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I hope you guys enjoy the review for the juul and thanks for watching!!

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Dana Millhouse says:

This guy is going to die at the age of 45


Y do you do it in the car

Amy Garza says:

SMACKING HIT I’m lovin it!!

Nelly Vasilyev says:

wait hes lowkey cute lmfaooo

Donny Vapes says:

Should I make a video schedule? Let me know.

Justin Behrendsen says:

Is 14 to young to vape
Edit: not trying to act cool I just i just wanna know your opinions

Survival Boy says:

Can you do a juul give away plz

N1ZA says:

The rain XD

Slam Croissant says:

quit ghosting every hit u moron

Kathy Gonzalez says:

Yoooooo he’s mad attractive


Donny vapes sounds cool but Donny smokes sounds stupid

Dat boi Williams says:

Anyone else here in 7th grade

Z G says:

He is not gonna lie to you

George Wyatt Lind says:

Is that rain in the background?

James Hickory says:

Why do you do it



Luke Avigliano says:


Angelina says:

Can someone buy me a fucking juul already like tf get me some pods with it

ENRS OG says:

Reminds of that guy who went on a shooting spree after he got denied by some chicks lol

FB 1.0 says:

Had a juul for year and half, I lose my juul in school everyday

Bowser Junior says:

he lowkey looks like Rodrick from the 2010 diary of a wimpy kid ngl

Oh Yeah Yeah says:

why does he look like Eliot Rodger in this setting?

Gianna Bryant says:

Sub to Cody ko and Noel Miller

hench TV says:

People who juul are pussies

Itz Flikz says:


Zuls says:

why the hell do you remind me of peter parker?????

Jenna Harber says:

Can I be Honest I’m only 13 but your rlly cute.I’m srry but actually your fine❤️and not trying to like say anything just saying your cute

John Trinca says:

he look like the older brother from iCarly

BurritoMan123 says:

R.I.P. Mango pods

Alice Painter says:

you’re hot wtf

Brooklyn Kendall says:

hell yea can’t wait to get mine in the mail

Dana Millhouse says:

Dumb ass

K3v1N562 says:

how does me he make those big ass clouds with just the juul

Retrobution says:

you asked me to watch this on discord

BIG DAWG says:

After a while the pod starts to leak and the pods wont fit in the JUUL without falling out and it will spit back but I recommend it if you want to stop smoking cigarettes

Dana Millhouse says:

Does he know there is nicotine in those

stupid saint says:

why do all vape reviews are shot in a car tho

skylardoesthings says:

*how to hot box a car*

Maximilian Chungus says:

Sup jimmy Fallon

Bob Johnoson says:

Use coupon code for 15 dollars off your order JUUL

no says:

Got a juul for the meme, biggest waste of 25 quid, could’ve gotten 2 grams of bud n a gram of hash

Christian Dolin says:

That rain tho holy $(-)!t

1,000,000 subs with no videos challenge says:


Jayden Wilks says:

I wont hit anything except mango.

Steve Buscemi is my religion! says:

Andrew Rodrick Garfield Heffley, that’s a bad habit.

Serena Harting says:

3:51 that was a pretty sick Bain

Bill A says:

A 15 year old makes a video for 18+ only… ha-ha-ha nice one.

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