BLU Go Disposable E-cig Review

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Pete Xenos says:

I just bought one of these today and was confused as to rather I should be taking mouth-to-lung hits or hitting it straight into my lungs. Does anyone know? Is one way better than the other for these kind of e cigs?

African Kid says:

I could have eaten that e-cig

Fallen dream says:

You need to clip those finger nails damn boi

Bruno B. says:

Works as a vaporizer or just with liquids?

renz tupasi galace says:

how much one of it

الجوكر /عبدالله says:

في عرب

Zachary Brown says:

Will this leave a sent on your cloths

Tayyib Mostafa says:

so, the e cig will come in the box, do I have to put any liquids or anything

AtC Flames says:

This isn’t Walmart

walid l7ta kosta says:

prix????!! ☺

Carrigon says:

I use Blu rechargeables. The only reason I don’t buy the disposables is because, here in the US, they cost ten dollars a piece. The Xpress Plus kits sell for around twelve dollars with a coupon and will often come with a free 3 tank pack, plus you get a charger. It’s just not cost effective to buy a disposable. But I think they are very good for times when you can’t use a charger.

Eli Davis says:

Video stops at 9:11 illuminate confirmed

Elias Cato says:

He looks gross don’t smoke ppl or you’ll look like him

yung キアン says:

i bought a temporary nicolyte disposable high dose of nictotine and it feels like im inhaling sand paper, its not a nice experience. im waiting for my mod to arrive.

GavD says:

Thanks for this review video. I have been looking for a e cig to buy for ages

France Off says:

How long do they last

Joshua Mckee says:

How much will one cost

Cameron Carberry says:

Yo he looks like a meth addict

Damon The vlogger says:

Can you send me one

Nick Rowell says:

I bought the exact one today at a gas station instead of buying my usual Light Blue American Spirits. I noticed my throat being irritated later in the evening after smoking about 1-2 cigarettes worth. Ive tried variations of mouth to lung, and straight lung its. My question is, does it irritate my throat because I’m used to cigarette smoke, or because of the straight lung hits? I coughed a little on a few straight lung hits.

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