We saw many products get released for 2018, but which ones stuck out from the crowd? Find out here!

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Best Tank

Best Advanced Mod

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Best E-Juice


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Jc Tanner says:

Vladdin RE is has the same profile as the Phix and the MarkTen Elite

Blondeboyplayz says:

Breeze 2

indeed says:

Aegis Legend

ChillinCruzin says:

What about the water fall designs???? They should have ther own category. The goat made one and some other company’s. Wen u sqwonk it water falls right onto the coils

Ronald Tashey says:

i just got some carts from someone i never thought he could deliver ..i thought he could rip off me but at the end i got my 400 carts delivered contact him on instagram @mark_taylor007

Ameer Hussain says:

What about pens

Simon Gowran says:

i just vaped for the first time 1 hour ago. I am now a vapor?

MrAlbie1970 says:

Juuls r so gay but I don’t like having a big ass vape in my pocket either

MrAlbie1970 says:

Best vape , smok priv v8 or smok stick with big baby beast

Jimin Park says:

Is vladdin re an actual good vape? I heard it was trash

Chris godwin says:

I really like the aspire breeze 2

Bracketzox Mk4 says:

The 528 goon is also amazing

MrAlbie1970 says:

My infatuation with vaping lasted about a few months . Vape companies paid off the govt because I haven’t read about govt intervention . You can get wet lung from vaping and die . It’s not healthier but it’s not smoke either now is it

s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

Shape of the Topside is ugly. Needs to be a clean little box with no curves.

Caleb Holien says:

I’ve never vaped before so hearing all this is very new and I have to say….what the f*ck is up with all these weird ass names?

MrAlbie1970 says:

What about the guy who has his face all up in the screen and white around his pupils , not cool puppy chugger

Iqbal Natakusumah says:

where’s dna chipset:(

Gul Fam says:

Please answer my question….

Rasmus Andersson says:

i think the pod system is good on icare 2


like if breeze 2 should have won the pod category

omglolwtf says:

Your pronouncing smok wrong

Gul Fam says:

Vaporesso polar vs Smok G priv 2 luxe edition
Which one is best for making clouds….!!!!!

Bent Plevoets says:

What do you think of the Eleaf iStick Pico 75W?

Tom Morris Music says:

One time I blew into my sourin air and it never shut off. Legend has it that it’s still firing


What about minifit?

Zach E says:

You pronounce Lychee wrong…

7531monkey says:

Nord wins to me.

Shad Blouin says:

Aegis legend is fkg beast !!

Joshua Woods says:

Smoant Naboo is amazing. Any Smoant mod is my top pick.

Daniel Lummi says:

Best pod system of 2018 is Aspire Cobble hands down.

Sam Montana says:

Who’s smoking a blunt watching this

Zach Hill says:

20 cad for 60ml is not a good price point…

Zelicopter00 says:

I just wish voopoo would get rid of that ugly ass drag logo

Gul Fam says:

Help me please….
Vaporesso polar vs Smok G priv 2 luxe edition
Which one is best for making clouds….!!!!!

Emily A says:

What about the Orion?

Faded Mindz says:

You’re missing the Smok MAG 225

Federico Zorrilla says:

I bought a vladdin and unfortunately, it was a bust. I could not use it unless it was charging and I was afraid something would happen to it (charging+taking a hit=not a good idea) So I threw it away and got myself a Myle. Haven’t looked back ever since

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