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davidjedi115 says:

Video’s are good but play some real rock ir metal nit some pussy rock band ha ha sorry I’m a hater of the music. Love the video though

Stephen Chan says:

Hey man I love your videos you say shit that’s real and I like it. I just saw a technique where no matter what your using you can vape monster clouds. I am using a 2.5ohm ismoka mega bcc with my vamo v3 at 8.0 watts and a 50/50 blend ejuice from mount baker vapor. The technique is when you vape leave the side of your lips open so you breath in air and vapor = big ass clouds but also harsh throat hit try it on your next video

IndoorSmokers says:

Yea well gotta pick from what’s in the creative commons on YT. I don’t own the copy rights to any good real rock ir metal just gotta pick from whats available.

MrPhatSlim says:

Awesome video 🙂 Love the music dude 🙂

Kyrptonite Kuchta says:

Dude i need 1 asap trying to quit thanks for vid man def buying 1 i smoke pack a day !!!

scootdawg3535 says:


YGvEvo Tyga says:

Dude nice video

Dan Wicklund says:

Chris. I would like to know how your able to vape your all VG liquid? I can’t get the higher VG juices to wick good at all. Do you just drip or what? I either get a dry hit or a burnt hit. Ugh

T Deweese says:

Everyone needs a montage!! 🙂

Ann Wescott says:

2012 Oct, looking for the video.” When the guy said don’t worry it’s not going to explode then a big flash of fire across the ceiling and commented J**** C*#%%&!! “Great Video”!

IndoorSmokers says:


IndoorSmokers says:

This is not a review…this is my channel trailer

Jason Blaney says:

Did u do this yourself? If not great use of your resources, if you did BEAST!

James Ulrich says:

I loved watching the color come back to ur skin and ur teeth get whiter though out the vid

Roosh says:

This song blows !

IndoorSmokers says:

Thanks Nazeer I appreciate it. I read about your ‘troubles with customs’ over on the forum, I hope you were able to get your order delivered…let me know how it works out.

IndoorSmokers says:

I did it myself, it took me a couple days over the weekend to get it edited together.

Brian Harrell says:

you should lip sing to a crazy song …that would be hilarious

PolishVapesUk says:

Indoorsmokers legend

IndoorSmokers says:

I just checked the discussion section, thnx for the kind words. I will try some of that cheesey for night time…thnx for the recomendation

Brad Silverdog says:

Would love for you to do one using…Caspian..song Sycamore

Casey Bonner says:

that old cutscene tho

Jordon Warner says:

nice intro

Avrragegamerr says:

OMG dude I fuckin love this song. And I love this video. Thanks alot man. It looks great

Landon Bell says:

Great reviews

Dniles101 says:


Tommy M says:

I like going back and watching the evolution of the channel you’ve come a long way man well done

Nazeer Deen says:

I gave thumbs up, not for music but for the idea to create a video like this..

Desi M. says:

Waiting for myyy vpro mod dripp!=)~

R0lica says:

Well, not just that. The truth is – I visited this channel because of the ecig info but, I kept coming back because of all the crazy shit and therefore, the video above (in my opinion) cuts out the reason why I subscribed – your voice, your mad ramblings. 🙂

Kenny Papa says:

That was different

Joe Cherfan says:

Keep doing you.

Kiss Knit says:

<3 You just earned a Heart Hug. <3 Please Hug Your Heart For Me. <3

William Marcet says:

Hey man how to I set up to do reviews for e juice and ecigs?where can I get info on this?

ALRULZ1965 says:

Band…12 stones…song…Crash.

IndoorSmokers says:

Some places let you dilute the all VG with distilled water. Try the 100% VG with the 30% distilled water option from Mt Baker Vaper. Or just get all VG ejuice from Virgin Vapers…it;s pricey but I never have any problem with it wicking. I do drip a lot though actually, still my favorite way to vape.

Jason a says:

I feel like I am watching a memorial video.

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