Electronic cigarette – Beginners set – Vaptio P1 review (EN)

I never made video test with any basic set for beginners. Well here it comes – Vaptio P1. It is very good basic set with 2100 mah internal battery, 10-50 watts and direct lung vaping atomizer. I must say that this is little monster and it is perfect set to start with vaping. Do not look for superb functions – expect just the basic for newbies. But this basic works great.

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ümit demirel says:

doeis this have ten second protections? sorry for bad english

Miles Rennie says:

best review i have seen on this kit so far fantastic video thanks!!

Itsdynasty says:

On top of the atomiser you can unscrew it and there is a little hole for you to fill it up

Humayun Kamaly says:

My one is new and im getting a burnt taste any suggestions?

DSL DUDE says:

what flavour ?

Ben says:

What coils do you recommend in regard to the Ohms? I used both that came in the box and don’t realy know which ones i should buy

Dugs says:

Just purchased this and this video was very informative. Thank you.

Bill Cipher says:

How can i avoid that liquid comes trough the airflow hole?

Ows7 HD says:

Do you have to have specific liquids for these and good vid bud

posholty mickey says:

Nice video!

Robin Hultgren says:

my coil is stuck and cant screw it off.. What can i do?

James Brain says:

You can make every word sound intense af

THE-DENTIST 123 says:

9:00 it’s a dental instrument!! , r u a dentist?!

AryancYT says:

Really nice review man!

Kubilay Yigitoglu says:

after how much minutes it goes hot

Romain Cunsolo says:

ego aio box or vivakita fusion or vapito p1 ?

gbcx777 says:

Great Job!!!

Sr UPlaying says:

When I put my liquid in my vape it’s fine but when I try to vape it it’s really hard to inhale and not a lot of smoke comes out is there anyway to fix it or does it do that?

T H E B O Y says:

Whats up with the Batterie? Dont want that to explod in my face..

Alessandro Dall'Agata says:

Hi mate! I have to make you another question…do you know if a griffin or a eagle of geekvape can go well on that battery? Because the vaptio’s atomizer don’t make me 100% glad

Alessandro Dall'Agata says:

Hi, Really nice video! I’m italian so sorry for my english 🙂 I’ve bought this and it’s really good for his price but I have a question: I can use only vaptio coils or also other are ok?

Lawrence Davies says:

I drop my one the other day but the battery still seems to be active but the tank don’t won’t or might be damaged would still be wise for me to use it with the battery in it ?

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