I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no value to me. This is my opinions and experience with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Everybody has to start somewhere right? The fact that these are carried in Wal Mart stores nationwide was enough to inspire me to shoot a video for it.

It’s not amazing, and at the price is not sustainable as a continued method of vaping. But it’s also not to bad, and if someone was to take a chance and pick this up at walmart along with their regular cigarettes I think they would be pleasantly surprised at it’s performance and ease of use.

If you are one of those people that purchased this e-cig at a walmart, just know that you have made a good decision. If you are enjoying this, then maybe you are ready to move further into the tobacco free vape world. There are all sorts of batteries, atomziers, cartomizers and tanks out there, And it can get VERY overwhelming.

The device I showed in this video is the Ego twist battery found here

and the EVOD tank found here

it’s very much a simple fill-and-vape process. Be sure to pick up a charger for your batteries as well as some liquid and you will be good to vape. At a lower cost over time, with a better battery life, and a more satisfying experience overall.

There are lots of resources out there to help on the journey of becoming tobacco free. Places like


as well as numerous forums like and

and my personal favorite

Thanks so much for watching everyone!


dj friedmann says:

when I first tried to quick smoking I have asthma and my doctor told me to use a ecig to help me quit and I bought 1 and it turned me off cuz it tasted god awful and I kept smoking but then I learned about vape shops and got my first ego c twist I haven’t had a real cig in 9 months and for the same price as a blu ecig starter kit you can get a ego c twist those work better to kik the habit not to mention safer (:

Haley Humphrey says:

is GRIMMGreen a reference to the car tuning company GRIMMspeed? if so, rad

Vincent Burlet says:

BUT thank you for sharing this stuff!!!

Michael Elmore says:

From someone who smoked alot of regular tobacco cigs I will say this. These disposable / lower end rechargeable ecigs are a pretty good stepping stone for someone who is thinking about making this switch to vaping. I’ve used all sorts of these types magic puff, njoy, blu, and several others. For me one of the reasons for quitting smoking was to save money, this route isn’t going to save you that much money, if any at all. I just picked up a iStick 20w w/ Aspire mini and there is absolutely no comparing. Great reviews man, nice, honest and right to the point. New sub here.

Vincent Burlet says:


Ian Colmorgan says:

hey Nick, just wanted to let you know i showed my father this video, and he said fuck that get me a dripper.

cjodigo says:

I was an 18 year cig smoker and now a 4 year e cig, former vapor. Liquid Vaping became a pain for me as the juice I would like would become unavailable and I got tired and went to the store bought e cigs. I have to say that the Mistic menthol is the longest lasting cartridge I have used. The Vuse, Njoy and Blu were expensive because I was going through at least 2 per day while the Mistic lasted almost 36 hours…..the problem with Mistic though has been that half my filters have been duds! Sooo frustrating. Honestly, all the stress with the ecigs have about driven me back to real smokes lol

Michael Garcia says:

Great video. Thanks man

patri domino says:

I started using Mistic ecigs 4 years ago and then I ran into major Quality control problems.
To begin with it was a great sub for smoking–no tobacco scent on everything, economical (1 cartridge would last at least 2 days –normally a pack a day smoker) and it was terrific. THEN they changed mfgrs or something and the quality started tanking. At least 2 out of 5 cartridges would be bad. Then 3 out of 5. (buying at walmart) . I returned product under warranty and they sent new product. I was grateful. Then the batteries started having a really short shelf life….the batteries didn’t fit the cartridges and a LOT of the time the cartridges had a MUCH shorter life. I talked to their customer service (seems like a bunch of kids) and they sent more product to replace. BUT the problem was, the product they sent was just as bad. Defective batteries after a couple of months, ratio of good to bad cartridges about TEN PER CENT. SO they have started sending defective product to REPLACE defective product. I have tried to contact them, including leaving a message for the owner, who *seemed* like a nice guy when I first talked to him, when he relocated to Charlotte,NC and have never received a call back period, from anyone. Customer service rarely answers the phone. They do NOT SEEM TO CARE about the ordinary e-cig smokers the first wooed. Now they are focused on the Haus crap which I could care less about —vaping a flavor like grape or peach. AClK. SO B4 YOU WASTE A LOT OF TIME AND MONEY ON MISTIC, TRY SOMETHING ELSE.  THEIR QC IS NOW GARBAGE.

Meg Montgomery says:

I have been very disappointed with their refill cartridges lately. Several have not worked at all and the last order I got from their company in the mail had a horrible chemical smell. I had been using them for 2 years and have never had this happen. Very disappointed as I emailed the company and have not heard back from them.

Keith Kinney says:

I started with an ijust 2

santi ericson says:

Good god this juice is terrible. I got the peach flavor and it tastes like sweetened pool water. DONT BUY THIS.

xFitzMan91x says:

I was actually thinking about getting a pack of those since I do miss vaping. However my vaping knowledge is still kinda low but I am starting to get the hang of it and am trying to look for something to use temporary until I find a vape that works for me. Do you know what I should do to get nice, warm vape and get good puffs of smoke, like the cloud chasing kind?

Jesus is King says:

ewww looks horrible


you said in this video that one cartridge was supposed to be one pack of cigarettes one ounce of E Juice is not a carton of cigarettes maybe one to two packs

jamminjoe44 says:

Great honest review! Mistic got me off analogs 2 years ago .. Now Im vaping an istick 30watt nautilus mini combo, and there is no going back!

