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Josh Panikker says:

Ive had the Vgo2 mini from jac vapour for about 2 weeks now. But sometimes when i take a hit, some of the eliquid makes its way up the mouth piece onto my lips. Is this common or is it faulty?

Rogue Ze Legacy says:

I love these!

Axel says:

I rly like this stuff i just dont no should i buy it 😛 are they giving some free trys ? 🙂 

avatar king 51 says:

thank you for this video i ordered one of those from that website thanks 😀

2 Legit 2 Quit says:

not as fancy though.

afz3003 says:

It’s basically an electric version of a hooker sheesha pipe lol

ZyKe Qudface says:

Is this good for you because i dont smoke but my frends did i think and theyre only 13-14 years old so how old have you got to be ?

Luka Waronig says:

are these safe to use?

Vaper Holster says:

Great quality and well described

Khuram Sadiq says:

Really good video with good
Info I want to know if you can
Really taste the flavour because
I bought one from eBay and the
Taste was horrible it was a strawberry flavour juice maybe it
Was a fake one made in China
But I have gave up smoking for
2 weeks with nicotine patches
Was wondering if it is worth getting the jac vapour vgo2
I have read good reviews still
Get the urge sometimes was wondering if this will help

Milo LaMar says:

Maybe if you blow some menthol vapor through your bucket of old socks, it’ll freshen up the aroma of the bucket.

ToXicNiNJa62 says:

This has nicotine??

Josh Wilson says:

+ToXicNiNJa62 You can get e-juice without nicotine

Arad Dehestani says:

are these things harmless??? 

smnk3 says:

Very professional video, thanks.

Sandra Morgan says:

how do I get a free trial with electronic cis

2 Legit 2 Quit says:

My crown seven gladiator looks just like that.

MultiMetalChick82 says:

Been thinking of switching to vaping since I smoke a pack of cigerettes every two days. It ads up when they are $13-$15CND a pop. Im very new to all this and Id like to try nicotine free first since I feel Im addicted to the habit more so than the nicotine. I never feel I WANT a smoke but rather itll pop in my mind like “I think Ill have a smoke”. I assume you are/were a smoker and wondering if non nicotine juices have the same feeling or as you describe, bite as a traditional cigerette. What kit would you recommend/juices. Any advice would be appreciate! 🙂

Pileatedwood says:

it would be good if you could get 1 for med.MJ use, i thik it would last a long time

mexicasian99 says:

Hello. I was looking to buy one of these, but I live in the US. Does the jacvapour company ship to the US?

Ed Smith says:

I received an e-cig starter kit and after figuring it out right i like it. I recomend it for anybody who wants to change

Nice Vapes says:

Very nice video!

FadedGlory625 says:

What difference does the wick make because my friend had one without a wick and says that the one with the wicks are bad

VapeZoo Channel says:

it verry god

Robinjoo100 says:

can you make a video about how to blow o’s ?? i really need help !!

Smaillim Gutiérrez says:

Hello, how I can get the liquid? Do you sell along with the e-cigarette? Do you ship to Venezuela?

Promo Skill says:

Awesome Video!!!

black of kill says:

can this be smoke with simple water plz help answer me

Creepy Cooter says:

Need a bit of help mate, got myself a mini protank 3 and the atomiser is 1.5 ohm. I’ve got a vision spinner 2 battery which runs up to 4.8V from 3.3V, I’m using it constantly on 3.3 because I seen a chart that says the resistance is too low for anything more, what’s your experience with this? That 1.8ohm atomiser (according to the chart I mean) shouldn’t be above 3.9V but you ran it alright on 4.8. Any help would be appreciated

Qayyum Mengal says:

i want this charger in pakistan i lost my charger soo plz give me idrees in pakistan

Travis Yanez says:

Yo does any one know if you can put nicotine in these things?? I would really like too know?. Also is it just as bad for you if you put nicotine in it? I doubt it is. Because cigarettes have Tar and a bunch of other chemicals in it that kills ya so yeh. A response would be great?. P.S. I am a smoker but I am trying to quit because I want to exercise my body and become much more fitter. But I feel like I would get bored if I don’t smoke so yeh this seems like a great option for me. Thank$ (if any one reply’s).

All in One says:

Very nice

msmay says:

I have an ecig but don’t know the brand. It looks similar to this one you have but it doesn’t have anything on it about vaults. I find I need to hold the button down longer to get more vape. Any hints on this? Is it maybe because its just a cheap one? Thanks. L.

Fat Sack says:

vg sjappa  is pretty great, you c an get it for around 20$

Maksymilian Grzyb says:

does the vivi nova tank fit on this e-cig?

Hamzah Alzayed says:

Is it harmful mate?

Sasha Fiers says:

I am first time user i don’t know if i could inhale the vapour? do i use it like cig.

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