blu eCigs: blu PLUS+ Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review
The blu PLUS+ electronic cigarette starter kit is the newest version of blu eCigs rechargeable kits. Several new upgrades are featured in this kit. More info and coupons:

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Steven Nguyen says:


Connie Long says:


Jefferson Guzman says:

also to buy more flavor tanks when i run out… the same convenience store should have them for sale right? the same place i bought this kit?!

Zac Brettler says:

which is better this or vype

Tonny Dermawan says:

you just don’t know how good blu+ e cig.I just buy 2 set since blu+ come out. 2 battery and 4 cartridge until now still very good ..because I know how to refill and take care the cartridge.I spent $20.for 2 or 3 month to buy refill.I just like keep my secret .amazing.just like regular cigarette.3 year ago I smoke a pack a day $5.00 X30.=$150/ Im happy with this Blu+ e regular cigarette..look how much I save my life…Blu+ tha best e cig for now…

Bruno B. says:

I usually smoke pot and used to smoke cigarettes but stopped. I still smoke weed and im looking for a e-cig that has no harm for my health and has a cool design looking like a normal cigarette.
I have a question for you guys because im new to this: Can i use a e-cig as vaping machine to smoke weed too? Whats the best e-cig with small design like normal cigs?

Thank you

william young says:

Do u have to refill the tank with liquid?

African Kid says:

How much was this

NagARAXD Roblox says:

My mom smokes this

Connie Long says:

ty!!! wanna buy

Jefferson Guzman says:

i just bought this 40 bucks plz tell me its worth it…

علي الشمراني 525 says:

من امريكا

Daniel Pierce says:

There was the original and then a middle one that looked like the current one, it had a “living hinge” which was a terrible design and stopped working after like a month.

Mike Gervasi says:

I vaped Blu for about a year. The carts taste burned fairly quickly if you hit them heavily like I was so i was spending a ton on them. Also was ripping through premium battery charges. Switched to Vision and Kanger Vape and it’s a far better experience overall. But Blu is great as a starter introduction from regular cigs to vaping.

One Fox says:

check out that video

AquariumDude25 says:

Have they made any improvements to the charging pack? Because I have had 3 of the original starter kits and the damn charging pack stopped working within two weeks on all of them

TunedCavityLasers says:

classic tobac tastes like baby powder and bbq sauce lmao. Open flush and refill with your own, just too nasty.

Will C. says:

love the intro

psp420bam says:

I am enjoying blu plus as well and there is an additional flavor carolina bold but you can only get it from blu

Jefferson Guzman says:

also do i have to buy the 24% nicotine for plus tank? or is there lower ones

Harith Nafi' Hanazrie says:

so it’s containe nicotine wright?

David Blair says:

I quit 2 and a half years ago with the Blu ecig. Had been smoking for about 40 years.
  Have not wanted a real cig sense. The Blu are the best!

Teresa Nickels says:

Where can you get blu plus for a good price?

Jefferson Guzman says:

im on day4 no cigs will my lungs and cardio improve by just using this? is it harmful?!

فهد العتيبي says:

من وين اجيبها

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