How To Save Money Refilling Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers
Don’t throw away those empty disposable cartomizers/cartridges just yet. Save some cash by refilling cartomizers using two main methods. The following companies offer pre-filled cartomizers and/or blank/refillable cartomizers. More info/Coupons:

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Jason J. L says:

you just save me 1000+

DJ Magic says:

thnx man

Nia Miles says:

could i use water if i dont have that?


How to recharge the battery?? Dud,.,

Kid Wow says:

This will save me so much money

IllumiNOTi The_Oblivion_Light says:

Damn .I wanted to make a video like this but I was on up’d years ago. I guess I can piggy back… I noticed a buddy of mine keep throwing the cartomizer away. I showed him that you should very well just buy a hole carton of cigarettes at that rate. If you buy a 10 ml bottle of E Juice and follow the instructions in this video, that small bottle can last you damn near a whole month. The cartomoizer? it can last you at least a month or more, depending on how bad you may have burned the wick material with excessive dry pulls. The good thing about it is the fact that the juice you put in is burns better than the factory juice already inside. Once you refill, you can get a whole day out of it, equivelant to a whole pack of cigarettes. That $4 bottle vs lets say even the cheapest off brand cigarettes- $4 +/- time my bad habit, 1.5 packs a day. You doo the math. I was a Kools smoker. They average under $6. I’m proud to comment on this video. This can help you save money.

The Moonlit Quill says:

Awesomesauce!! I’m going to try this and thanks for the tips!

lefty9570 says:

Worked great! I vape “a clean cigarette” brand make in Michigan. I love the flavor they have but was out of town and need some. I watched your video and used the last step and it worked fantastic! Thanks for this, I’m sure I will still buy their brand but this worked great in a pinch!!!

MultiVerse Studio says:

thanks a lot for this video I left a big like

Maggie Winter says:

I used my disposable MarkTen cartridges. It worked okay but it tastes like juice is coming out.

Toasty Rabbit says:

I have a vitastik will it work and if so how long will the battery last

Dave McCarthy says:

The end of your video explained your YouTube Name Darth Vapor. Great Video and May the Vaporse Be with you. I hope you get the misspelling

Horror Josh says:

Thanks ever so much – very helpful.

KinzaveL says:

You are FUCKING awesome Darth vapor!!!!!!!

DJ Magic says:

how many times bdw i have a wanna vape

Vape Girl says:

I know I am to late but can it work for MONQ

Clorox Bleach says:

You can only vape liquid that turns into gas so can you vape car fuel?

Tamara Rodriguez says:

is this what creates the vape???

Humphrey - says:

Can u do this with a Mona?

Василий Алибабаевич says:

спасибо за объяснение!

_Dylan James2019_ says:

Is there a way to charge them?

Rachel Lomes says:

what about nutrovapes ???

Corey McCrann says:

AhThe early days of Vaping when these videos existed, Before you could buy a 25 Watt Device for less than 30 Bucks, With a Atomiser that will last you Months before having to replace it for about 5 Bucks. Even hearing the word Cartomiser feels strange these days.

Deplorable Cat says:

You are the best person on the planet. I just tried this w my markten and it is amazing! I dont know the correct terminology but It even has a much smoother draw, a lot more cloud, and tastes better then the pre-filled cartridge. I wish I would of known this trick 2 yrs ago, would of saved a ton of money. Thank you so much!

Jayden C says:

can I use vanilla essence instead of e-liquid?

snap crackle pop says:

is this the guy from ruff house

Jeseze d1 says:


Sim says:

Doesn’t fucking work for me . I tried so mannnny times and waited patiently BUT IT STILL DOESNT FUCKING WORKKK !!

Bass Freak says:

Can you do this with Blu Disposables?

Lindsay Lakatos says:

Do u have any idea how I could open up a monq vape??

teacher tan says:

Pls doing vitacig excalibur refill sapsule

Happy Gecko's says:

What Do I use To fill It Back Up ?

Nafis Ahmed says:

can anyone tell me where I can buy this type of 510 threaded cartomizer at cheaper rate ?

Elvis Flores says:

Thx man this helps alot

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