JUUL E-Cig Review 2017 – Is It Worth It?

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So what is a Juul?

The Juul e cig by PAX Labs is easily one of the most simple use e cigarettes currently on the market. Not so surprisingly, it’s also one of the best rated e cigs out there too. These things are very nifty vaporizers aimed towards those who want something that resembles a cigarette in terms of size and weight.

It is also be used by those who are looking for a stealth vape, or even just those looking for a fun social hobby.

Given that the Juul has such a small/sleek design(being about the same size as a flash drive)it’s truly hard to imagine just how a device as small as the JUUL could deliver such a powerful punch of vapor when used.

With these things showing up everywhere I went, I just had to get my hands on the JUUL e cig to see what all the fuss was about, and after my first session, I was enlightened to say the least.


the boom bro says:

the only reason i clicked this video is because you look like idubbz

Jack Gray says:

Look like idubbbz

Dawson McLean says:

Only came to watch this video because you’re hot af

Ocean NCS says:

good video

mr. tokomo says:

bruh no homo but damn man idc what youre reviewing if youre in it im watching

Ivan The Engineer says:

Professional as fuck. Lang would be proud.

Zac vaper says:

50mg of nicotine! Not good! The salt surrounds the nicotine on a Molecular level so it’s smooth. It was designed to be addictive. Wake up guys.

michael taylor says:

juuls got my whole school fiendin

Texas Home Services - Fire and Water says:

dope vid

stephen deben says:

3:20 and most people who buy it are high schoolers who have never touched a cigarette in their life.

DiveJumpShooter says:

They need to make concentrate for those of us in 420 friendly states seems like it would be ideal partnership.

Emily Otto says:

Nice video! Really good info, was thinking about going out and buying one myself

Vaperkitten Reed says:

Really great review, I like the cut scenes with the computer and the images. Of course it was nice to see your fact too, more of that would be nice as well. Really informative I have watched several videos on the Juul and never knew about the lights, you were very thorough. Anyway….subscribed…really like you

Agent Office says:

mine stops hitting and the light goes bright why?

Camden Stuart says:

Juuling is for fags

max cool says:

How much is the starter pack

Husai Camacho says:

Had one and easy to lose

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