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Today I Review The Halo G6 Series E Cigarette Plus T Shirts And Posters! Check Out Halo Here: http://bit.ly/HaloStarterkit

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Rima Kadyte says:

can I get a helo

kin app says:

What a blast from the past. G6 was my second ‘cig-a-like’ kit. Over a year later, they still work great! EVO e-juice has been around for a while. I always thought their presentation style closely resembled halo’s. Maybe it was their less than premium line. Wonder when they’re going to start selling them, I’ve been looking to try some. Don’t see any mention of EVO liquids on their page.

Bonnie Burdine says:

Thats goodj uice

666szymon says:

I thought its an actual window. Fuck me

Alex Scina says:

hey guys if any of you have a mech or box mod I’ll be interested in buying or trading hmu if you do or reply to my comment. thx.

6Footballplayer0 says:

Star trek and or stargate idk i just know i watch those and have seen them in there lol

King Borrelli says:

If I get the cartos with Turkish tobacco and I buy that flavor e liquid. Will the carto taste as good if I filled a blank with it!

payton wentworth says:

Another great video you keep me informed and laughing!

Spenser Latham says:

Damn that’s actually really sick, nice setup for the box and damn near everything included

Arron Jawanda says:

COD and Battlefield is more popular than Halo

Kyle Rayburn says:

flick em any way you want and it won leak…

F U Obama says:

Review missing price?

Fastidious Varmint says:

i messed up my automatic battery, overfilled the cart while it was screwed on and the liquid must have leaked through the center hole. when i took a drag after that point it would fire and would continue to do so even after i was done dragging. most recently it just wont work and when i plug it in to charge the led on the usb charger shines blue indicating a full battery while the led at the end of ecig stays off. looks like iv’e fucked it, anyone had this problem or have any advice?

GizmoEFG says:

Just got this setup and I really like it, I think your ex will too. Super easy to use and has a great draw. It’s really helping me quit smoking cigarettes myself.

FalseItHeader Official says:

I want that facking halo

Kenneth Tomer says:

I love fiber

PianistSamuel says:

Just a heads up for people that is going to buy the G6 starter kit. You don’t have to charge them for 8 hours for the first charge like the manual says. Talked to a customer service guy on their site and he told me that wasn’t necessary anymore because of how they used to store and leave them in their warehouse. Mine lasted me close to 8 hours and I charged them for 2 hours like the manual says to do for subsequent charges. So far it lasted me 6 hours. 
Thanks for the video, man. It helped me choose the G6 from watching you use it. 
Anyone know how often you should clean the battery? I would like to keep the batteries as long as possible before buying new ones.

NVATE says:

most active sub hype!

Callam Taundry says:

Halo g6 halo g6 man!

Landon Bell says:

Hell of an introduction lol


Thats crazy

benattack says:


Matt Evans says:

Ive tryed a third of halos tobacco flavors and to me they all taste like shaving cream, but they do have amazing e jucie my favorite is the subzero. But they are a good place to start for beginners, I vape on my triton everyday even tho I have three different mods. And carry my g6 everywhere. One thing I want to see from halo is a mod tho, yalls vv triton is better than my mods I cant wait to see the quality of a mod yall put out.

jade hollomon says:

Nice review 🙂 keep it up 🙂

Funnel vision Funnel vision says:

I’m a 6th grader middle schooler and I cape blu

Neymar Jr says:

I love this company but one question does it need signing at the door because I’m rarely home and seems like great product so would want to get it

Rustyrustplayer says:


Zully says:

not a big fan of halo but still a nice review

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