David Reaka says:

“It’s not bad” *shrug* I had a good chuckle from that. 

Alessa N. says:

Are these made in china?

Kyle C says:

And say ‘take a drag’, not ‘take a toot’. Sounds stupid as fuck. You saying that makes me imagine you sucking a fart out of the ass of a gay dude wearing leather chaps and bondage gear.


and I don’t want to pay $15 $16 $22 every 2 or 3 days for one ounce of liquid

Justin Cash says:

I’m so glad I started on an MVP

RJ Rakin says:

Nothing like when YouTube suggests ancient looking Grimm videos lmao. Love it, it’s like pre relapse sober Grimm lol

shomolya says:

The $64 question is: Does it deliver enough nicotine for the quitting smoker??

Phil Nolan says:

I found 100% that one ecig cartridge lasted me one day which is what a pack of cigarettes lasted me. So as far as I’m concerned they were absolutely right in saying 1 cart = 1 pack.

Vincent Burlet says:


avenger2242 says:

I use the Atlantis with the Sub Ohm battery but i was just curious on how you rated what most of us started with or what got us interested in E-cigs. I just found it funny you mentioned Marlboro smooths because thats what i used to smoke haha

Summer Noybn says:

I got hubby an ego, but he loves the flavor of the green tree cartomizer.. is there anything comparable in ejuice that i can get him?  Ive tried several “tobacco” flavored e juices that he doesnt like… 

dusty rhodes says:

Grimm your a decent man…

losi8ightyew says:

The threading is a KR808D-2 threading!

Hey do says:

It looks very realistic and seems like the vapor production is great compared to other cheap cigalites

MCL771 says:

Never had mystic brand…

Chewing the Midwest says:

you seem like such a prick if its not the best of the best it’s a pice of shit to you

Brian Bivins says:

The walmart near me sells imperial smoke classic kit now, I got one after trying it, it is much like a ce4 starter kit but with a way better ce8 tank. It works well for a new vapor like me who doesn’t have much money. I had a ce4 kit but it is not as good and I only use it for a back up. I will say I bought a kangertech t3s for mine and like it a lot better then the CE8 but if you have a choice between it or the mistic I would grab the imperial smokes one it is about 20 dollars but is well worth it compared to the other options.

DakGuy05 says:

I’m relatively new to the ecigs and stuff, but I can buy the Mistic Bridge to fit this so I can refill the tank over and over again until the atomizer craps out?

handheldpoetry says:

I love my Ego-Evod; I vape like a fucking dragon when I’m using it. My favorite so far is my Genesys Ego King. It’s killer, absolutely killer. But, to the naysayers of the Walmart Mystics, I helped a few of my friends either quit smoking or severely cut back when I bought them similar cig-a-likes.
So, thanks Green for featuring these and giving them a fair shake.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

V2 to this day March 2015 states that a cartridge is equal to a pack of cigarettes!! I have to tell people that I am helping to learn to vape who want to use the cigilikes that it is not equal to a pack of cigarettes not even close!

Luís Bita says:

Well, Vaping since 2010 and i still like to use Cartos sometimes. Until 2015 i dint care about the news in Vaping (only Cartos, EgO’s CE4 and Halo/Dekang) and now its funny to catch up with the old videos (but new to me). Keep on Vaping Grimm (y)

Almighty Tevin | Quality Archives & Updates says:

That hand tattoo. MY GAWD it’s amazing lol

patri domino says:

BTW, I actually don’t smoke the way you do at all…lol. I take a puff, not a deep vascular double inhale where I waste a lot of the smoke through my nose…. one thing you missed ~ I don’t know about the regular non-menthol Mistics, but the box of 5 cartridges of Menthol 1.2 has, written on its EDGE, that the box is equal to ONE CARTON OF CIGARETTES! (I’m looking at that right now, in shock ~ never noticed it before, really—or forgot it said that).
And you thought Mistic claiming 1 regular 1.8 cartridge was equal to ONE pack of cigarettes was an extreme and untrue claim~ when they in fact actually claim EACH CARTRIDGE is equal to TWO packs of cigs. (TO quote from the side of a FIVE cartridge box of Menthol 1.2s: “Equals approximately 10 packs of cigarettes or one carton” (end quote)
WRONG. I ACTUALLY AGREE that 1 cartridge = approximately 1 pack of cigarettes, the way a normal person (me) smokes, but that cartridge is NO WAY EQUAL to TWO PACKS __ NO way, NO how.
As to product longevity, btw, how long it has been on the shelf makes a BIG difference too, and whether it has been stored in a hot environment ~even less smoke available per cartridge. Best thing is to keep an eye out for their sales on the website, which they do have, and their promos.
As for the DIY vaping cartridge systems like the Ego you seem to like, well, not gonna do it. TOO MESSY, WAY TOO MUCH HASSLE. So for better or worse, I’m married to Mistic – for now, until a better product comes along that is not a big hassle to use.

It’s also too bad they don’t offer some sort of way to keep track of the e-cig, like a way to clip it to a thong around your neck or a means to clip it to your shirt pocket, or purse for the gals, somehow. I lose the damn things all the time… – drop it out of a pocket, lay it down and walk off, forget where I left it, etc.

James Davies says:

This was an exceptionally unbiased review. Very respectable. Came here because I’d been watching your reviews of other things, and as a semi-avid vaper, I was curious to hear your thoughts. Fresh sub!

philanna38 says:

I got the tip off which was difficult. I filled it with liquid and it work quite well.

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