“Heat, Not Burn” Tobacco – Is it any good?


Heat, not burn products started gaining a lot of attention, but always seemed to be overshadowed by vaping. How do they compare? find out here!


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Mar-See Yaaa says:

My mom bought the heated tobacco instead of regular cigs and I bought a juul and tbh vaping is much cheaper and tastes much better bc heated tobacco is still tobacco in the end

Rice Knight says:

I think devices like this iqos are simpler to use than liquid vapes, they are also more familiar to smokers due to it still being tobacco rather than some strange fruity chemically flavour.

Iqos may be a little better or a lot better for health than smoking cigs, but couldn’t be worse. However eliquids appear to be much safer than either, but they’re so radically different that there is still the possibility we discover some unforeseen long term side affects. I mean for years people swore regular cigarettes were harmless, way back in the day..

got a problem says:

There are more flavors than red and silver.
yellow – close to a light ciggarette
turquoise – menthol
brown – somewhere between yellow and red
It really is what will suit.
Oh and something else you say if you smoke a pack a day this pack of 50 will last you 2 days and a 60 ml juice will last you 30 days.
1)Heets are making you not smoke as much as you used to smoke (because of that tightens you said, especially reds).
2)If someone is smoking 1 pack/day he will vape aprox. 3-4 ml per day maybe a little bit more, so the 60 ml will last him 12-15 days.

Vlad Koenji says:

In Japan there’s a lot of analogues of “beet not burn” technology like Iqos. – it’s Ploom tech (mevius) but its only Japanese thing I think thice it’s By JTY, GLO (Kent) – but it sells in Russia also idk for other countries. Check it out. Btw iqos here in Japan since early 2016 and there was no HEETS before, there was Marlboro only which 5 versions or 6 . I know there ray rope has heets in 4 versions now… but Heets came in Japan about month ago

1488 says:

Isn’t this the same as vaping cannabis? I’m sure this is a much safer alternative…

Šveicarinis Peilis says:

Idn if its just me
Cuz my friends use these ant for me they smell like burned popcorn

Maybe im just weird

Creed2989 says:

Well it does the job, it emulates smoking and trying to make it safer.

Mohd Razali says:

Vladdin is a good option with butterscoth popcorn

bRAY says:

that’s a cigarette-ette

concretecubes says:

“you HEET the canadian”

PRT Productions says:

noob at the production noob at realising what is good or not !!

Dave Wilkinson says:

I’ll stick to vaping and i see the end of the cigarette industry other than vape juice tobacco varieties.

Edward De mesa says:

With the money that PM has. They can fund an R&D team (the best that money can buy) aimed at providing the same satisfaction you get from smoking without the usual risks. Thus… Vaping. 🙂 🙂

Elijah Desch says:

Anyone seeing this needs to read this. Vaping is just as bad as smoking. It has a load of nicotine laced within the liquid. Controversy to popular belief, the liqued in vapes are an aerosol. Which means there a crap ton of dangerous chemicals in it. I’m not saying to stop vaping or smoking. If you want to check my credibility here: https://ejuice.deals/blogs/ejuice-vape-blog/what-ingredients-are-in-vape-juice

Tyson Corcoran says:

Never heard of this before. It’s a weird concept and don’t think I would ever try it. A bottle of 100ml here is $20-$30 and this bottle will last me a couple weeks and a week at the very least. So vaping sounds much cheaper and more enjoyable. If your going to try and stop smoking, might as well get some enjoyment out of it.

Inevitable Crafts Lab says:

bought one yesterday, inside the heets is a pretty big plastic filter to cool the smoke made from PLA, that plastic filter melts during smoking.

smoked one, opened it saw the plastic parts, threw 60 bucks out of the window, never gonna touch it again.

also they warn not to use regular tabacco, so probably the tabacco in the heets is trenched in chemicals to stop it from lighten up.

Joshua Abadano says:

Just get a pod system and some salt nics.

JunkDoggie says:

From my own personal experience, i dont really like vaping as its too much of a hassle for me to recoil it. The iqos on the other hand, if removed correctly (not as shown in the video) the amount of mess is close to none. Just clean it everytime after u finish like a pack of heatsticks. 2mins is all you need, honestly its like washing you own asshole after u shit. The taste on the other hand, it was a little overwhelming at first but you will get use to it and you will soon come to realise that its not as bad compare to traditional cigaratte. If ur wondering about the yellow colour stain after smoking, i personally think its pretty normal. Vape’s coil produce those too after using it for a certain time. Conclusion, both vape and iqos are a yes if ur trying to quit smoking. Its just a matter of personal preference.

