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igetcha69 says:

an arrogant American saying that he cant understand an Englishman’s English…..well i never!

jog on ya mug

AESCULAPTORmark3 says:

I still smoke normal guinea pigs but my wife now smokes one of these. The thing that stopped me swappin to E-smokes is that she has bought two and they take loadsa messin about with and either break or need charging up all the time. All the pissing about she has had with them has deffo put me off. Is it the norm to have loadsa trouble getting these things to actually work properly for any substantial length of time? 

Lilrs97 says:

Hey Scott now I have two batteries for my hookah pen but everytime I connect it to the atomizer it starts to blink but the battery is fully charged so idk why it’s doing that.?

CubeBrad says:

Are you saying this is your recomended one for beguiners?

bakonfreek says:

I got one similar to this (basically the exact same thing except it says “Green Leaf” on the bottom of it). I use it with nicotine free fluids (inb4 being called a pussy) because I like the flavors and it looks cool and futuristic. I really like it. The only thing I don’t like is it didn’t come with an adapter to use the charger in the car so I had to spend an extra $2 on that :/ but it works alright and it’s cheaper (in the long run) than buying cigarettes.

igetcha69 says:

hi mate,

i swear you have asked me that question a few times now! lol…, I’ve not reviewed that model yet



igetcha69 says:

hi mate,

the tank atomisers i use in this review are not able to have the wick replaced, but as this vid is a year old i would imagine that the kit likely comes with the newer versions that allow you to unscrew the atomiser head and then simply screw in a new one (heads are sold separately)



igetcha69 says:

nice one mate 🙂

igetcha69 says:

hi mate,

i cant remember where i got it from but a lot of sites sell them these days…..Google “needle tip bottle” and you should be able to find some



igetcha69 says:

that is precisely what it is mate, lol 😀

ade edmunds says:

Royboy sounds like the tank is shorting out try a different tank when they get a dodgy tank it will turn off until you plug the charger in

Fierce Wolf says:

I have the same rig. I’ve been wanting to build one like it but higher end, but I have no clue what the tank atomizer combo thing is called either. Such a Vape N00b

Owen Hart says:

I like it but would rathere ce5 atomiser

Luna Hexalina says:

I used to smoke and miss smoking the relaxing feeling and tuning up your brain into gear. But wondering about e ciggys what is in the vapour and how the liquid is made i.e…. with care and healthily ?  or in some dirty old tank with gawd knows what in and somebody sturing the liquid.
All i know is life is hard with out a good old smoke and hard to get ones brain in to gear for the day as a cupa tea doesn’t do the job.

igetcha69 says:

i would say just about every e-cig supplier on the planet sells nicotine e-liquid 😉

David C says:

just bought a newer design one, bigger batter and has a blue led read out on/off and the number of vamps which resets after 999…nice unit and comes with 3 oil tubes so you can switch around to different jucies

Sadiq Yasir says:

Best Video men

Andrew Scotchmer says:

This was the very first ecig I bought. It was over three years ago now and I’ve never looked back.

julion12345 says:

I’m new to vaping and I’m wondering how to change the wicks in this of possible?

Ooo Ooo says:

When i press the button it blinks around 10 times~ What does that mean? Kinda worried about using it now~

Anonymous says:

best things for ya, better then tabacco with all those carsinigens

igetcha69 says:

the one in this vid is a great kit for a beginner 🙂

igetcha69 says:

cheers mate 🙂

Mkizo Abuzik says:

What do you think about the V1 Disposable Electronic Cigarette. As a start. Never tried it before, i wanted to get it for my dad.

Bill Shepherd says:

Ha ha! He sounded kind of funny! What kind of accent was that?

notabluff1 says:

Hey, I have a similar one… Just got in to this field and it’s my first one.. Now can you advice me if The one have is in correct condition.. First when I pull it, it gives great vapor but after couple of pulls I can tast the e liquid in my mouth and lips and it’s like the liquid is going all over the hookah pen

igetcha69 says:

lol, that is exactly what i said! 😛

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