Logic Platinum Disposable Electronic Cigarette Review

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AlexVapes says:

Another great review, Dan! Loving the new channel.

Max Stan says:

Blu ecigs are nice. The starter kits come in black and ive been really happy with it. The cartomizers come in all different flavors also

badgereaux says:

Looks and handles remarkably like the standard riva 510. I don’t *really* get why people buy disposables, they work out so expensive.

ride to live says:

Review the v2 disposals menthol and regular

vic1596 says:

review the blu e-cigs


Shop THELOGICSTORECOM and $ave on all logic disposable and rechargeable electric cigarettes and hookah. Free shipping on all orders over $11

Russell says:

Yeah the Njoy King tastes surprisingly exactly like a cigarette, almost too much. I’ve been vaping for a while so the similarity was off-putting, but you’re right, it’s a good starting point.

021500HD says:

If you are serious about quitting smoking you need to spend the money and get a nice vape setup. Wether it’s just a pen, or a build able mod. I suggest the Evic box

Itzel Gallegos says:

Hey Dan, you should review the e-hookas, like starbuzz, tsunami, imperials, and luxury lites

ramp622 says:

yo dan i personally wouldent mind if you just smokeon your normal ecig’s while just talking about different topics or things that matter to you, for some reason i like to hear you talk dont matter about what.

rmb0621 says:

You should review the apollo disposable e cig.

wang heru says:

Hey Dan! Whats the best e-cig you have ever tried?

massimo sarracino says:

Please can you do a v2 cigs review? I am a daily v2 cigs user and they are amazing! I love them and I would love to see you review them 🙂

trevor tanner says:

you should review, the swisher ecig, sweet esence, their 5 bux

Challenger Dart says:

Hey Dan. Great review, as always. Love this channel too.

max pitney says:

You can recharge them with a reg usb charger

cobaltss50 says:

RealVapeReview if you are going to get one. I highly recommend getting a Joyetech product they are some of the best on the market. The ego products are amazing zeecigs.com sells them.

sean106alcon says:

Been a smoker for years and just tried the kit with the USB charger. Not bad at all. I wonder does the 2.4 make much of a difference? It game with 2 1.8 percent cartridges. Decent blow out actual. Could use a little more body in the blow out.

Xanthillium says:

Nice, I have the older version lavatube, Im sure you’re enjoying it.

Challenger Dart says:

Hey Dan. I liked so much this review. I love to see your videos. You are great. Congrats.

Kate Duffy says:

Would love to try vaping but it hasn’t really taken off in Ireland yet!justbthe crappy e cigs…

Sandje Lee says:

the logic platinum disposables are rechargable too. ive had mine for about 2 months now. i found a charger that fits, refill it with ejuice and it works well

Evapes01 says:

It’s rechargeable u just have to get a USB plug in for it, metro or logic USB they both work. Good video

nickb0841 says:

2nd your the best dan

Victoria Waters says:

I used to smoke logic! But just tried green smoke and they are better! Which is the best! They cost 12 dollars each where I live in NYC!


Nice vid Dan keep it up

Connor McCarthy says:

Sick lava tube man! Jump into a review on that mod!

The Anomaly says:

Dan, please do more reviews where you test the product for the first time in front of the camera. It was enjoyable watching your reactions on tobacco products you never tried on RealCigReview.

Ajair says:

thanks for this review man

RevocationTV says:

To use the e-cig after the battery dies, take out all battery interior until you just have the small hole, strip the end of a usb cable, put red to metal inside were battery was, and black through the hole into the hole of the cartomizer. Message me for more details. 😛 Like this so others can see this.

Xanthillium says:

What mod was that you compared the Platinum to?

Bri Mc says:

I’m smoking that one right now lol

WILDWILL53 says:

haha im not surprised i have seen good and bad reviews i have my own experience with the disposables but thats a long story i would be very interested to get you take on it as well

Gregory Smith says:

logic 2.4v is horrible

Polite Cig says:

Yea we “smoke” them too with our 1200 puff  32mg/ 3.2% model which equals 6 packs for the same price. Not much logic in that choice. In fact the logic choice is to be Polite.  No comparison. You will be amazed how smooth and large the vape is. Polite-cig disposable vapes like a mod. Throat hit has a lot to do with the mixture and quality of e-juice.

Christopher Loukas says:

You can recharge those

Connie Long says:

bought vype epen

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