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Today I Tell You My Pick of Best In Class Ecig Mods for 2016. Use The Links Below To Get The Mods I Looked at In This Video:

Tesla T22:
CoolFire IV:
Target 75w :
Tesla Nano 100w:
Cuboid 150w:
X Cube 2 :
Tarot 200w Mod:


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Absolutely nothing on my channel says:

I’ve been checking your videos for the last week and I enjoy the knowledge you pass on so you’ve earned another subscriber.

Scout Void says:

Can you please review the joytech egrip 2

Arda Seref Girginc says:

i cant see the cloud of the vape if u flow it to the camera ?

TheApotheosis OfGDot says:

You vapor people crack me up. Why the fuck are you taking hits like that of anything other than weed

ThatOneDudeSkidz says:

Hey man, are there any mods that can act as a power bank to charge my phone and a charging dock to chage batteries??? That hold 2-3 1850 batteries? Pass through?
PLEASE I MUST KNOW, thanks in advance

AdrianM says:

Uh, the Innokin has lasted me a day and a half coil. It’s burnt as shit. I’m now making rollies. And yes I primed it, 2nd fill of juice half way through it, it’s done. Piece of doo doo. 🙁 I’m so sick of juice coming out of aspire airholes and juice coming up through the tip and gurgling like for fuck sake I just want something i can put juice in and vape on so I can not be pissed off all the time.

Anton Haq says:

When swapping over to better equipment, mods and tanks, I would recommend switching to a liquid with lower nicotine level or you will find nicotine overload, I am dizzy!

IamPotado says:

im going to buy a $1,000 vape right now

imNotProfessional says:


Bill Abdallah says:

cuboid=atty short

Ekuseru Saga says:

Whenever I go on “The Best box mod of [insert year]” its usually the most common box mods with a limited wattage options. That’s why I like your reviews. You review mods ranging from 75w to 200w. I wasn’t aware of the Vaporesso Tarot’s impressive form factor. You need to work on your editing cuts though. lol

strictly vaper 0 says:

Chris your videos are awsome been a subscriber for two years I’m running a ipv4 with a aspire cleito tank got damnn!!! Keep it up vapesta

Robert Crook says:

Can some one tell me what kind of vape i have i cant figure it out

MsRandomPro says:

Man, everyone just hating on him. Why do people just want to spread hate
and spread bad vibes around them/ you, that will most certainly affect others
both in here and out there IRL, why not spread good vibes.
Exampel: Hey nice video, thanks for showing me a good variety of different
brands of ECig Box Mods, now i def know what i want to buy all thanks to you. n.n

Magicmark says:

I have never vaped somoked or anything is the x cube 2 good for beginers like me

215. Kenny says:


ImRainBow_ says:

Any good recommendations for cheap mods kits

ThePuncakeNinja says:

Can someone get me a vape ?

Keon Guide says:

James Comey?

Shane Elkins says:

Where do I get your juice??? Sounds deee lish

Unboxing Maniac says:

what atomizer is on cuboid 150w(200)

sanchito says:

Which is better the joyetech cuboid or the smok g priv?

Zetetik - says:

Wow, someone got *drr-unk* before doing the editing!

(Either that or they threw some seed on the keyboard and had a pigeon peck at it) 😛

viviana katbi says:

you didnt review the gx350 or the g320

AVGrblx says:

I started with a eGo pen, and I am moving up to a Smok Osub 40w TC pocket kit. Is this too much or too little of a upgrade?

Connor Bowler says:

What was your very first vape

Nallydd Wrekla says:

R u the kid from cat in a hat

Jericho Plaza says:

which is better xcube or tarot?

BraaapFor Life says:

I want one

Lee Bradley says:

Im a complete idiot and all this vape stuff has had me boggled for weeks. Finally just ordered one! Thanks for easy video man it helped allot!

Concurses says:

you look like a Jesse Ventura look alike…

Natedogg1864 says:

my first vape mod was a Smok. G320

ZeCrizpy Apple says:

lol was this guy high when he was editing

TheGreat WhiteMoose says:

We Need A vape For A bong!

Michael Choate says:

whats the highest mah internal battery 100 watt mod oit cuttently

D B says:

Not to say your information was false but I vape on the innokin endura t22 all day of course letting it cool down but it’s lasted me a few days at a time doing so

9alt0 says:

vape naysh yall

JakeTheDog Bacon says:

lol my current one is the lowest one on the list and i want to upgrade to the 75vtc targer

Gergely Szirbuly says:

I started with an Xcube II and a Baby beast tank, that was all right for me as a beginner, good falvour, big smoke.
Good replacement of smoking. I use it on 55 W and 300 Fahrenheit with liquids those have 3mlg nicotine. Just in case any other beginner is considering to purchase a more serious combo.

TheRandyfastman says:

Thanks for the info, while I respect your opinion And everyone’s different but gotta say I pretty much disagree with everything. Maybe I’m missing some added context for your video (was it best inexpensive mods in class?) But where’s the 75-90 watt class? The pico should get some love. The mech class? Another growing class that’s missing is the self-contained ultra portable kits that have blown up recently. As far as the picks I was surprised. The tarot is okay but it’s super thin and looks funny with every atty over 22mm also top heavy falls over easily. In my experience the cuboid is practically disposable with that junky battery door. I’m surprised u left out the alien, the sigelie 213, the gpriv, the i joy limitless mod. Not trying to bust balls just noting how strange it is that people can feel so differently about vape gear.

Jonathan Braithwaite says:

Durability? Most people don’t have so many mods to spread the wear and tear around. This video is good advice for others who don’t pay for their gear…

nheo datinguinoo says:

I want to have 1 of that..but i dont have a money to buy 1…huhuhu..i hope someone with a kind heart give me 1 of that.

wd40007 says:

There is absolutely zero chance of this guy’s name not appearing on some sort of sexual assault registry.

Danny C says:

I’m trying to start building on some mechanical mods could anyone suggest any good mods I should look into?

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