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Chris Byars says:

I vape a VUSE e-cig every once in a while. It will work in a pinch, when I can’t vape big clouds.

strange420daze says:

I like ’em okay. the crema and chai are good tasting flavors. I don’t get all the hate for him reviewing these. Not everyone is a pro and I think he should review products from all over the spectrum. If people don’t like them, don’t buy them. Hell, his review was that they suck, and people still hatin’. Relax everyone, start your own youtube channel and you can decide what gets reviewed and what doesn’t.

Mike 69 says:

Fucked up by cslling vaping. E cigs.. Vspibg has nothing to do with tobacco. These e cigs were one 9f the first things I tried, and thats ca7sr it was free in mail. only gives you a quarter of the nic. of vaping.

Terry Cairl says:

I started with the disposable Blu and moved to the Blu pack kit. The batteries did not hold a charge and the cartomizers were unusable too often to justify the high price point. I did like the flavor though. Now I mostly use a vape pen clearomizer with a 650 or 1100 mah battery. I get better vapor production and it’s way cheaper to get bottles of e-juice to refill the tank with.

tskwerl says:

Compared to just about any other cigalike on the market, and even some vape pens, I’d say White Cloud has the best disposable and rechargeable cigalikes for the price. Especially recommended for the smoker still trying to quit and burning through cigalikes and these crap Big Tobacco products. They also say right on the product how much nicotine you’re getting and have 2 higher nicotine strengths than most cigalikes. Also very useful for the smoker wanting to quit. It’s how I got off the stinkies. Next month, bumping up to a Smok Alien kit.

Victor Williams says:

Got a Vuse solo today for ten bucks… it puts out a good vapor and keeps me from deterring from vape and turning back to smoke. So that’s fair in and of itself. Vape pens with wicks always go on me and I find myself needing to replace the cartridge tank every two or three days, the way I puff. That said, disposable is better for me and this cig I would also rate 3.5 out of 5 stars, but I enjoy the flavor and it seems like a good money saver, goal in mind, that I gradually tone down my nicotine addiction, despite big tobacco’s influence.

The hardy boys says:

I will say this…The nicotine content is there. If you need a quick nicotine fix they will get the job done. Also the original and menthol flavors suck. Nectar flavor is pretty good

DFWTF says:

They are not bad when you first buy one , But when you get the Refill cartridges you have a 50/50 chance that one will not work at all or one will leak out of it . Ive had good and bad with this product .

Stevie Pools says:

i think your channel is very helpful keep up the info when i want to know something about new vapes this is where i come to so again thanks for your channel

Jackedyy265 says:

I have the exact same NYC poster in my room

Satan says:

DO NOT BUY VUSE they are cigarettes pretty much they give u the exact same buzz as a cigarette have a puff counter that shuts it off and makes u wanna keep smoking them

elchamber says:

Never going to purchase an Njoy. They either don’t work or can’t last a day.

the gamer dude says:

the only good flavors with this one (for me) is menthol and original. people like mint and berry, but those ones just make me feel sick.

Skaterboy1739 ps4 says:

I started yesterday with the vuse i thought it was good for my first vape pen.

Jack Bowers says:

these type of things such as vuse or njoy or blu aren’t meant for clouds or lung hits like the real vapes. these or simply for people who dont anything about vaping and are just trying to quit smoking. when i tried to quit smoking i started with a real vape and i didn’t like it because it was nothing like a cigarette. i went and bought and njoy king pack and that was more realistic to a cigarette. after a while using those i worked my way up to the real stuff. now all i use are mech mods sometimes box mods if i dont feel like building

DoodSnackV/G says:

oh fuck! I remember these!

Ephesus RH says:

love your hair man

Jace Beleren says:

you sir are amazing keep up the good videos

jack sparrow says:

I actually enjoy vuse not a ton of smoke just the right amount for me hehe

Braeden Janes says:

This guy is so positive he should be a motivational speaker

DavyDave1313 says:

Does anyone know what the symbols on the black part of the long metal battery part is for? Theres a D a 1 and an M

bailey elliott says:

i love it willing to try everything

Lcd822 says:

I was a smoker for 18 years. Tried quitting cold turkey, tried vape pens, Blu ecigs, none of it worked. Vuse is the first thing that’s gotten me to give up my Marlboros. It’s been a little over 6 weeks now. This guy is probably right that Vuse ecigs aren’t the best, but they’re cheap, easy to use, there’s no messy liquid to deal with, and they produce a good amount of smoke. Only weird thing is that their chai flavor just tastes like blueberry for some reason. Original is my favorite. Probably not the best if you’re serious about vaping, but if you’re just trying to get away from cigarettes, well, they’re pretty damn good.

