NJOY Electronic Cigarette review

Okay,so I mainly did this review to let everyone know that you are more likely to quit smoking cigs with a mod such as an ego twist or something like it than with a traditional ecig from cheap gas station type to the expensive stuff online. dont waste your money, or your hopes on it. get a mod!
BTW-After I recorded this review, the ecig died. shortest lasting ecig EVER!
Secondly, yes I went a bit silly with the video editing,& no this will NOT be the norm for my vids, I just had to have a lil fun with this one for obvious reasons.


Mattistripping says:

I like them and I hate them. I bought one for the first time 2 days ago. Took 4 small hit and it stopped working. So i bought another one same exact thing happened. Ive read several posts and tons of people are having the same issue. Its really not worth wasting my money on these.

wellscot says:

Just bought the menthol one. I’m in South Wales UK, and this is the cheapest I’ve seen. I like it.

Joseph Ferguson says:

got one, opened it up and took a drag and got nothing. guess it had a defective battery

garretts91 says:

Picked up an NJoy about 30mins ago at the 7/11 on my way home from work because I broke my kanger Evod. Figured it would get my by until my new one comes in on saturday. I hate it. The draw shuts off after like 2 seconds of hitting it. I don’t get a big enough hit. Try reviewing my favorite disposable the Logic or the Gamucci, both far better in my opinion. The Blu’s are the worst.

Drews-vapor-reviews says:

Looks like the vapor pretty good old school though lol (:

Chelsea Brown says:

Just bought one… not a fan… I had another one called “square” or something… and liked it a lil better but it quit working way before 2 packs worth…

Vaping Deals and Steals says:

Love you’re YT videos! Keep up the awesome stuff. Wanted to stick around a bit but had to get to work. I’ll be returning!

VapeandBake says:

thanks! thats why im here!

Wayne Festa says:

I have to give you credit, watching your videos have feed my urge to vape and quit smoking. Great reviews keep’em coming. Thanks for all the information you have given me.

VapeandBake says:

the throat hit was alright it wasnt too hard, but it felt like it dried out my throat a bit too much

TheScooterdude80 says:

Blu ecigs suck.

Carol Ottinger says:

Just reading other reviews on NJoy and it come out last of all the others.   This video confirms I will keep looking.   Thanks for the video.

edmond nicodemi says:

Avoid this product at all costs. I bought two on sale at my local Duane Reed s. They lasted an hour a piece. .I called the company to complain and they spoke little English. Lose,lose all the way

Drews-vapor-reviews says:

Whats the throat hit like in case i do ever got to buy on on the fly !

Ahmed Elsheikh says:

OMG , you were wearing a doctor who t-shirt! all i saw was the word “regenerate” on the shirt. was it supposed to look like a “keep calm” shirt?

AngelDRose says:

How do you get such big hauls without coughing? I’m wanting to switch to e-cigs but they make me cough and burn my throat. What am I doing wrong?

Sheena Carector says:

Your right my mouth was dry and it didn’t last even 1/2 hour it statred blinking and that was it…. still not sure what the blinking was all about

Jackson Gore says:

Do not buy his I took two puffs and it was out.

Polite Cig says:

They vape like a ants fart. You want a amazing disposable with no propaganda behind it then be polite. 1200 puff disposable for same price with a huge vape and huge rich flavor.  The flip top plastic container is used by 4 plus other ecig companies (gimmick)

VapeandBake says:

yeah im gonna stick with my ego twist & silver bullet. i love me some good vapes & dubstep! whatchya wanna know?

Adrien Cook says:

the airhole is at the tip of the ecig where the light is

STFU768 says:

there is an air hole at the very tip of the cigarette  

VapeandBake says:

yeah,like i say its only a gas station type e cig. it will only do so much. NO ecig cart lasts 2 packs,or even 1 pack for that matter. all that is bs. where are you at in the vaping relm? ecig? mod?

KyleBurnsMusic says:

yeah that’s my only complaint with it so far, After two or three drags i find myself having to clear my throat

wellscot says:

Just bought the menthol one. I’m in South Wales UK, and this is the cheapest I’ve seen. I like it.

wellscot says:

Just bought the menthol one. I’m in South Wales UK, and this is the cheapest I’ve seen. I like it.

KyleBurnsMusic says:

I just got one from 7/11 literally like 4 hours ago. Trying to quit not smoking just not the real thing. I come from smoking a pack of Marb red’s in two days. The drag is very harsh. But i like how it feels, It’s the closest i can get without smoking an actual cigarette. Plus it’s nice to just whip it out where and smoke, not having to cut conversations short or pissing of the women with the stench. Right now my only issue is how long it’ll last. Cause they cost 8 bucks in Oregon.

scdevon says:

Tastes like glycol (antifreeze).

Roberto Barajas says:

Njoy are cool

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