Volcano vs. Herbalizer – Review by The Vape Critic

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turbolupo says:

Nice Hair Cut

hugh Jassol says:

Great fucking review man! Just dropped the knowledge! I have been considering purchasing a volcano, but now I’m thinking twice and might consider the Herbalizer

RealDeal says:

+The Vape Critic  Good video but, you have to take into account that the volcano classic has a temperature tolerance of +/- 9 degrees(Fahrenheit) while the herbalizer is +/-5 degress(fahrenheit). The volcano digital is +/-2 degress(fahrenheit) but because the heater is much bigger it doesn’t react as fast as the herbalizer.  Also, the taste will be better with the herbalizer because the chamber is so small, and the whips air path also, so more vapor will condense and give more flavor as well as give more vapor if you inhale quickly as the more air  inhaled along with the vapor, the thicker the vapor will be due to condensation, though not necessarily more potent.  That’s why fan assist gives more vapor.  I’m sure you will notice that the whip, and screen on the herbalizer clogs up fast. Condensation is why this is happening.  When gasses enter a small space they collide into each other, get larger, and condense, until they form liquids or solids.  With the bag, the vapor has space to expand so there is much less chance of condensation happening.  Only the parts that are touching the walls of the bag.

I think the volcano digital is for those who want a constant reproduction of the effects they want since the pump is always giving the same amount of air, and the bag size is the same.  Or they are vaping in a group, and don’t want to wait long for a bag to fill when using a lot of herb.  The herbalizer is more for personal use, and just getting the effects you want, not necessarily the same results consistently.  Just inhaling slower or faster will give you different results because slower would be more vapor to air ratio, and faster would be more air to vapor ratio, and that means the potency will be different based on how you inhale.  Remember those Germans build stuff to give consistent results so you can understand why they made the volcano the way they did.

Good video!

fiending says:

Fan assist is super taking mode.

xIpodTouchGoeroex says:

I have the solid valve and always put in 0.1gr, maybe the easy valve has a bigger chamber



yixnorb says:

See the music video Whip It.

The Vape Critic says:

☞ VOLCANO REVIEW: https://www.vapecritic.com/volcano/
☞ HERBALIZER REVIEW: https://www.vapecritic.com/herbalizer/
☞ BEST DESKTOP VAPORIZERS: https://www.vapecritic.com/desktop/

Turd Ferguson says:

Volcano has a hookah tube attachment.

BobJackSpencer says:

not fair, you should do the comparation with the Digital Volcano

Chris Cicconetti says:

enjoyed the way you edited this one. keep the great reviews coming. I like these vs. ones

Ram Reefer says:

Better valves over faster heat up time anyday

Carlos Ortiz says:

volcano last longer and he doest use digital version after a couple a month the verbalizer messes up plus maintenance is a bitch with it

danknasty661 says:

glad im a sub man! cant wait for your next review

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

So i’ve been watching a lot of your videos and reading your reviews. You’ve kind of got me interested in upgrading from my MFLB because i’m tired of inconsistent vapor and risk of combustion with friends. My main worry though is that I usually can do 1-3 sessions with one trench of my MFLB (no idea how much in grams that is (.1?). Would the volcano be too much for me to handle with that kind of tolerance ? I’m leaning towards the herbalizer due to precise temp control (more precise effects), fast heat up time, multiple modes and smaller chamber BUT that being said it’s easy to find a volcano for almost half the price of the herbalizer. 

With that all said would you recommend just saving up more for the herbalizer or would you say just go with the old tried and true? 

Also is the Volcano digit more precise compared to the original dial one or are they pretty much the same when it comes to vapor quality like you said where it has a “sweet spot?” 

JamesThomas says:

I’m so glad I don’t have to pay for your weed.

Will Arthur says:

What desktop vape do you find yourself using most often?

Democratese Films says:

How would the herbalizer compare to the extreme q vape? I know its lower quality but Im thinking about moving up and not sure if I just want a bag vape, wanted to see how much better the herbalizer is. Also whats the cost on consumables, bags and whips?

toobroke2fight says:

I am new to all this. I finally ignored the VA and am now a medical cannabis user. I have a volcano and a Davinci Ascent. Being new to all this, I have been trying to use very strong flower by putting just a little in the Volcano. I have also turned down the temp and just covered the bottom of the bowl. I still cant use the whole bag B4 my couch pulls me in! I need to get some weaker flower! Like i said im new to this.   Your videos helped me a lot. thanks for all you do.     Joe

jimenezj192 says:

Nice review bud. Are you by any chance going to get the super surfer by 7th floor? They are coming out with a all new vape with a filtration system and bag, they make the ssv which I’m sure you know about

Wavy Vaporizers says:

damn u make me wanna buy the herbie asap. I never knew there was a vaporizer that can go beyond 420f and not have hot vapor I mean it wouldn’t matter if it was hot because I come from over 10 years of combustion but damn I need this in my life. I can only imagine using freestyle mode inside a car or little space air tight I’ll get the whole room lit lol. great review as usual stay wavy my friend

tysonnandrea says:

When are u gonna review the sublimator?

Brian Goncalves says:

Thanks for the info dude!

bread5tick says:

Very good comparison. Keep them coming

Dave M. says:

thanks vape critic was hoping you made a video of the two you are almost never bias on your videos keep it up

WazeXous - CS:GO says:

Can the Herbalizer be used in Germany?

Rajiv Sadarangani says:

Stuck between the EVO and the Volcano. Have a portable for daytime use, need a heavy hitter desktop to put me to sleep at night. Only me and one other person will be using the device. Do not mind bags , but also don’t mind not having water filtration. Reliability of the desktop is huge for me. Main concern with the Evo is that the bamboo is weak and is prone to more issues. In the UK so cannot get any log vapes. Had an SSV but was not really for me. Really would appreciate the advice . Searched the sub far and wide on threads comparing the two. I know that the EVO European units were having lots of issues at launch, wondering if they have been resolved with an updated unit.

Gary Honas says:

Hey stupid question I’m guessing your somewhere where herb has become legal for medical purposes I’m in Florida and hoping its passed really soon…my question was alit of these high end vaporizors are of course pretty pricey and I can’t really afford to spend money on them but I am in desperate need of with a self assist system when it comes to taking puffs ….do u see anyone In your area getting help through their insurance carriers with the purchase of these types of product sense it is being used for what would be considered a medical purpose….

derty QWERTY says:

As always, very very pro reviews on the vape industry. One thing though, I wish you would have included the Arizer ExtremeQ in this too, since that is in the top 3 for sure and very, very similar at a much lower price.

Sherry Zhou says:

look nice 

erratic_calm says:

I’ve only tried the volcano but it was way above my tolerance level. Killer unit though. That whip sounds nice.

Angus MacDowell says:

Oh look it’s Mark Wahlberg.

Steven Kania says:

How do my american vaping friend.. watched all your videos, u do a grand job!. Just wanted to no if there was much noise difference between volcano and the herbaliser? I wouldn’t be bothered but my GF goes mad when iv got the volcano out. I should just kick her out the room or even better she should have a toke, but unfortunately she doesnt smoke and she pays half the rent so ill probably have to find somthing a bit quieter. The things u have to do.

Michael PEARCE# says:

The Volcano is completely food grade, most don’t think about this critical question.

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