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t1337Dude says:

Enjoyed the thorough review. Am a little curious about its performance with a whip (but I understand it didn’t come with one). Lookin forward to your take on the Subliminator.

Luz Azul says:

I understand the Zephyr Ion is also whip capable – saw it on FC.

David Warner says:

Although I’m not into this type of unit (I prefer the portable reviews) it is nice to see a new posting and the video seems well produced. Thanks!

Jesse Thomas says:

Do you think it would be okay if i were to pack a bowl of weed in a portable vape, vape half of it and come back and vape the rest in a few hours or the next day?

Psillytripper says:

wow that fan sux…. i’ll stick with my arizer Extreme Q!!

Austin Whitelaw says:

Yo VapeCritic, I have been wondering this for a while so I wanted to ask. If I leave my vape on and don’t take hits off it, am I wasting weed? Or does nothing happen since there is not air being pulled through? 

I know some vapes have a idle mode for that, but lets assume it doesn’t. I’m using a Vapir NO2 but I was thinking about any portable vape or such that heats like that. Obviously not talking about when you fill a bag.

John Hotdogs says:

Good for party , People just tend to like the whole bagging it thing .  When I was a teen we did the same thing with a tiny hole in the front of a bag and shotgun into the other persons bag .  Of course its not vapor then but like I said the whole bagging it thing just tends to be different and people get a kick out of it.  Thanks for the great review man .

Brad Blackbourne says:

his hand motions make me wanna smack a baby.

Stacey Wainscott says:

thanks so much for doing the review on this. I’ve been through 2 mightys and I’m pretty much done with storz n bickel

Kallapryy says:

Bud, thanks for all you do for us.  Have you had a chance to try a Subliminator?  Curious about how they stack up against vapes in usage / health areas.

Jesus Vazquez says:

i like how your videos are getting better as you make more, keep up the good work. it really helps when looking for good review videos in this genre.

theace110013 says:

Please do a comparison of this and the extreme Q! I can’t decide what to get for my first vape.

Swaggy DiNiro says:

i have this vape me n my gurl love it. but your shit might be broke cause my isht aint that loud and the bag fill way faster

Laban Burchette says:

Damn fifty more dollars an you get the volcano

Cameron Taylor says:

I REQUIRE a review of the flowermate v5.0s from you A$AP.

MrPercythrower says:

Bag vapes seem so dated now .ive a mighty new but nothing to put in it to try it .ha ha .

Datrebor says:

Great review thank you for the info.

DoseTwo says:

really enjoy your reviews.

Johnny Games and the Bubbler says:

Yo, you should make some vape critic stickers, i’d love to have something from you to stick on my extreme-q. Love the videos man.

Lauris Marchs says:

Hey man, im a longtime fan from Europe and i was just wondering – why have you rated THIS vape #2 after vulcano (which i have) instead of that egg type vape (forgot the name but im sure youll get it) with bag and whip?

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Great review. Was always interested in this vape but I have a volcano so I didn’t take too much to look into it.

Jeremy Cupp says:

Sounds like a broken dildo.

Willie Vanderlaan says:

where did you buy it from there website seems sketchy

GuiarGodCole says:

No homo but man… You are so man sexy it’s crazy.

Justin Nitz says:

So my big deal is that I think it’d be easier to share the vape with a whip styled one, so I’m leaning on getting the SSV, but it seems like the quality from the bagged vapes work way better. Is the difference that big? I’m living in a house at school in the fall and I want something thats easy to pass around and just keep around with not much maintenance, also might connect it to a water pipe ocasionally, which is obviously only do-able with a whip style. Thoughts? Really would like your opinion. Thanks man

Max Carroll says:

Dude the fact that the light stays on while plugged in and that sound is ridiculous for a vaporizer that costs this much

TheSuperJiggy says:

So much portable vape videos lately. I’ve forgotten that these things excist too

pvtpain66k says:

“like I said before” (I didn’t say before)
I loled.
Another good review. I love the amount of depth you go into, without being too verbose.


noise vs. efficiency, I’m gonna go with efficiency. I mean it is only 45 seconds

Bwall1215Industries says:

Just got mine yesterday. Today is my 21st bday, have been using it since last night, I am absolutely in love, so glad that I saved several hundred dollars and went with this instead of the volcano. I was smoking an ounce every 2 weeks and with this it will be cut WAY down

ImperfectCitizen says:

No mention of the Cloud Evo.. Has it fallen out of favor for you?

Revolutionary says:

Please tell me where you got that shirt. I would totally buy one

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