BEST E-CIGARETTES OF 2016 (so far) | Full Review

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These are not mods… just had to clarify that. These two kits are created specifically for the smoker, but have become really popular amongst the vaping community; which is strange, but it also makes sense. The Juul by Pax uses “nicotine salts” in their liquids which gives a unique sensation in your lungs as opposed to the My. (and every other eliquid) and I think that’s why it’s so popular… it’s also tiny and looks classy so that helps. The My. has a bigger battery and eliquid capacity which may be more attractive to heavy smokers (I also think it looks better though, my opinion of course) so enjoy!

Where to buy the kits in Canada:

Juul + Juul Eliquid:
(Way after I did this review, JUUL offered me this affiliate link. So it didn’t have any effect on my review, but now I can maybe make some money if you try the JUUL!)

CANADA: (no longer available, but ask about the Bo or MyJet)

My. (VonErl):

Manufacturer sites:




Beecroft Tab says:

great review and comparison bro. how much are these going for in Canada id like to grab one as a present to a smoker buddy who didnt like any other vape i let him try so far…

Michael Stokes says:

Another thing with the Juul, it automatically temperature controls the hits. You will never dry hit the Juul even with an empty pod.

Giuseppe Iannelli says:

Just an amazing review! I’ve been trying to get the JUUL from the states for months. Customs keeps sending it back! I’ll check out The Ecig Flavourium. See if I can finally try it out.

Coucho says:

How does one order the JUUL from your place of work?

Tyler Rukos says:

Very informative vid. Thank you!

Joshua Sohn says:

FYI, you can actually refill VonErl, too.. and when you refill with regular e juice, you can use 9nic and it will give you the similar sensation.

kubby says:

I prefer the juul over the my because of the leaking! My god the second day using mine it leaked everywhere and the spit back is bad also the juul is just all around better in my opinion

S YH says:

My Von Erl is a good device but the “system” has one major flaw. The pods leak bigtime. They’re often already leaking when they arrive still in the original packaging, and they consistently leak in use – if you pull one out of the device the reservoir is usually coated with eliquid (if flavored it’s also stinking up your pocket or purse). Worse, the pods often squirt liquid directly into the mouth. I haven’t found a solution except to throw them out. JUUL (Pax Labs) used to have a similar problem with their pods (the original ones with diamond-shaped cutout), but have corrected the problem in the past year, so I assume the Von Erl folks could resolve this major flaw also. Would also be good if they could develop a refillable pod.

JUUL is good also but both the device and the pods are expensive and they make only one nic option (50 mg/mL!). Device is sold only with 4 different flavors of pod ($50) so if you have a preference you’re buying stuff you don’t want. Refillable pods are needed for this device also, although they can be refilled easily and don’t leak.

GraphX Shop says:

JUUL manual is printed to the inside of the box

umanagerald1 says:

Call me lightweight but I got the Von erl 24 mg taffy man h20 berry and it’s super strong I can’t believe this guy can use 40 mg ejuice

Julian Moriati says:

Nice comparison mate! I bought them both and looking forward to use them.

Account closed temporarily says:

Very professional, elaborate video

Henk Seegers says:

mods are 4 the (stopping) smoker 2!!!!
a nice way 2 start vaping!!!!!

nick mclaughlin says:

those flavor pods a genius from a the companies perspective it ensures that they will be getting revenue a long time after you buy there device, i use an open fill system device and love it, its a shame that the fda is threatening to take it all away i love being able to pick from a plethora of device tanks and e liquid flavors, i smoked for almost 20 years and started vaping just over 2 years ago and now jog/run over 5 miles a day and feel great all thanks to my e cig. vaping has changed my whole life and i love it, people should have the same chance i did to make the switch to a morem healthy way of living. VAPING SAVED MY LIFE

Josh Nemeth says:

I know this is late, but the von has a lot more flavors, but the pods are leaky as hell. Juul is a lot more money but its worth it. I just made the switch the other day

Whylde says:

40mg nic! Wow! Lol! My iTazte 1280 and Nautilus Mini did the trick at 12mg lol. That being said, I think I would’ve loved this starting out.

Matthew Wright says:

u sexy asf

Bart Rando says:

Just to mention, you can use a charger with as high as Amps as you want, as long as its a 5v Usb. High Amps cannot hurt electronic devices, because a device will only use as many Amps as it requires, not as many Amps as is available.

jo o says:

In nyc
Noone has von earl cannot find them and the website is in german

Bexy Rae says:

Von Erl just sounds like its an adult toy. I’d never want to be out in public and someone asks me hey what’s that thing? oh its my Von Erl! Its amazing you need to get one. Just me? Yeah I bet its just me.

Harold Charlene says:

I don’t have a von earl so I can’t say anything about that but the juul does get dry hits, idk what dude is raving about down below, I’ve had 5 juuls, all the new pods burn occasionally. The juul does snap into place, it still sucks ass at making connection. Every time I buy a new juul, it lasts a week before i have to fiddle the fuck out of it for a hit because it’s not making a solid connection.

Kimberlee Phillips says:

I just bought a My. Von Erl and when I pull no smoke/vapor comes out, is that normal?

Cole Wendehack says:

I got a my a few days ago. I enjoy it except I have a pod that doesn’t work that I bought. It might be the battery but I do enjoy it. Only issue I have is that it doesn’t give me as much as a buzz but I also have only used 18 mg pods rather than higher ones like 36 mg. Great video though keep it up!

Brion Edwards says:

Can I by multiple ones without being a distributor for a discount price since it will be lot of them

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