J J says:

My rundown, after trying several (when I say trying, I mean at least 3 purchases or more). Vuse ($10) originally was just too damn harsh on the throat hit > you had to puff hard, there was no in between, just hit it or it wouldn’t work. Tried Njoy ($7) > won’t last but 40 minutes for me, yet flavor was enjoyable, and miniaturization of product was nice, though costly at $7 every hour (yes, I vap these from wakeup to sleep, everyday). Blu disposable ($11, was called originally eBlu) > GREAT taste, perfect throat hit, but the flavor runs out in a matter of 30 minutes, and would only last about a day, before flavor just straight up fails. Blu cartridges ($15 for 3 pack), a perfect alternative to the $11 Blu disposable and each tank would last 1 day ($5 a day)…Blu had a solid product with the cartridges, but they changed the flavor 3 times, including holes formation, then the cartridges would explode with juice everywhere, not once, but every package had a cartridge that did it, so I gave them up after about a year, as they had no interest in fixing the exploding juices… Went back to Vuse, suspecting they may have focused on re-engineering the product after complaints (just a hunch) > I was right about Vuse, as the one shown in this video > it is EXCELLENT now, flavor, throat hit, etc. To mitigate the warming up of the product where the battery and cartridge meet, I always have two readily available and alternate. I have 10 batteries at my desk at home, 2 at work to keep the goodness coming. Been Vuse for about 6 months now. The only catch is, Vuse doesn’t sell online. I tried a dozen other no-names, and was never satisfied, from how it felt to the quality of the flavors. In summary, if I could afford $22 a day (2 a day), it would be eBlu disposable (the long one), but this Vuse as mention in video is the one I really love, for price ($3 a day), function, flavor and sustainability.

J J says:

Ahahaah I just noticed what’s behind him! It’s a $5 poster called “New York Window Poster Art Print”… I noticed it online, here is an example if you want to buy one…×36-New-York-Window-Poster/dp/B00MBHV14Y/ref=sr_1_2?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1479180743&sr=1-2&keywords=New%2BYork%2BWindow%2BPoster%2BArt%2BPrint&th=1

Firefighter#1 says:

I have a vuse and I enjoy it but not as much as my Juul.

Scrapz says:


Kendal DK says:

Middle aged douchenugget.

Sushant Deula says:

lemon chush

Stevie Pools says:

well i also started with the blue then i went with the vuse they both sucked then i have been with my vv4 i had stayed with that one for alittle over a year

What am I doing with my life says:

The vuse vibe is better

OmegaMale13 says:

This was the very first vape I tried a year or two ago, and looking back I’d have to say it served its purpose. Was it the best disposable I could’ve gotten? No, but it’s what I could afford at the time. It got me off of smoking cigarettes by showing me a more effective alternative to trying to go cold turkey, and relapsing after a few days. Since then I’ve worked my way up to a Smok Alien 220W with a big baby beast tank, and make my own coils. If I had known back then the kind of vapor production I could get by going to a vape shop, or looking online I definitely would’ve done so sooner.

Isaiah Boi says:

This shit gives a good buzz.

Charlyn Reese says:

I have one. Don’t like it

Hope S says:

I have mine and patches and lozenges and use all 3 again to quit smoking..I’ve lasted two weeks before and now trying again..have all 3ready

originaLkomatoast says:

Vuse sucks. MarkTen XL and Fin are much better. Fin carts have a 510 fitting and will fit on larger batteries like the eGo-T.

captain deadpool says:

I do love the flavor of the vuse original wish I could find a sweet original flavor for my vpower

kronosx7 says:

The nicotine is 4.8% by weight. It says it on their FAQ page.

SportaChris says:

A tip for all: if you get to the “end” of a Vuse cartridge (the 5 white blinks), there’s actually a way to reset the cartridge and bring it back to life.

First, put a brand new replacement cartridge on. Blow (not drag, BLOW) into it. If you do this right, the tip will light up white, as if you were dragging.

Next, while the end is still glowing, quickly remove the NEW cartridge, and put the OLD cartridge back on. You’ll have a few seconds to do the swap. If the end is still glowing, you’re good. Practice this a bit if you want to get the technique down.

Now drag. If you did the swap right, you’ll have reanimated the old cartridge! It works by resetting the puff counter on the old cartridge’s microcontroller. You can get two or even three full cycles out of a single cartridge this way, before the flavor starts going bad, or until you’re hit with the red/white defective-cartridge blink. Your mileage will vary from one cartridge to the next, but you will definitely get at least SOME more bang for your buck.

You can thank me later! 😉

MarsCandyBar says:

Pretty sure he isn’t supporting Vuse, but reviewing a product for people attempting to quit smoking (the reason he began vaping…), or vapers that need a fix when they can’t get regular juice.

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