:

I bought 2 of this disposable e-cigs…first i bough one – lasted 16,17 hours, didnt inhale maybe 60,70 times…then i went back to the shop and they gave me a new one. New one lasted even less. Maybe 6,7 hours. Whats wrong with them? I couldnt puff more than 100 times (both of them together) …?!? And they are advertised as ~400 puffs. And what are the chances i bought two faulty cigs in a row???’!!! Help?! 🙁

MegaTitanSlayer says:

My v2 won’t turn on or work..

The Weaknd says:

So which e-cig would you recommend? Seems like the V2 has more vapor

djpaul146 says:

I use the vype ecig with rechargeable battery pack

Danyell Warner says:

very good review i just bought one today and i like it a lot. I hope it helps me stop going to try hard.

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