Blu Starter Pack Review – Electronic Cigarette – Tobacco, Menthol, and Cherry

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Will Gayner says:

Blus taste like shit. Get yourself a mvp

Ile Ristov says:

man pls help me im have a problem im inhalate the battery in no blinck red and no go smoke i have a new cartridge and full baterry

Jean Merdelemonde says:


scbonduk says:

These days blu are owned by Imperial Tobacco in Nottingham, to answer the question you had. They haven’t always owned them though.

PhatAzianMan1650 says:

pretty bad review. you put the cartridges in upside down. it’s suppose to mimic cigarettes. jot vaping. cigarettes taste like Shit anyways lol

SuperAzazul says:

di Indonesia sudah banyak rokok elektrik, tetapi tidak ada yang seperti Blu eCig 🙁

Skyelett 511 says:

Dude is my neighbor. He does live in a tree house. He’s weird.

cr4ckerj4ck0401Gaming says:

I don’t like what blu has done but I actually like their tobacco flavoured e-cigs

RyanVon Drake says:

I did Cig 2.O for a few months hook up to a usb plug and you’re set had menthol, marlboro “Knockoff” and tobacco

Luke Cole says:

“This review might be a little biased”
Goes on to tell me how shitty the fucking charging chord is…

guesswhat74 says:

Your friend “loaned” you the e-cig not “borrowed”. I love blu. Menthol is my favorite. Cherry flavor sucks!

B. Schultzie says:

EC Smokes kicks Blu’s butt. I bought the Blu starter pack reviewed above when I first started with e-cigs. First, Blu’s case, although cool looking, is fragile and not user friendly. For example, when driving, I tried to get an e-cig out of the case with one hand but ended up struggling and had to stop every time. Second, the case lid broke within a week. Third, the battery doesn’t last as long. It tasted alright but I was disappointed in the body. A few weeks later, I tried an EC Smokes and was blown away. Perfect body and far better taste. I’ve tried several flavors since then and the Tobacco Gold hits a home run with me. It is almost exactly like a Marlboro Light. Cowboy Red is very good too. EC Smokes have superior customer service and are far cheaper. Dan is spot on.

Alton Kilbourne says:

bitch you look like a ugly mutt puppy

Glenn Chapman says:

You saved me! Lol

Jacob Pohlabel says:

great review man. thank you very much for doing what you do.

myasus100 says:

Your friend lent you the mod, he didn’t borrow it to you. Please speak on an acceptable level if you are going to review a product.

UnchainTheNight1 says:

I think I want the opposite of what vapers want from vaping. Small cloud, low flavor. I am 100% about the nicotine delivery. I want to be able to vape in the middle of class haha

IBeThieving says:

‘Puppy breath’ it don’t taste like that hahaha dis guy lies lol.

Leonardo says:

Actually Dan, it kinda is .addressed by R.J.R cause they one Lorillard.

pancakemix 707 says:

late comment. but it’s called a tangle free cable lol


Blu sux, I’m wanting to try the halo g6 starter kit.

ThingsToBuyOnline says:

Not a fan of Blu either. Tastes like crap

James MacNeill says:

those will not help u quit.

Thomas Spratt says:

he lent it to you, he did not barrow it to you

carol matthews says:

The cherry last like cough drops. Blue had a good ideal for a smoker but all i got out of it was an upset stomach and a head ache . Well so much for that. Not worth the money. Better to just cut down on smoking


Since my blu ecig starter kit comes with two batteries i charge it and that way while one is charging the other is all ready to use for smoking. Its pretty cool i like it.

WWMtv outdoors says:

I like the look

Pete Morgan says:

wtf is puppybreath i love the classic and vivid vanilla what kind of drugs is he on

Molly Lenore says:

Blu is poop.

Alton Kilbourne says:

i got vuse i buy blu this guy full of shit

Trent Burton says:

That’s probably just your breath

DVS ONE says:

He said “barrow me!” Not once but twice wtf redneck dental hygiene and education isn’t high on your list huh? Stop smoking and get an education thanks

Soulless_Gingie says:

Is it just me or does it look like he’s in a tree house

Connie Long says:


Piggy Boy says:

Im pretty sure that “puppy breath flavor” is just because its a very high nicotine level

DOMO NIK says:

jesus he’s tan


It actually doesnt take long to charge

TS66 says:

I’d say ….stop eating puppies or use mouth wash 😉

ButterflyLove100 says:

Green Smoke is the best for Me.i have a Blue and it is a wast of money $$$ ..


love how you call it “puppy breath”

Mike M says:

This is why you got sued for taking shit about big tabacco

itsabout everything says:

Why am I watching this

eddie willers says:

More inhaling and less sneering would make a better review.

Angel Noose says:

On my Blu Cig Charger when I put the battery in the charger light flashes red and then turns back off. Is this the way it works? I can’t charge it.


Id like to try the ice one.

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