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Leo Chapa says:

So I recently purchased one of these and I’ve always known that Ni200 and Ti are Temp control but I’m wondering if SS is also, especially because it only comes with SS. Can anybody help me out with that?

Samuel Tan says:

I have this same mod. Broke after a week. The screen stopped working.

john gomez says:

Which coils does it come with in the kit? Stainless steal? Nickel? Titanium?

My kit came with 2 and I’m not sure which mode to use? Ss mode? T mode or n mode?

Allie Dos Santos says:

Does he have a video explaining what wats and omes are and all of the basics? A lot of words I don’t know are flying around

Jack Anderson says:

is it safe to let these mods charge overnight? or any vape in genearl

Clueless Senpai :3 says:

I got the camo and rainbow

kody priddy says:

I have the storm trooper addition, I love this thing

Jack Murray says:

I’m 14 and I have this vape

Mikael Smith says:

Mine quit working about 3 months after purchase just saying bummer

OMGWTF?Ghaz says:

This guy cracks me up, brilliant…. Just bought one 🙂

Jennie C Spencer says:

1 week, loose fire button gone ! Comes with screen protector. Love it, it seems all complaints gone !

ashley clifford says:

got the camo edition had nothing wrong happen with it brilliant machine

Arthur Adams says:

Just bought some of your juice. Thanks for all the quality reviews.

Psycho Shady says:

Truck full of daldoz

iCrafterMC says:

loved it aswell, but just broke without reason

GL2330 says:

started with the smok al85 but within two weeks got an alien. alien def the way to go just a little taller/heavier. al 85 is better for short drives etc battery doesn’t last that long especially 45 watts and above. for a few bucks more than al85 the alien well worth it. for former smokers blacknote is the way to go I couldn’t get into the candy-like crap although I do enjoy the spacejam eclipse. blacknote is pricey but tobacco seekers will most likely love it.

Dankanaught says:

6:00 I didn’t come here for math…

Marius Stefan says:

70 £ from my vape shop, gun metal is not scratched at all, the button doesn t rattle , and never miss fired , nice mod

Aaron Vece says:

hitting like a truck full of dildos?

you arent funny man…

Aaron Smith says:

I vape my Smok Alien 220W “Iron Man” kit with a TFV12 cloud beast king tank, currently I have the T12-X4 coil in it which I don’t like as much as the T12-V12, or as much as I’ll probably like the T12-Q4 that I have still in the box.

c mac says:

Does it come with batteries

L says:

Im a newbie and im getting this sent to me in a week lmfao pray for me

Zopee G says:

Wait the 18650 batteries don’t come with it?

Arseny Gelvikh says:

you can lock / unlock mod by pressing both watt up and down at the same time!

Brendan Hobbs says:

Had one cousin fried it lol nice one

misty thelion says:

bought this 3 weeks ago. be prepared to take it apart 8/2/2017

Shaun Venimore says:

Everyone who have this alien 220w do you charge it with the batteries in the mod or take the batteries out and charge them on a dock?

IPIrophet says:

Same lmao

StarlitEyesDogma says:

Dude, I dont know if you know this but youre gay.

Annemarie Goss says:

Beginner friendly?

Bang Pineapple says:

This is so confusing

James Slockbower says:

My mood has a terrible problem, Everytime I screw in my tank it gives the “new or old” coil option as it should however the ohm details , or detector is ALWAYS wrong ! This problem effects everything , even if I go to the settings and set them to the coils reading. I don’t like asking for anything however in this case/problem I deserve some. Please

DirtyThirty says:

I have had the tank receiving screw come out of the mod box twice now. Having a hell of a time getting it glued back in this time. STEER CLEAR OF THIS MOD BOX if you worry about the longevity of your stuff !!! Horrible design to have the slip fit/compression fit of this piece !!! GARBAGE IMO

zephyr Jr says:

This thing looks legit. My SMOK stick v8 is starting to go- fortunately it came with the big baby beast which is amazing so I’ll have to pick this thing up now

xIpodTouchGoeroex says:

the cons are fixed yes

HHE Transport says:

I get the Feedback on the side with my Mod. But I got used to it and love my Alien with a passion after moving over from Kangertech to Smok!

Danteagent says:

Go to 4:05 at 0.5 speed LMAO

Xerazal says:

Just ordered this with the tfv12. Cannot wait.

Gavin Wargo says:

Mine doesn’t rattle

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