The Future Of Vaping – Mark Ten By Philip Morris Review

This is my review of the Mark Ten by Philip Morris. Point of this review is to show people what vape reviews and the community in general, could look like a few years from now if we don’t stand up now and take action!

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Thies Walter mihai says:

stupid idiots spend money on bullshit

Legion 78 says:

you’re first step to quit should be something provided from a legitimate vape and ejuice company who has been around and who are still around since day one. not by a Phillip Morris company. which is pretty shady by them in the first place to promote this in the first place considering their track record. Probably should run a test on the juice to see what’s in it. probably something addictive just like cigarettes they promote and said. Jesus this pisses me off.

Phoonck says:

From the branch “We gave you cancer for decades” a “Now we give you shit” product.

Gamer Guy says:

Around 2:44 he randomly twitches

karen baldassare says:

Thx Matt. I did the same thing: blu, NJoy, V2, et al. And still smoked. If I could have gotten a decent inhale with more vapor I may have been able to quit the cigs. However, the day I decided to really quit, I isolated myself on vacation where no one around me smoked. I relied on these cigalikes as a crutch when I started having nic fits. I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy but I did get through the first week. After that I upgraded to egos, etc.. I live with a smoker, work with smokers and vaping has kept me off cigs for 4 years, now. I sit in the same room everyday while my partner smokes and I vape. That’s how powerful and effective vaping is! Anyone who still wants to give me grief about vaping can put that in their pipe and smoke it!

Thank you for your tutorial help and everything else you do for the vaping community. I love you guyz <3

MMaya says:

Bastards! Out of principal I would NEVER buy a product directly made my tobacco industry, the same industry that wants to destroy independent vaping industry! And neither should anyone who supporters vaping!

Cartel Versus says:

Fuck this SHIT.
FDA Fuck You!! You will do SHIT. If you do something to vaping, it will just go to Darknet TOR networks and true vapers will keep vaping! Fuck you and your Tabaco Cartel bullshit!
I have a shit load of vape gear and no matter what you pussies do I will never vape this shit, and you will never take away my vape gear!

DeepDoseMusic says:

just a side note on disassembly, a standard tube cutter would be perfect for this. Although not worth the cost for a one time use. They do come in surprisingly handy though when you know you’ve got one on hand.

zhaquiri says:

“Wannabe vape.” Why do people call cigalikes that? It’s not TRYING to be for “vaping”; it’s just trying to replace cigarettes, as a cessation tool to quit or maybe even a replacement (I think tobacco companies prefer the latter so they can still make money off you). You won’t get actual smoke from an actual cigarette that’s bigger than the “vapor” you get from cigalikes, which is the whole point. Vape boxes are a whole different animal altogether.

Kevin Puckett says:

you can get those for free,i sub and have one of them collecting dust

NazApollo says:

lol funny how the cotton on that looks just like a cig filter after it’s been smoked. somethin up I tell u

Richard Sinclair says:

Btw, Vanessa is sooooo cute!

lee cessna says:


lee cessna says:

I like to vope

Aus Vapez says:

If they want us to smoke so badly, then why do they charge so much? Hahaha


Blu sucks, it tastes like smoking dog food.

Carolina Vaper says:

I tried this avenue before I started vaping. I had a coupon for some and went to a store to get it and the clerk suggested the Haus tank/battery starter kit instead, and that’s how I started truly vaping. From there I moved on to better kits and now subohm. I would have likely gone back to smoking if I had tried sticking to these types.

joseph fiorini says:

i smoked cigalikes (vuse mostly but i tried these and blu and several others). I always kept smoking. I never made it a DAY without a cigarette while using cigalikes. I almost gave up but I tried the mistic pod mod and it was much better (i recommend pod systems over cigalikes for sure). the pod mod worked well enough to get me to quit and I moved on to vape pens then mods.

dekatch says:

you missused the word “state issues” for “tax issues of our state”

Aaron Haddaway says:

if you take a paper clip and bend it slightly you can insert it in one of the four breather holes and pop it out, then you can pull out the small rubber o ring and refill it slowly. its easy once you know how to I did mine earlier today.

Richard Sinclair says:

i am 100% committed to NOT buying any vape products made by big tobacco companies. They know, that in spite of propaganda, vaping will and is taking over and they want a piece of the action. All the BS started by these companies eventually dies off as the truth about vaping emerges. Vaping stands alone and doesnt need any support from tobacco companies. Vape on!

John Phillip II says:

Big tobacco has no right in the vaping community

derpydash djblazekin says:

as somebody who bought one of these things as kind of a backup to my normal Vape and also as a prop for an anime character I occasionally cosplay I was able to deplete the cartridge before I depleted the battery and I usually do a lot of puffs of my normal Vape so take that for what you will

Coolvapor 78 says:

I refill them all the time

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