Krystal Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review – UK

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daddyfatsack68 says:

God, i could watch these all day

chasecowen123 says:

Dan just sware its an e-cig channel kids shouldnt be watching these anyway.

Challenger Dart says:

Hey Dan. Great review. Amazing. Good to see you again. Congrats.

The man with the plan says:

Nice one Dan.

MrMmaassoonn says:

love the videos, could you possibly review a tristick?


I thought it said Krystal meth! I was going to chew your ass out dan. but never mind! 🙂 great vid as always!

Papamondo69 says:

he dan! big fan and I was hoping u could review albino drake liquid from mtbakervaper

The Loobis says:

0:48 Holy shit man. You never thought “maybe I should just record this again” I’m not watching any further.

DansVapeReview says:

He is working so much that he hasn’t had much time to shoot and upload.

Edward Bliffin says:

Dan I have been smoking Black&Milds (regular) for about 6years now…what would you personally recommend in the ecig style as a substitute for that? Other recommendations welcomed as well.

DansVapeReview says:

That does help! Thanks

MRkebabrolle says:

No, thats wrong. Its not used in the the whole Europe. In Sweden, Denmark and Norway (scandinavia) We use Kronor.

TheMummabubba says:

Kinda looks like a 1300mah battery.

garrett21 says:

You should find a tank that will fit on a standard ecig and do a review

TheTrueNewsReporter says:

What the hell is going on with your kids hooka channel

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