BBC – Trust Me I’m A Doctor – Are electronic cigarettes safe? (29/10/14)

Medical journalist Michael Mosley examines the growing trend for electronic cigarettes and asks if they are safe.


Jose Rajesh says:

Don’t smoke it will kill u off

EastSideOfTheWorld says:

Vaping has been different right now, making it much more safer

Rory Lenihan says:


MrNinja says:

Clickbait there was no BBC (big black cock)

Krisascom says:

there are liquids without nicotine soooo

Vaping_ Orchard says:

I am constantly seeing more and more posts about this “vaping causes popcorn lung” nonsense. It just baffles me how people can read a headline and just automatically believe it and just hit “SHARE” Just spreading around stuff they have no clue over. Not even bother to do a little research of their own.

And where has journalistic intregity gone? These so called “media giants” still reporting false things about Ecigs. Their comums sound more to me like a personal opinion then actual fact. If it was actual fact, then the articles wouldn’t exist period.

No one has ever claimed Ecigs are absolutely safe. There are dangers in everything. But they are WAY SAFER then cigarettes. That’s a fact. And what do people do when they don’t understand something? Villianize it. Make it something bad. And that really makes me sad. Nicotine is addictive. So people see Ecigs as bad as smoking because your still getting nicotine. But what about all the cancer causing Carsonagins in cigarettes? What like some 300 of them?! What about all that tar that goes into your lungs.

For whatever small amount of vapors out there that still might use juice that contains such a small amount of dyacetyl (so small that there are no proven facts or studies that show it causes any issues in such a small amount- c Harvards 2015 study on that)… is that as bad as the loads of tar you get in your lungs with each cigarette? And poisons? Not even close. And I’ll say again, most ejuice vendor’s don’t use dyacetyl as an ingredient.

People should spend their time talking and worring about a far far bigger problem in this country, the horrible stuff they put in our foods, in the air, I can think of a hundred far more pressings things instead if something that is helping to save people.

Nathan Hodges says:

I love the flavor of vapes but hate nicotine so i buy non nicotine flavors

Quinieck Newsom says:

Big black cock ???????

Mr. Finger says:

Do not ban it in public places, just don’t sell to minors.
Problem solved.

Nick Theo says:

personally I don’t believe by putting the title TRUST ME I’M A DOCTOR will persuade smart people that e-cigarettes are less harmful or even not harmful at all. Of course it’s a helpful way to stop smoking cigarettes but even now (2018) it is not sure that vaping is better than smoking -oh and I’m not a smoker

Josh Martinez says:

After finding out e ciggarates are not bad am smoking one now

Dave says:

Well nothing is guaranteed to b 100% safe. You’re still inhaling nicotine and other chemicals with E Ciggs. The point being that it’s allot healthier and cheaper than smoking tobacco. I switched to vaping a few weeks back and I can honestly say that I have no desire to go back to cigarettes/rolling tobacco.

Vito Martucci says:

Damn, wish I saw this earlier; I just quit a few days ago

CannaToker420 says:

Caffeine and Nicotine. The perfect substances for a society that wants you to be an obedient little worker bee. “Wake up, drink you’re coffee and go to work, faggot”

Treasure of LOVE says:

is vaping harmeless?? please help me

Rosanna Miller says:

Why do people claim to quit smoking if they just exchange one for the other?

Funny Bunny says:

Guys people who have said smoking is cool are you mad it isn’t cool

98kemik says:

I vape marijuana u guys should try it

JayceTeh Killa65 says:

Its funny how in videos like these, trying to show if vaping is bad or not, they never talk about the difference in juices, such as the nicotene levels, and the vg pg ratio. Its like they act as if there is only one type of juice.

Chillex says:

2014… a german dude just made a Video about this theme and he’s talking about his experience and what other people say and does some exsamples e cigarettes (vaporizers) aren’t dangerous just if you use a lot of nicotine cause it’s addictive but nicotine is not bad for human e cigarettes even higher ur stamina

I Have Autism says:

My friend dabbed for everyday for 2 years, then hit his suroan at 50 nicotine maxing out on average 3 times a day, his lung recently almost collapsed, so thankfully he’s quitting but it’s because he maxed it out at 50 nicotine if you just Vape for tricks I see nothing wrong but if your chasing a buzz then it can be really bad for you.

grey company says:

how fools are usa fucker they want to dominate everything you are compareing e cigrate chemical with natural tobacca cigarettes,you are the one due to which cannibis become illegal fuck off usa


i just wanna vape for the flavor. i don’t need nicotine

Airrr says:


AMAYO G says:

There nothing wrong wiv e-sigs
The only bad thing about them is that they might blow up in ur face if you don’t take care of it and DO NOT MIX THE PARTS THAT COME FROM CHINA IT WILL BLOW UR FACE OF

colorless says:

What, cigerrate had benzene!? Fuck that, never touching it again. Dont want no blood cancer.

anthony Lee dickinson says:

Well I can’t comment about health part really as I never used one. I can’t see them being good tho something always comes out bad over time. I quite smoking over 15 years ago so I don’t need this crap. Any to my point. Are these not meant to be used as a quite aid not a substitute. Because everyone I know use them are substituting with it and even some go back and forth between vipers and cigarettes rather than quite. I personally used an aid I used patches but I didn’t use as a substitute I used it for what it was designed for. I have same feeling about the patches too that there’s probably more than u think in them . Bottom line tho it’s mainly people that substitute rather than use it for what it was made for. Do u not care for ur own health? Ur kids ur leaving behind when ur gone. Anyway a few tips what did help me 1 my mate bet me money that I could last a week without cigarettes so that boost my ego a bit to start. Though what he didn’t know I had gone 4 times that what he bet so already knew I won that one lol. Now this was one that got me bare in mind I had gone a few weeks without a cigarette so I was on the way anyway. Someone said to me don’t be a slave to smoking and my reaction to that was it this is war against cigarettes. I saw it as i aint no slave to nothing or no one and daft as it may sound it helped. I quit after 2 serious attempts.

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