The eGo AIO – Best Vaping Starter Kit – Review!

Hello vaping friends! Today’s review is all about the eGo AIO (All In One) starter kit from Joyetech. In my opinion, it’s the best e-cig starter kit on the market right now. Vape ’em if you got ’em! Cheers!

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eGo AIO –


Irina Rusu says:

Does your Ego Aio ever get hot when vaping? After 2-3 puffs, it gets warm and I’m not really fond of it. Any way I could solve this issue? I have a 0.6 Ohm coil. Need to go up to 1 ohm maybe? Many thanks!

Sivert Buhaug Tveråen says:

gg eZzZ wp

Jack Madrox says:

Any reports of these exploding at all? I have the ego aio for 2 months now and it’s great. But has it exploded on anyone?

angel boy says:

You are godess

GK says:

I bought an ego one vt mega for 15, it arrived five days ago, absolutely incredible, i just ordered an aio aswell today for 12 bucks lol, hope its good

Rohan Chandele says:

is aio kit really good or just waste of money?i wanna buy joyetechs aio,is it good or will it leak or need coil change very fast as i threw away 2 inizio900 as they were leaking n also alot spitback problem.

ayeitznikita 14 says:

how much watts is this ?

Team Filly says:

how much are they and can u get them free

Bloodninja 019 says:

im sooooo fucking hiiiigh luke my feet wonr quit twitching and i feel like a caterpillar also i found a sticn thats like a circle

DrivE says:

in sweden does it cost $50…


I started on this i loved it

stef 16hz says:

Hi.. i got an ego aio from a friend and he used it for like 7 months and i am really nervous about the battery..because i dont have the original charger and im using it on my phone charger which is 5v-1A..and im afraid that is going to explode in my face because the battery is pretty old…i dont know much about this..please help me

spencer vance says:

I bought it a few days ago, it says it’s still processing. does that mean that it’s shipping right now or that they are still reading the card because I’m getting impatient

HyperX says:

Clean it with alchol , put alcohol in tank leave it for 30 min and clean

amazinng says:

how is it compared to the i just s

apollo gamer says:

would the coil from the ego one work on this

Rob Alarcon says:

I just bought & absolutely love it! How often do you recommend changing the coils??

Joseph says:

16.99.. ehhh I just paid almost $30. at a vape shop in the Philippines.
Overall I like this, neat simplistic etc. but I’ve not used it very long and am already getting a metal coil type taste. Is this normal with all vapes?

ecomunky says:

Mine wont break I got the Odyssey M stainless tank with glass insert. Badass. Takes eleaf and aspire coils. Mixin my own from Vape Wild and the barn nic.

Hernan Perez says:

do you have to have a light on or could you just chose not to have a light in it?

Brandin Veloz says:

Do they make I sign

Noah Weigert says:

cool review… but aren’t​ you supposed to put your fake nails all the way on ????

salim patel says:
just bought mine so excited can’t wait thanks, av been looking to quit an your review is on point. thank you

Speed Haus Gaming says:

Glad I bought this! Won’t get it for like 6 days… but I’m excited! Got some Georgia Peach Tea flavor too 🙂

jonathan cornier says:

i own one and the only advice is to buy extra coils cuz it does die fast especially after you get used to it

Kayla Patterson says:

Is this a device that I can run 9+ nic in as a means of curbing those huge cigarette cravings?

john wi says:

all vape kits available at best price delivery available all over india whatsapp on +91 9999559788

angel boy says:

Girl you are so hot !!

Marco Karaki says:

Why do you breath out sometimes in the middle of your drag?

Tracey M says:

Thanks for the awesome review bought mine today so once its delivered il be saying bye bye cigis helloooo clouds, rock on

kyle anderson says:

Thanks for the video. First time vape user today and I bought the aio. Your video was helpful.

spencer vance says:

I just bought the silver on today, thanks for the review you helped make my decision.

Jai Nagrani says:

Where to get the drip tip

iniakpmarc28 says:

Great review. Ordered one yesterday. Many thanks.

milo *-* says:

how old do u have to be to buy and use one of these in the UK?

XxIrresistable DoeseverythingXx says:

Can somone please tell me does the wbesite accep pre paid paypal cards?

your last drink says:

I hade already bought it and it’s the best

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