Volcano VS Herbalizer! (Desktop Vaporizer Comparison)

In this video we’re going to watch both the Herbalizer and the Volcano Classic go head to head in a good old fashion video comparison. Watch now to find out which device is worth your hard earned cash!

Warranty Information:

Volcano: 3 Year Warranty
Herbalizer: 2 year Warranty along with a 5 year quality guarantee with the purchase of Limited Edition model.

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Baltimore B says:

awesome video don’t understand why you have some many thumbs down but from what I just seen you deserve the opposite because it was real informative.

Tim Tompkins says:

I think the video was very well done.  Great job on that.  Personally, and this is just a random “I feel this way” kinda thing…, when you look at the features – It makes sense that the more advanced one costs more but the features are so miniscule considering the price.I get that the brand is the ultimate but I feel like it’s way overpriced.  Either way though, good video.

eriknephron gfr says:

Have had both over a year. Herbie’s bulb went out in 14 mos. Volcano FTW!

Toki Wartooth says:

Volcano is built like a medical grade product. The other thing is an easy bake oven for herbs…

Gilo C says:

hiervas. medicinales p. prostaaa

johnharlan100 says:

Classic is better, they set the heating level to max so of course its going to take longer. Might as well smoke at the heat level. Whats a few minutes of time? Not to mention durability, go with the classic.

Otto Williams says:

I dont know why you go so many dislikes. I thought this is one of the best videos I have seen with the comparisons. Keep it up bro

KCA 666 says:

Volcano hands down is the better unit. Give them the drop test from 3 feet high and only one unit will continue to work. Durability and reliability with the best vapor clouds on the market!

stormy day says:

you didn’t even talk about the important parts like maybe the vapor quality?? my volcano has much better quality vapor than that herbalizer is putting out

Sage Ariya Ray-Morey says:

I just watched an updated review on the Herbalizer. I am going to save my money until they improve a few things. Right now the volcano is better quality for the money. They made it cheap and doubled the price and it has problems.

StOnEr SiMpSoN says:

its like comparing a conventional coffee machine to a modern day keurig coffee, tea, and cocoa maker! the price might be higher but you can do and get more out of it for the higher cost.

Dick Dansom says:

Hey people. I own both Vapes myself, and Id say, I prefer the Herbalizer, but the volcano is better if your shearing with multiple people, as it’s quicker and more durable. But herbalizer heats up instantly, no wait, and it seems to vape to buds more instantly, and a bit cleaner flavor.

Jordan Harris says:

Going to a major debt for a piece of paper, a degree that gives you a 13% chance of the career studied for and whos credits are nontransferable. University of phoenix spends more on advertisement they do on their own educational personnel. What a fucking pile of shit this for profit is, statistically you’re better off not attending.

Be smart, do your research, and know what’s good for yourself, your future, and your family.

Tomasz Plawski says:

what?!?! >$700 or 500 EUR for either device, which is basically a heater coil and a fan??? shouldn’t cost significantly more than this … http://www.amazon.com/Wagner-0503008-HT1000-200-watt-Heat/dp/B00004TUCV/ref=pd_sim_sbs_469_4?ie=UTF8&refRID=0QJTVE5PWCBQPF45GA2Y 😉

SepticXable says:

Herbalizer’s bags are c@nty

Dave M. says:

feel like this video was very bias leaning towards the newest product will you be doing a review of the two ?

mike neese says:


Nicolaas Bosma says:

what’s the worlds best hands free desktop vaporizer?

Bwaaah Sututututu says:

It’s amazing how you idiot babies sit there and thumbs down any video that doesn’t re-affirm your purchasing choice and say the Volcano is superior. And then you bitch about the price of the Herbalizer, and pull up some crazy outlandish $720 price tag from some random online retailer, when on Herbalizer themselves website, it costs $599. Or, in other words, about $100 more than the Volcano. Not a big difference if you’re not a teenager.

Corovus says:

Comparing two devices, one mad in 1998, the other one made somewhere in 2010+ and then arguing that the device that was made 12 years later is more technological advanced and heats up faster..well NO SHIT! Sorry to say that but your “review” isn’t objective at all. You don’t even give us some insight on the pros and cons of both devices. That is not how reviews are made my friend. Very low quality review!!

SoCal Pilot says:

Looked like it was filling the bag real slow

alphavortex1 says:

the Volcano is taller so it takes more table space? 😀

Marc Fraga says:

hey f#ck you! I can wait 5 mins for some quality engineered pioneers of herbal remedy! not no f*ckin tanning bulbs, I live in Tennessee!…
wait, where’d y’all make that shit?

Phuck Hugh says:

Too Hot! I would not vape at over 400 degrees. You risk combustion.

Tom Later says:

halogen bulb? … sounds like this parts is the time bomb

CultOfWeirdness says:

minutes to heat? my extreme q gets up to temp in 30-40 seconds

Artur Stein says:

6 Years on my volcano, never failed. Best Vapo on market. After 6 years I
sold it on eBay. The heat up time is no problem at all. If the volcano
is in standby it will fill up the balloon very quick. The complete
Vaporizer is on medical level, rock solid and tasted very well. It has
an patented heating block and no cheap halogen bulb, is that a joke? Why
didnt you mention the important things and repeated constantly that
there is an useless cpu in it?
With friends at a party we builded 10 feet ballons and had fun at all, try this with this little egg….

