Gas Station E Cigs Review

Big J reviews the V2, blu and Logic e-cigs you can buy at most gas stations. Which ones are worth it in a pinch when you’re just starting our or if your MOD dies? That’s the question Big J has the answer to.


Booty Sucker says:

You’re fucking exhale pisses me off

SlickNick says:

I like how he calls the whole coil a wick even though that’s only part, he is biased, and doesn’t seem very educated about vapes for a guy who sells them. Literally high school knowledge knows more about vapes

Tiffany says:

Oh no, the “frustration” of “getting into a damn box” will completely hinder and stop my decision of quitting smoking. Smh idiot

OSU Bucks421 says:

Those are all meant to be used as mouth to lung.

firdaus wahab says:

Its the big show

TryHardReyes says:

Wait so a 5% nic phix is actually 50mg no wonder my friends tolerances are so high

Alan Tom says:

Do you not have any subs?!?!

camo dan says:


asianuqwest says:

“review?” more like shit on all the gas station devices. a proper review highlights pros and cons of each device

Cord Johnson says:

“That’s definintly 24mg, that hurts” BISH WHET *using 45mg*

Bzrk says:

Fatty is biased af lmao

Blaze says:

Nice vid, simple & full of useful information. I like it, thanks man.

Patrick Green says:

V2 actually makes really good shit. Idk about the little stuff but definitely the “series” type mods

metallitron9000 says:

I vaped on the Logic system for about a year before I bought a more expensive device. Why? Because I could stop at the gas station that I always stop at on my way home from work and pick up refills without a problem. I also fell in love with their tobacco flavor. I even upgraded to their Logic Pro system for quite a while.

The reason why I stopped using the Logic systems was because of QC issues with the carts. Some tasted burnt from the very first hit. Others would sometimes taste burnt about halfway through. At one point, one out of every four carts would be faulty to the point of not even emitting any vapor. Some would hit weak right out of the box. Long story short, don’t buy Logic.

Puppy says:

Yea u still have to buy a new bottle of juice if u didn’t like that flavor fucking dumbass

macaroni AndCheese says:

Your biased asf dude

sean mc cann says:

hmm,, this doesn’t seem biased…

George Harrison says:

in what world is 15ml of juic $12. in the uk its like £2 for 10ml.

Daniel The VapeMan says:

Imo v2 kicks blu ass. Blu made me go back to smoking. V2 lead me to get a vape and havent smoked in 4weeks

MoistHelicopter 32928 says:

Why is he acting like 24 is high? I dont use anything less than 50

kill bill says:

they’re not meant to chuck clouds. they’re meant to help quit

Blax Lax says:

Dis mans said 2.4 nic is hard XD

DAFFYDUCK051 says:

Half way through watching this & I just thought what am I doing with my free time

Liam Welsh says:

Most bias video I have ever seen. You work or maybe even own a vape shop and your saying the vape that is available at YOUR store is the best.

ethan hawk says:

Whats up with these fucking idiots not know what salt based juice is


2 Vuse Vibe pods last me tops a month, the battery can last 2 days to if used properly and the flavors are very rich, ENOJY

Miguel Garcia says:

What a douschebag!

Jasmyn Gwatney says:

Yeah there is like no way those Blus are 24 mg. I hadn’t ever smoked before and started with one of those. No way I wouldn’t have noticed it was that strong. Right??

Hipsterpants Gladstone says:

What a shitty atttitude. You’re supposed to be rating gas station ecigs not moaning over how none of them are performing like a box mod

Simon Danger says:

I think the reason people get gas station vapes is for the simplicity, all you have to do is screw it in vape. With even just a vape pen, you fill it up and re wix it, not as simple

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