blu E cig review

Our new obsession. E cigs. After much research blu definitely seemed to be one of the best options out there. Love the different flavors and I just really enjoy “smoking” again. I will be looking into no nicotine atomizers in the near future. Let me know if your a fan or what your favorite e cigarette is


linkzellda says:

Can e-cig help with stress?

ADKIc3mAnXYT says:

Are these as dangerous as regular cigarettes?

daza2j96 says:

I loved the blu disposable classic flavor. So I bought the starter pack. It doesn’t taste anything like the disposable. The disposable was soooo good. All these that came with the starter kit has a menthol taste and I can’t taste the real flavor. Any tips?? Is this common?

Jim Newsom says:

Russian 91% tank with an x6 battery….vaping like a beast

Annie Charalambos says:

How about crush cherry

TornadoSirenFanClub says:

Wow looks like that nicotine got to you

RyanVon Drake says:

Looks nicer than seeing the douchey things that don’t look like a cigarette slightly

Chris Monarch says:

Smoke American Spirit’s. Really good tobacco without the added chemicals, natural organic cigarettes.

Givaldo Silva says:

nao entendo nada porque estar em outro indioma

FnX Vaper says:

Blu e-cigs suck so bad, and the vaping community would be so much better off without them around.

C Gilley says:

I am not a fan of blu.. I had that at one time and the cartridge melted to the battery … Now with greensmoke

mikvance says:

IS that simply an LED on the end?

peter fox says:

I got the premium kit 3 wks ago,I also ordered 5 packs of their 18mg cartridges to go with it.Not very impressed at all. I’ve had like 4 or 5 dud cartridges upto now,one of the batteries has completely died on me,and I have to fiddle around with the battery to get it to charge up in the case. When I do manage to get the battery charged it’s only good for about an hour,plus it feels like my head is going to implode trying to get a smoke out of a cartridge. I did get in touch with skycig, who asked me to return it to them.But I chalked it up to experience and deposited the entire kit in the bin (trash can ) lol.Ive since found another brand which,in my opinion is .Not a nice looking as blu. But a much better products.

headrickwife says:

Please don’t call it smoke.  That really gives vapers ( and what you are doing is called vaping,) a bad name.

David Finley says:

Haters Gonna Hate, no matter what.. All I know is that I’ve Been a traditional Cigarette smoker since I was 14 years old. At least 1 Pack a Day. Started vaping Blu  just 2 weeks ago. Longest I have ever been off the real thing. Have no regrets at all, and even better no desire to go back to real smoking. 6000+ deadly chemicals per cigarette, as opposed to 3? Do the fucking math. Not only that, $10 a month as opposed to $100 – $ 150 a month in savings? Once More, Do the Math.

Sye says:

it’s not the best Vape in the market but very bad at the same time 
just saying for beginners with vapors i won’t recommend this (so don’t spend your money on this)

note I am not hating on the girl i’m hating on the e-cig

Limitless NotHeres says:

the mint ones are shit

Leah Holmes says:

Don’t buy blu products as they have been they have been taken over by one of the big tobacco companies and they are actively suporting the ecig ban even sending letters to mp’s saying the ban and restrictions should go ahead!! There trying to bring the industry down from the inside so as fellow vapers please don’t support them by buying their product’s! What they are doing is very low but what can we expect from a company that product’s kill millions each year!!

h cook says:

I’m seeing so many ppl saying the blu brand is shit. I’ve had it for 3 days and i’m in love. Even my boyfriend who is a heavy smoker likes it. I’m guessing the earlier models of it were sketchy and they’ve improved in the past couple of years. I have a friend who has one of the tank ones but i think the blu has a more realistic feel to it. Not just because it is shaped like the real thing. It feels more like i’m smoking a real one. I rly believe that i will never smoke a cig again. 🙂

Jackson Jordan says:

4,000 chemicals

Master of Sales says:

Thanks for the review!!

P.S I like your hair 🙂

TJ Wolf says:

Great review, gave me insight on the Blu and was very helpful but my question is, who is this angel with the beautiful blue eyes? Wowza!

Bryan Woods says:

Last 2 sentences sound like a commercial

Timaa J says:

I wanted to stop smoking ports, so I swapped them for black and milds which come to find out has more nicotine. Anyways, im tired of having to go outside to smoke, if im away long enough and come back home, I can smell how much the house smells like smoke, I have to mop and wipe everything down to get the smell away when every time company come over. I don’t want to stop smoking(just being honest lol, cause I don’t) but the smell and smoking restrictions are annoying. Im looking for an e cig that will give me that (or close to it) satisfying feeling in my chest. Im going to try blu because their at the store by my house. Your review made me hopeful since your ex smoker.

SAOlover says:

I’m smoking one now and I can’t get over the disgusting harsh taste. But ugh, it’s better than the cancer sticks I suppose.

peepla7 says:

Sometimes…the airhole has to be expanded …on the disposable ones but yep…like them.

Youki says:

Anything that gets us away from the tar is a good shift. I would highly suggest checking out the products not available via the major retailers. They tend to give you lower cost of total ownership – batteries that last longer, vapor/throat hit that are better, and the ability to purchase and use your own choice of eliquids. Joytech, Kangertech are great brands and there are 1000s of vendors out there. Joye Ego is the next step past the ‘cigarette-looking’ devices out there

Zack Skinner says:

i heard cake flavor 

Logan Hester says:

If you want more cape or “smoke” then try drawing it in slower than normal then breathing it worked with me when I first started(;

MsShannonVee says:

its not bad .. glad you like

LivingLife420 says:

To everyone trying to quit smoking those fuckin stinkys. Just go visit your local vape shop. Dont buy this shit

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