This U-Cig has NO COILS! / USONICIG Rhythm Ultrasonic Vape Kit Review

This is not an E-Cig it’s a U-Cig that uses high frequency ultrasonic vibrations turn eliquid into vapor.


Places to get the Rhythm U-Cig;

My favorite eLiquid (no added sweetners):
Tea Time Eliquid
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The Zealot says:

the comercial for thos should be “U-cig for the real U”

August M says:

Does the the body or the tank get hot?

Fazal Fariz says:

Still falls into the vaporizer category.

Stan Alink says:

Mist ugly device design ever made

ronnie says:

she should do porn

anthony serra says:

Nice tech. This is just starting

A Waren says:

the fire button does seem nice and quickie but I’m kind of like you how the hell are you supposed to hold it… Love your videos and the hard work you do creating your content ,don’t let haters get you down

yearoftherat says:

She looks and sounds related to Lauren Simonsen (‘Southern’)

Sanji Smutje says:

My noise just went bloody from 0%-100%

Rocky B. says:

what the fuck is the mater with you people, God help you..

jon mcgaw says:

If you can’t get into the pod for cleaning after one flavour or fill is done and you want a different flavor juice or nic level for your next fill… does it mix the flavors for first bit? Or can you rinse and dry it somehow?

frankthespank says:

….why does this woman talk/sound like this?

Vegoku Rulez says:

“no coil, let the juice go in the coil”. what?

Teresa Frankland says:

Zophie will u try to review the lite 40 s

Danielle Smart says:

huh! this is pretty cool! I can see the potential. I know I hate being throttled down changing coils all the time. So that is a win for me! but price is always a huge factor!

1Kenny30 says:

So it works like a nebulizer? Why didn’t we think of this before?!

Alex Lopez says:

Seems cool

UndeadGaming says:

Its an E cig

azizul zulzaha says:

ultrasonic? or microwave? hmm

Vincent Bulgarino says:

Come to my Facebook VAPOR KING to learn tips and how to save money.Also invite your fellow VAPORS. Spent a lot of money to figure it all out. Come Join me. Thank you very much

Sonus Lab says:

Awesome System.

Dmitrijs Ozolins says:

Nah, bollocks. I’ll stick to my mech

Tin Rogina says:

E-cig started with this idea in 2001. Hon Lik research a little. I don’t know now is it the same problem persists today?
but back then heating element produced the finest vapor/molecules than an ultrasonic element, I read it somewhere.
So manufacturers continued with a heating element.
There is a water ultrasonic humidifier same tec. concept but for VG/PG will be a different frequency.

Molly Lenore says:

That is definitely some amazing tech, but unfortunately just LOOKING at that firing switch makes my arthritic hand hurt lol. I’ll wait for something better made to come along 🙂 PS love your hair!

Gabe Hooven says:

1:40 she says give it 10 minutes for the coil to saturate

Yoni Edery says:

That’s so weird girls can’t vape

Kaz says:

Dang the pod fad is getting serious

Jeremy Neil says:

Well, it’s interesting, but doesn’t quite fit my cloud chasing need

thibaut noah says:

how can that thing be so big with such a crappy battery?

Cody Boles says:

Ten minutes for coil but no coil ummmm

Boom I Gotcha says:

The way she’s talking I feel like this is going to turn in to a Bob Ross show…”pretty trees”

Adam Glenn says:

How do you replace the cotton how often do you have to replace the cotton can you replace the cotton?

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