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Caesar Wright says:

she’s totally hot. and i love blu btw. havent touched tobacco since!!!


We share many of the same feelings I was compelled tou spend $20 more trying to quit smoking this time on the packaging due to the fact it was in that it was packed an presented like a iPhone almost like as you opens it angles start to sing! construction I was very very thrilled at the box I purchased it after the social networking with the idea are sitting in a bar because I’m smoking a cigarette somebody beeps me has more negative than positives

Juleetron says:

Hi! 🙂 Were you the child actor who played as Shirley Holmes and Cara Renfield in Goosebumps’ Vampire Breath? I was you fan when I was a child. It is good to know that you are you tuber. Wish you the best! 😀 😉


x moses says:

There not even that big

pvtrichter88 says:

it’s interesting to see a child actress i knew as a technician on some series endorsing electronic cigarettes and he’s even more beautiful now and with cleavage now[ sorry it’s the naughty English brat in me] her name is MEREDITH Henderson watch her work she’s a talented actress!!

bignose fatnose says:

you should try dick flavor

D J Tanner says:

Loved your honest review and your a very pretty girl indeed..

Joshlul says:

Great review, keep doing what you do.

Sean says:

Blu is one of the worst e-cigs you can buy. They will break quickly and they charge about 4 times what this stuff is worth.

Vera Naika says:

Meredith henderson love her, she was my fav. Actress when I was a kid. 🙂

Lorraine Saiz says:

They suck

D J Tanner says:

Im a Blu user now going on 3 weeks…im very happy with them!

NoLove4BS says:

Truth Is, These little Blu’s have great Johnson Creek taste, true the batteries suck, you’ll only get about 50 good puffs. So for an average, pack a day smoker, you’ll need about 3 batteries to cycle through the pack. The cartamizers are great, and with the right equipment,will last 3 times as long. (and can be refilled about 3 times)

Go over to Shawn’s ZeeCigs and or SmokenJoey’s and look at the 510 and eGO’s.

You won’t believe how good those little Blu carts “really” taste. NO Bull-Shit

Bathory Synystra says:

You should try STFU flavor.

Donald Boyd says:

I have been using E-cigs for 2 years and I finally found good quality USA made Electronic Cigarette, Tank System and Premium E-liquids at ECIGARKIT . com Best Starter Kits you will ever found at ECIGARKIT . com Check out their Promotions. How does the industry time the raspy peace? The waste identifys the wakeful fight. The polish develops the silky pull.

78cobra says:

& yes ive tried blu’s, RN8084, KR808-D1, M402, & real 510.. 510s in cig likes are hands down the best! dont be fooled my marketing! thats why blu is every were.

Lorraine Saiz says:

You have to suck hard in order to get anything a waste of money. .


Part two first 7 flavored were made you tried 3 BOOO to You’re otherwise fabulous video. I’m only on my first cartridge which is a tobacco flavor and he’s not on not finding at least the strengths but it tastes like tobacco but I should mention with instant coffee it’s just fine for me all this cherry and strawberry business although I’ll try it seems like it’s up my alley I didn’t like it much at the hookah bar so I don’t see why would like my cigarette.

Outernet Dhgate says:

different kinds of e cig~~

Ed vicheck says:

I use Blu because of the easy access and the flavor cherry is my favorite. Of the 4 types of vapes I used Eonsmoke is my favorite brand and the reason I don’t use the a lot is because they are not sold in Western Pa. Blu the the way you draw on the atomizer depends on that piece. I have had ones you really had to draw on and ones that it was easy to get vapor. I would give them a 6.5. 

Pegasus Vapor Academy says:

Blu has pina colada and peach schnapps now. Please dp an update review on the other flavors


Part 3 I think the best part of this is Siam using this product to try to quit smoking the fact that they’re black and the flame is blue is about a far away is you can get from what a cigarette looks like I’m going to smoke Chermann Manhattan’s and even in that case they have golds filters so they also about the same size as a cigarette so they don’t feel like an albatross your hand.

ecigstoquit says:

blu’s are wicked

Mike Larson says:

She forgot to mention the fact the blu is owned by lorillard one of the big tobacco companies

Adam Zafonte says:


78cobra says:

blue e-ecigs are a joke! they suck! they use L88b batteries (with 510 connectors) with dont have enough volts to power the 510 cartomizers or atomizers properly! Johnson creek uses 100% VG with is best for vapor NOT flavor… & you can see blue ecigs vapor production sucks even with VG eliquid.


Part four excuse my speech texting the writing apparatus here is too small overall I give this products of 4.5 and take you to be very helpful for those tried to quit smoking are those trying to at least eliminate Halrad of their life I haven’t been able to get to the 100 size yet which I think would bring this to a five for me as far as Linux of smoking time goes. Fear

eutue says:

I like Meredith Henderson.

StanwoodSpartans says:

I just bought a blue today, much better than my volano hands down.

But I find the disposable blue e cigs have a better flavor than the rechargeable version.

maybe its because im using the high nicotine cartomizers.

BerndUR says:

E cigs are safe cigs. I enjoy my smooth Blus. No problemo.

Stricktlybeardeddrag says:

I was staring at her tits

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