Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit – The New Halo G6!

Today I’m reviewing the new Halo G6 Series E Cig Starter Kit. This is the best electronic cigarette starter kit on the market right now, get it here: LIKE ME on FACEBOOK:

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Bonnie Burdine says:

Thanks Chris

John Shitty says:


TheCatShamus says:

Mine just arrived in the mail! Lime green, very appealing. Not sure how I’m going to like the Belgian Cocoa though. I’m sure it’s good, but doesn’t seem like a flavor one would want to smoke every time.

Patriarch - says:

Imagine. THC juice. That would be so amazing.

Jack Jhon says:

helpful video

Sharon Carter says:

Thanks for your post!

Jennie Freeman says:

Looking through your old vids….it like seeing the vaping industry grow before your eyes! 🙂

Claudia Sanchez says:

I hate cigarettes but it looks so cool

Dj Rodriguez says:

I still think the V2 is the best cig a like on the market right now. They produce a decent amount of vapor. Nothing compared to my mods and rebuildables though.

chuck meyer says:


Aaron Moses says:

This was my first kit after tobacco.

TotalMrAlien says:

You look and sound a bit like Tom Hanks. Also great reviews! I’m definitely subscribing!

Kimmay99 says:

Just got mine in the mail yesterday. TriBeCa flavor is AMAZING. still learning how to refill the cartomizer. Have not smoked a real cigarette in days!!!

HolloVVpoint says:

Just ordered this kit plus the triton kit. Love the design and hoping to kick a 15 year smoking habit. Thanks for the awesome reviews and videos

Kenneth Tomer says:

Great vid maker

Sean Parker says:

Dude u don’t have to spend a whole fucking minute talking about a damn case holy shit

Sam Piazza says:

this guy looks like a mix between “Red” from Pineapple Express and Tom Hanks

angela wilkinson says:

Only 76 comments,oorh bless

Andrea Varvaro says:

is it possible refilling it? or do I need to buy new chargers each time?

Grabiato Nehrimzer says:

2 minutes for a box lol

Bang Rian_Pausen says:

saya mau dimana jualnya mau saya

Landon Bell says:

Love the new updates

Taking care of business says:

I’m trying to quit smoking. Which one should I buy. I just can’t decide. Does this one have enough vapor or do I need triton.

lemon says:

Check out the Blak Xxx Power.

Lifestyle Vapors says:

That is really interesting information. We provide Best Lifestyle Vapors Service to our customers in Florida and its near places in USA.Please do visit at our website or contact us any time, we would love to help you.

William Hamlet says:

With more and more products failing and the difficultly in obtaining an RMA, youre better off elsewhere.
Halo products are adequate. They are good for beginners but not as good as some other companies. Not only that, after 3 years of loyal business, Ive noticed a dramatic decline in the functionality of their products. Coupled with the “Halo is always right attitude,” forget resolving your problems quickly and easily. 
Beware of Halo Trolls, Halo isnt all that great. They are par at best. Shop around and you’ll find better.

Alt0idz says:

I ordered mine and got it in the mail along with some mini tanks. I tried using the triton kit, but found it a pain to carry around with me, like the g6 a lot better for outings. Thanks for the review, really helped me make up my mind! 

Fastidious Varmint says:

i messed up my automatic battery, overfilled the cart while it was screwed on and the liquid must have leaked through the center hole. when i took a drag after that point it would fire and would continue to do so even after i was done dragging. most recently it just wont work and when i plug it in to charge the led on the usb charger shines blue indicating a full battery while the led at the end of ecig stays off. looks like iv’e fucked it, anyone had this problem or have any advice?

BlushBerry says:

Thick?… The vape production is awful on that thing :c. 

VapeZoo Channel says:

like it

kennethsTutorials says:

Can you fill them with marijuana? Jk

Angel of Darkness says:

I see you video

Donald Debonis says:

Wish I knew a year or two,what I know now..

David Garrison says:

Good Produce. Thank you for taking the time to
share this with us. I’d write more, However, I’m
having trouble posting.

filthy bigrig says:

that’s a nice box

Glen DeLoid says:

Thanks for all the helpful videos.  I got some god-awful e-cigs from a tobacco shop, and am glad to know it gets a lot better than that garbage.  I’ve decided to start with a Halo V6 kit plus some blanks, mini-tanks and their juices.  Could have gone Mig Cig, but Halo seems to have a longer track record and maybe better juices, and I’ll probably step up pretty quickly anyway once I get past the need to have something resembling a cigarette. 

Matthew Bramlett says:

whats your opinion on the SMOK brand E Cig? Im really considering a SMOK. But Im not new to vaping. SMOK just kind of caught my interest

Marchiocar7 says:

was that a 65mm or 78mm battery?

WhoDatChamp88 says:

Can you charge the Halo G6’s on V2’s wall charger?

Wickedwiccan says:

Never heard of a mat finish(im guessing that is the correct spelling)

Cassidy Pinette says:

halo starter kits are made to try to get people off of cigarette so they are going to have a bigger through hit like tobacco

Joe Cherfan says:

Congrats on 200k!

blacktwofight11 says:

ours is in the mail

bsdraven says:

I picked up one of these with the mini tanks over a year our two ago. The best cigalike I’ve seen. To make it even better the kit is really cheap now. Thought about picking some up for friends. It helped me quit smoking.

Chase Martin says:

i went with an ego and a kanger tech for my first vaping experience 

Dennis Conroy says:

The finish on these do seem more durable!

PolishVapesUk says:

Pretty good

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