Daily Vape TV – Limitless Pulse Review

A pod system straight out of Tron!


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clyde mcknight says:

i have one and i love it….but i can’t get it to charge . the light come on for 60 sec only so there for i cant charge it.so is there some thing wrong with it. has any body has this problem ?

Tony Dupre says:

How’s the flavor production?

noah marasigan says:

When I got mine the box ripped, then my friend got one and it also ripped…..

ツDeofr says:

this shit auto fired and broke… do not buy

Colin O’Neill says:

I got the red one. It’s hella Gucci

Johnny_Five says:

You’re colorblind, kid!

-FEARLESS BO3- says:

how many times can u refill it?

Rage Blanket says:

I got mine for $40

MG KiNG says:

How much nicotine does it have

Chase Anderson says:

Do the pods come with any juice

Psyvana says:

I can’t refill this bastard, stupid pods are hard little fuckers to get into. I’ve been wrestling with mine for about 15mins and a pair of pliers. I now wish I owned a vice.

MrDevilishWolf says:

Why do people even use these dinky little things still? So fucking expensive and vapes like shit

matthew staples says:

Indeed were $60…. pissed I️ just found out I️ paid double

Bart Rando says:

Honestly I had 3 juuls myself. But I don’t use them anymore since I bought a pulse! It is very very important you use a fluid like Solace, that’s nicotine salt based, which is rare. Besides Solace, there are only a handful of salt based fluids that I’ve found. Also if you buy the 15ml Solace fluids, you do not need the filler, those bottles come with a needle type nossle. When you use Solace in this, its actually much much better than the juul. Holds twice the fluid, is designed to be refilable, and the charge lasts longer. I switched to pulse and never looked back.

Alan Schnall says:

Just saw your last review of the Ghost MV1 and I have always been a fan of your reviews. Well done and attention to detail is always further than expected. However, the Ghost review reminded me less of a review and more a Training or How to guide on how to use the device. I say device because it’s just that. A complicated, Chinese and to be honest cheap looking device with way too many “Details” and particulars to just use the thing. I was confused and amazed at the same time as you navigated every feature and blinking large kinda cheesy lights and pieces on the device. Your Review showed me and many others that the “Holy grail” of dry herb vaporizers is still not been made and it doesn’t look like were getting too much farther along in creating a better Vape. Right now I think getting back to basics with a bubbler and or old glass piece or possibly just a vape cartridge (when legal in all states) is better than these post $250 units. Just Too expensive and not realistic. These things aren’t cell phones and the tech is kind of cheap and available to anyone with some design skills. Go to China! Sit down and create new plastic vape device. This is a dud to me and way way too complex and not easy to use.

Hyprostopic YT says:

Dude vapeing is bad bro.

Shattered Dreams says:

All the pros aren’t even what it’s used for. It’s used for a nic fix, and a buzz

jack cowden says:

Mines not working… it was working fine and after 10 hits it started to burn so I changed the pod to another full pod. Now no vape is coming out even though it’s fully charged. Someone help!

Nicole Tiozon says:

can you use nic salt eliquid in the limitless pulse?

Adonis Escala says:

What kind of juice should be your for this?

CraZy Christy says:

I researched watched some reviews and finally bought the limitless. It doesn’t work for me because the refillable cartridge keeps cracking have been through 3 in 2days plus I fill as if the air flow is a little restricted for me

vico green force says:


Sinatra Vapes says:

I heard the fda is trying to do away with 510 mods and 2 weeks later the vape game started to get flooded with these pod systems. I hope the 510’s don’t get banned for future vapers.

Bart Rando says:

Honestly, the main reason I switch from juul to pulse is: firstly cost, and secondly ease of use. I live in california with a huge vape tax, that has made juul pods unreasonably expensive to purchase. So I was fairly desperate for a refillable juul substitute. With a cost of only $30, it cost almost as much as a 4 pack of juul pods in california, definitely less than 2 packs. Now for the ease of use. I can leave the house with a full charged and fully filled pulse and not wory about running out of power or fluid. No more spare pods or taking chargers with me. At one point I owned 3 juuls, one for home and 2 for work. Now I can leave the house and not worry. The juuls I had also gave me soo much problems with charging. It was a constant pain to keep them charged because the ports or the charger would always need cleaning, and repeated cleaning would damage the terminals. I had to send 2 juuls into be replaced because they would no longer charge, after only owning them a few months. Since it hold over twice the fluid of a juul, you hardly ever have to mess with the pods. I refill mine maybe 2-3 times a week, so the inconvenience of refilling it or snapping/unsnapping the pod is not a factor at all. Being able to charge it with any micro usb cord is amazing, since I’m an android user and always have one with me. I know he says it feels cheep and plasticy, but it hasn’t broken on me yet. Although the juul is aluminum, I have had them warp and bend out of shape, simply by being in my pocket. Plus the saving on pods alone would allow me to buy a new one of these every other month and still be cheaper than using the juul. And the pulse gives a great hit too. It’s important that you use SOLACE fluid though. A lot of you think juul is a better product, when in fact, it just uses a better fluid. Juul uses nicotine salt based fluid, like that of SOLACE. You cant run juul with their salt based system, then run pulse with free base nicotine fluids, and compare them. If you fill the pulse with SOLACE, it hits better than the juul, hands down. I cannot comment on if you use other fluids with other chemical mixtures. But that is my opinion, being a juul to pulse convert.

Tom Kaos [Official] says:

Days of battery life? Motherfucker I get 1 day out of a Quad mod. You either vape like a bitch or lieing out ur ass for the product.

wildbillo68 says:

Mine Stopped working in about a week and a half!!! maybe cause I chain vape?….But- it’s a real cheapo feeling item. IF you try it make sure you pay as lil as humanly possible…

Tanner Brooks says:

How do u know when to change the pod

nibus9 says:

When would companies like Marlboro stop manufacturing cigarettes and start manufacturing quality ENDS and juices ?

Andrew Walker says:

This mod looks cheap pod is trash and my mom has one it leaks lights don’t work battery lifetime is not good they say u get days of battery but she can’t even get 6 hours in my opinion you can do a lot better in a tank kit then this kit you said if it was made with aluminum it would be better but then it would cost more.

jesusgang gaming says:

Sub to me I Sub back

Giovanni Love says:

you’re an asshole the company was nice enough to send you one and in return you bash on it, dick move, i’m not saying ass kiss the product and company but you could have gone a little easier on it. If you purchased it yourself fine talk all the shit, cherry pick on the small things about the product but they sent it to you which is different. Fat asshole.

Shane Peavy says:



Cheap Chinese shit

Andrea Post says:

It’s true my friend paid 60

Goose Smith says:

I’m wanting to get into vaping as a hobby but don’t want to spend more than like 50$ can anyone help me out?

R.L. H. says:

Hey sir, thanks for the review. How would you rate this in comparison with the Rock by Boulder?

Bryan Silva says:

Fuck outta here with this assassins creed lookin ass juul rip off

Elephants ForAlgernon says:

Too big. Von Erl ftw

John Czukiewski says:

I just bought one and the body is aluminum, not plastic.

Gina 1965 says:

Hello, Does it use nicotine salts, like the Juul?

pun ramkumar says:

too much talking I don’t like

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