NJOY Gold King Menthol Electronic Cigarette Review – Disposable

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50CalTV says:

Hey Dan, I was one of your regular viewers from way back! Remember i was the guy that asked for those god awful honeyrose reviews for a project i was doing at the time! I just wanted to say i stopped watchin your videos because i switched from smoking to vaping and your videos made me want a marlboro like nothing elseXD I am very excited to be watching your new vaping channel and plan to buy one of your flavors soon!


whoopdeedoo says:

I tried this ecig disposable several months back and absolutely hated it. I will say I did inhale it like a cig being it was my first ecig but man was it harsh and irritating as hell to lungs and throat.

lisa sutton says:

Dan~ I had considered the njoy because it was more accessable, but I was worried because of several others expieriances with it, not lasting long so forth. after watching your review i decided to run down the road and get a few of them, instead of buying a real pack of ciggerettes. At first i noticed i was couphing, didnt really understand that, however after a few puffs I got used to it, and it is actually really good, I find myself likeing this as well.. I’m not sure the outcome of this but i would say, if you can find a deal like buy one get one like I did, then that lasts you about 4 packs of regular ciggerettes. That’s if it does as said, like i said still sceptical..I can understand why they would make this one as well, and it would more than likely be for short term use beause of the expense, however it does give you the idea and could be quite helpful to many people, perhaps just having one around, for when you need that moment.

Shalon Jackson says:

I hate the big Vap things. It’s like I’m smoking a baseball bat. I prefer these

EDGE6678 says:

Thanks Dan. Im thinking of transfering to Njoy in a couple of days, and your review makes me so excited to try it 🙂

Gary Yu says:

I don’t know if my battery died or something but I got one of these for free and I can’t figure out how to use it. Is there a button somewhere or do you just puff away?

grillmeasteak says:

Ahhh that looks waaay too much like a cigarette for my liking—- I may/may not have wanted something like that to start off with, but just looking at that is killing me. It’s a tad too much of a “trigger” for me right now, I’ve only been vaping for about 11 days. Time to chain vape for a sec to get my mind off of it!

Nick Jensen says:

They will send this kit to you for free if you contact them and ask about the trade in program…

zigzagbigbag says:

what I don’t like is the amount of packaging for a disposable product.

Alex H says:

hi great video I am a smokefree ecig user thats the brand and Njoy battery fits on them they alee a lot less expensive because I lost my battery, and I just called Njoy they said they are not affiliated with any tobacco cigs they are their own company, thanks.

solutionxero says:

haha “i wanted to hate this”

Shalon Jackson says:


elchamber says:

These suck. I bought some and they barely last. Some didn’t even work.

Chris Johnson says:

Zoom e-cigs taste much better than NJOYs.

Justin Times says:

I just became a robot so I am very happy to hear about electric smoking.   ty for the video

Hector el mexican says:

i tried blu and vuse they taste like chemical. tried njoy and i love them nice throat hit and they last forever. i use the recharge best e cig out there

mrbasilman says:

Good review…..

2 Legit 2 Quit says:

I always used to keep a few real cigarettes in the njoy pack just for shits and giggles.

Elevation says:

Hi Dan love your reviews on the e cigs and the other cool gadgets available. I was wondering when are you going to do reviews on the Halo products. I’ve been told their juices are amazing and the Triton Tank system is killer.

Hector Sanchez says:

NJOY is pretty good company. i bought the Vaping jits 660maH and they good. i got the recharge too

Sundeana Johnson says:

I tried many e-cigarettes, the best have been the NJoy. There is just one hold back, they stop making the refil cartridges.  I am so upset now I feel that having to buy the one at a time is a rip off.  When you could purchase the box with 5 cartridge at a time it was great, but now you can only get one at a time…!

Brandon McMahon says:

What has big tobacco ever done to you?

Anglynn74 says:

the issue I had with my electronic cigarettes that I’ve tried is they felt so big heavy and chunky between my fingers as opposed to a real cigarette.  Been looking for a slimmer electronic cigarette that feels closer to the real thing when I hold it.  I thought I had seen a brand that had the word “slims” on it not sure if they’re what I’m looking for.

alex rose says:

Try criss cross

Maureen Patch says:

do u think its notmal to feel sick im 12 and i had 5 a day of the menthol? my brother is askibg

Kyler Rogers says:

Njoy electronic cigarette was my first Ecig.

ivan grenberg says:

hi dan did you stop smoking cigarets

Adam Nir says:

NJOY isn’t owned by big tobacco, it’s an independent company! It’s my preferred ecig lol.

Anyways, stay charged and vape on!

Eduardo Rodriguez says:

njoy isn’t big tobacco. blu ecigs are owned by altria.

poop1234567890a says:

did this e cigarette make your breath smell horrible or just not at all? because I smoke the regulars every now and then and I don’t want to have bead breath

4545somedude says:

Mark Tens are made by Philip Morris. Could you do a review on a Mark Ten?

Cheryl Pratt says:

I enjoy the Njoy e cig, however, I feel the company has false advertising on the packaging.  There is NO way one cig is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.  Shame on them!   Especially given cost!   

Elevation says:

Hi Dan love your reviews on the e cigs and the other cool gadgets available. I was wondering when are you going to do reviews on the Halo products. I’ve been told their juices are amazing and the Triton Tank system is killer.

Max Corvin says:

After your review I tried this and was great I got it for 8 dollars

cicciarelliam says:

are these safer then regular ciggs??

BEJuice says:

hey Dan! ive been watching your reviews for about 2 years now, and ive been vaping about the same time, i have smoked ciggarettes about two times, i like only one brand and type…. Camel Crushes. I am in dire need to find an e-juixe that matches camel crushes in specific…. and in my book if theres any hope of having help of finding my favorite cig, and seeing you may respect my passion for this one ciggarette, please help me find an e-juice. if anyone can find it, it would be you dan, your the man dude, keep keeping on i support you 100% your channel and your personality. please help!

Rum Dufian says:

What is the smoke made up of? Heard it’s water if so where is the reservoir kept?

Alexander Forbes says:

how long do these last?

TheYoutube Gamer says:

did you quit smoking

datniqqa J1 says:

You don’t understand how interesting your videos are !!!!

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