PS. been smoking IQOS for 2months and the amount im smoking is reducing. Whereas, i cant help myself but go back to traditional cigg after smoking vape for sometime. The leaks and recoil, pfft not my thing.

Vlad Koenji says:

Pa I’m smoking cigarets (since I’m 13), iqos, vape, mj… but never had any addiction. When I bored I can smoke 4 packs/per day (quite hard stuff like Joghn Player Special). When I was busy I don’t smoke at all. I can run marathon, play football (soccer) whole day, spend whole evening in kyokushinkai dojo. Don’t see anything bad I’m smoking

Sh Kh says:

Vaping is an alternative for hookah lovers , but never works out for a smoker trying to quit. IQOS is intended for smokers trying to quit

Momo Bh says:

I think its meant to be used for weed

Rockey Champion says:

I dont know anyone who vapes just 60ml of e liquid monthly

Koishiji says:

Not a smoker myself, I’m very asthmatic, just doing some research for someone who smokes… and well, I considered vaping for them and I was gonna get ’em everything that was needed for that but advice from two trustable doctors… stick to regular cigarettes, since vaping is considerably recent but it has been started to get linked with pulmonary fibrosis. It would happen quicker with vaping than with other methods so… just my two cents I guess. Take care.

Carla West says:

You are sooooooo sexy!!!!!!

Blurz says:

I have a great solution…

Fucking quit lmao

Random stuff with Michael says:

I don’t think there’s any way in hell this is safer than vaping. Despite being healthier than smoking on its own, your still using heat to break apart chemical or mechanical bonds which will likely still give negative effects.

Jacob duncan says:

I don’t know anyone who can make 60 ml of e juice last a whole month. For me i go threw 60 ml a week in my falcon tank.

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

I’ve used to smoke cigarettes when I was younger but now I just smoke weed and I haven’t had the urge to smoke cigarettes on a while

Richie Schneider says:

Heat not burn vaporizing has been around for a long time. Look at the Volcano vaporizer!


60 ml last a month?!?! HAHAHA i think that heat stick got to his head.

Democrat Killer says:

can you put weed in it (i’m dead fucking serious)

vinainor says:

What do you think of Logic Vapeleaf or in Japan, it’s called Ploomtech? It combines vaping with tobacco capsules. Specifically is it just as safe to vape e-liquids with nicotine or is it more dangerous to vape tobacco leaf capsules, which also delivers nicotine?

Mike Siggers says:

If you want to leave cigarettes behind get a good pod mod, and some nicotine salt..you’ll never look back. Skip the juul and other prefilled cartridges. The expense and reliability are garbage.

steve m says:

I’ll stick with vaping

slenderdan15 says:

Its litterly cigarettes

Sara James says:

I cannot believe you gave them one ounce of cash for that pos! Big tobacco should be 100% taken down and out!!


It is def a step towards safer smoking , but this vape sucks. But then you have to think in retrospect, the first traditional vapes sucked too – they were expensive and there weren’t a lot of flavors , and they didn’t put out a lot of vapor. Now the market is huge ! If they keep on this and continue R&D , it may grow too.

Thin Blue Line says:

I quite like the taste of the menthol. But it is an absolute rip off and is just smoking it goes chard inside. £95 is to much for a simple device£20 would be ok. Don’t waste your money buy a vape

Mar-See Yaaa says:

If your tobacco gets stuck in the machine then ur doing it wrong btw


I was smoking a normal cigarets for around 15 years. An when I start smoking IQOS in about 4 months from now there was a side effect. I get sick when I feel a real cigaret smoke.

qayssmonaem says:

I’ve been smocking iqos for two years and now started smoking glo heating system from British American tobacco it’s much better but I liked iqos and you should pull off the head to get the stick out without leaving Tobacco inside the device

Vex Valerius says:

7:06 – That reaction made my day.

Frankly, I’m not surprised this product isn’t good. The very idea in principle sounds terrible.

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