SirTigAlot Wolfe says:

9 on the volcano! NO NO NO!

Ram Reefer says:

Watch when that bulb goes on the herbalizer or the CPU …. expensive fix…it’s only better than the volcano when it comes to heat up time

gesman5000 says:

Yay I can warm my frankincense essential oil and smoke weed from one device.

mosconi98 says:

Sublimator is the best device ever!! after you try the SUBLIMATOR you will trow your old vaporizer in the trash. It can do herbs, concentrates, hash, kiff ecc…
Ans it takes the vapor to another level, the Sublimator is actually a biogasification machine, that converts the vapor in smaller particles delivering a 20 times better hit than any other vaporizer or e-nail. The Volcano is not bad but it’s old technology and the Herbalizer is just old technology with a modern look.

Rhodair Aurelien says:

Volcano may still be better if you prefer bags. The nice thing about Herbalizer is you can use the whip attachment or the new glass attachment. For me, its the glass option that makes it more preferable.

alphavortex1 says:

the 1st bag was clear on the Herbalizer..

sheepd0g says:

For the your test, I noticed that you have the Volcano set to 9, which is ~439F. Who starts their bowls at 439F? What was the Herbalizer set to?

Daniel Simon says:

so what is the computer even for ? also u didnt really touch on issues that are important to me, such as the vapor quality.

moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo says:

600 bucks lol no thanks

Rob Weaver says:

just give me a coke can

Lex Blazer says:

I’ll have to disagree with this video. I think the Classic is the superior unit. First I’ll point out that a metal concentrates pad can be used with a Solid Valve attachment on a Volcano (the one shown is the Easy Valve attachment), so concentrate compatibility is not exclusive to the Herbalizer. I’ll also point out that the temperature precision issue with the Classic Volcano can be fixed either by upgrading to a Digital Volcano or placing a sticker image on the classic that shows the conversion from the dial settings to the temperature; google image search it. But those are side notes. My main beef is the one thing not mentioned in this video for some reason: reliability. When you pay $500+ for a desktop vaporizer, your concern is not whether it heats up in 15 seconds or 5 minutes…..that’s more a concern for portables. A desktop vaporizer must be one thing above all else to be THAT expensive: monstrously reliable. I’ve heard of the Volcano Classic being dropped down flights of stairs and going on like nothing happened. I know people who have had their volcanoes (classic & digital) for 10+ years, have used them daily and are still going like new units….Can the Herbalizer do this? With its more complex construction and clear preference for more plastic, I highly doubt it. Though time will tell.

Heugh Jassman says:

Some may also be interested in the culinary aspect of the volcano. You can season meat with anything you can think of. Place meat in bag, attach bag to volcano with any herb you want it to taste/smell like and turn it on. It will soak up the vapor of any herbal seasoning. Make sure you look up its temp at which the specific seasoning begins to produce vapor first.

jack benson says:

Herbalizer.. not Erbalizer

Phoenix Reborn says:

i used both the volcano and herbalizer. i preferred the herbalizer, but the screens need to be changed constantly, whereas the volcano didn’t require as much maintenance. the volcano did however get weed stuck in my throat sometimes while inhaling. it gave harder hits, but arguably too hard. i felt like i overdosed constantly, the herbalizer is more like smoking a bowl and is more steady. i recommend the herbalizer overall, but buy a lot of screens! they’re small screens and clog easily over time. unless you clean them with high concentrate alcohol but i wasn’t able to clean them well.

Vape Fuse says:

Great video! Some cool info about the Herbalizer and amazed at how fast it is. Would like to have had some more info about the Volcanos pros as it is pretty awesome when it comes to quality – but definitely going to look into ordering the Herbalizer to check it out for our store.

ChrisHp617 says:

damnnnn dog i do not have $729 for a vaporizer

mralex070 says:

You should have done a performance or vape quality segment. And who can’t wait 5 minutes? Love my Volcano. I like the simple nature of it as the more complicated you make something like even going digital and having ram and a processor increases the likelihood of something going wrong.. I liked that it was built by Ex Nasa guys but remember Nasa built a one billion dollar pen to use in space when they could have used a pencil. (like Russia)

Oxygorjia X says:

8Yrs+ on my second volcano never tried the other thing. Volcano tried tested and imo the best. Without the volcano there would be no herbalizer. And the new device the canadian guys made seems bulky yes but stronger than both

A Monsalve says:

What about durability??? My Volcano Digit it´s been working since 2009 almost daily with cero problems whatsoever, I´ve just had to replace the plastic cover of the herb chamber. And it´s like 5 quid. How many bulbs are you gonna have to buy in a year of heavy use?

Andrew Givens says:

It’s fast to heat up but how long does the heating element last. I know people who have had their volcanoes for over 7 years and they still go strong. I’ve had mine for 3 years and it’s still as good as new. Also i don’t know anyone who cranks it up to 9 unless they are doing concentrates. Usually vape dry flower at around 7 and it heats up fast enouph. LOL i’m not a fiend waiting a few minutes for a vape to warm up isn’t a problem for me lol.

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