Beginners Guide to Choosing Your First Vape Kit

Get your perfect vape starter kit from Vape Club:

In this beginners video, Tom shows us how to choose a first vape kit, ensuring the switch to vaping as easy and hassle free as possible.

We’ll take a look at an array of different starter kits and devices, ranging from the very simple pre-filled pod systems to the more advanced non-disposable tanks.


Thameren Dyck says:

my first vape is a mech mod and i think its acualy really nice no im not 18 in but its many times better than smoking now i dont get winded or cough as easily now

David Hart says:

I’m new to vaping and I’m starting out with the Aurora Zippo style vape kit I’m waiting for it in the mail so I can try it out.

Rafael Vega says:

i just bought my 1st starter kit. I purchased a al 85 starter kit and added a Big Babby Beast. My question Should i vape with watts or Temp?

FullMetal Jesus says:

What about dry herb vaporizers

dank kangaroo says:

GX350? xD

Leigh Tedesco says:

What is the black small one 2 vapes to the left from the gold one

LeeJohn84 says:

went in my local shop and was asking about various vapes and flavours etc and it was like I was a problem and the guy. this was the same in a few other shops it seems some vape shops don’t want newbs around my area

Night Bot says:

im not a beginner but i need a cheap box mod with tank i dont like rda

ParthivDesai says:

do vaping decrease stamina?… as cigarettes do.

Mark Boston says:

Do all Vape’s require E liquid ? Cant I just use green pot ?

dude333 says:

Vaping on a sub ohm eleaf ijust 2 kit with .3 ohm coils with cosmic fog euphoria juice right now

Artur Eestlane says:

Trust me go with smok vape pen 22. It’s atleast double the value of the price maybe even triple on some pointless overpriced mods.

MechanicRaptorJesus says:

5:38 What Brand and model is the Golden one??
-By the way great video, really helpful guys ^_^

jrod j says:

im going to be puffing some clouds

Martin Hedington says:

Great tutorial, well done. Not too keen on you popping all those cig-alike batteries in your pocket unwrapped though, (even if you actually didn’t) because battery safety should be taught from the start.

Judith Anne says:

excellent info. great presenter.

Robert Doermann says:

Hi can i use this video on my web page its`the best on the tube. thank you

The Crusader says:

Any one from new Westminster if so any close vap shops?

Rozzon Adam says:

I Prefer Eleaf iCare . For more experienced Eleaf iJust 1, 2 or S or iStick. For those who dont like Eleaf then go for Smok Stick V8.

Tristen Maddox says:

Anyone know a cheap place in Indiana?

super charged says:

vaping is tough to understand

Bradley says:

I’m looking into getting into vaping but I don’t smoke and I heard they contain nicotine, is there any vape pen that DOES NOT have nicotine at all? Thanks in advance

Yout Tuka says:

How much replacement wick or coil should I buy with a kit?

MyDuckie420 says:

new to vaping! I’ve got an Eleaf power nano! I like it a bunch. could you possibly make video going over the settings on this type of mod? not necessarily my Eleaf but what the wattage a ohm settings do? and the difference between nickel, titanium, and stainless coils?

Officially Jack says:

1000th like

Emily Reagan says:

Can you vape without nicotine?

The Trainer Red says:

I started out with a cool fire 4 plus

James Gustafson says:

Your videos are simply outstanding.  For a new “Vapor” like me (literally just got my first kit yesterday), your videos are essential, and I appreciate them very much.  You make this transition much easier, with the specific topics and addressing each issue with regards to making this life change.  Very professional, and I love the personalities among your videos.  Thank you so much for everything – I’ll  keep watching!

Exize HD says:

Yeah, this really helped me

spearmint says:

i suggest the icare honestly

Olivier Eylers says:

I am not a smoker and and I have never vaped but I want Some decent vapour productien. What do you sugest

Burnt Toast says:

Very informational, I like it

Kike Prieto says:

*I want a begginer kit to produce a lot of vapor but not very expensive (under 70$ if possible). I have been like a year smoking shisha/hookah so it doesn’t has to be weak. Any advice?*

leann seng says:

I was wondering would a AIO be a good beginning vape for cheap?

Anna Smith says:

1-2 weeks? x.x That seems often for someone like me who only uses it once in a while for pain or anxiety…

Robert Stiles says:

Cigalikes and ego-style vapes?
Why are you promoting such old technology?
There are products from Eleaf and Joyetech that are much more advanced.

tawhare wharepapa says:

Awesome video

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