Volcano Vaporizer Review

In this video, we take a look at the Volcano Digital Vaporizer.

VaporizerReview Rating: 9.5

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Zajebisty Beatz says:

Im gonna get this and I recommend it to everyone who enjoys weed as much as I do. The health benefits are amazing.

frankie Sullivan says:

i was wondering weather you could do a walk through video with hash

colin peters says:

what the fuck was that picture of guys in the middle

Ramiro Perez says:

does it smell while it’s filling the bag??? Live in a apartment and can’t have it smelling

Toby Slave says:

I’m a fuckin pothead. Should I own this? I have probably broke a few thousand in glassware and now I’m thinkin this tar in my pipe has got to be in my lungs and I need to do something about it. $500 though FUCK!

Ron Alexander says:

Everytime i use mine.I feel like we just made passionate love.Thats my review.

Nicolas Morawietz says:

“its german made” but illegal to use in germany ^^

MusicVideosExtreme says:

How is the vapour created? Does it use water to create steam, or is another liquid present? Also, how many times can you reuse the herb before its rendered completely useless?

cbass180 says:

Will the vapor produced at around a 7 on the dial be really hot? Or can you wait a few minutes to let it cool down. I am trying to decide between the Volcano or the Mighty w/the water attachment. Thanks for any advice.

ISmoke Alot says:

Is This Device Smell Proof When Heating The Herb To The Balloon?
How Many Years Have You Had Yours?
How Many Times Do You Use It Per Week?
Sorry For The Mass Questions, I’m Actually Moving Back To My Parents And I’m Looking Into This Product Because The Balloon Effect.

Jacob Johnson says:

so what would get you more high a bong or the valcano

maat son says:

mine has been left on for almost a year no problems, and its 5 years old.

charles bentley says:

This guy doesn’t know how to vape, you gotta hold that nice cool vape in and let it absorb into the lungs, you don’t just blow it right out that’s such a waste

anonymoss100 says:

u must be on storz n bickels payroll

Ruth Hill says:

Can you do this video for a patient that has severe pain instead of focusing on other people using it. If I showed this to my patient he would shy away thinking it was only to get high

Adam Hildreth says:

Holy shit this is the biggest volcano bag I’ve ever seen!! You got a party going on lmao

Dr Medicinal says:

Just imagine if you held all those in for like 10 or 20 seconds each!

sam titcombe says:

Is literally no-one gonna comment on the image at 4.06????????!!!!!!!!

Craig Dunn says:

The Volcano will get you greater vapor production over the Mighty. ????????
Unless you know the different temps that all 80 Cannabonoids are released how can you say the dial is inferior ?
Weed Vaporizes at 370F so I assume different temps release different terpenes and Cannabonoids ? Curious also at what temp THC being a Cannabonoid itself is “released” when vaporizing Can you do concentrates with the Volcano ? What temp would that be ? What about Hashish ?

 Also why waste a $100 for an LED ….The Volcano will get you greater vapor production over the Mighty. ????????

Miv87 says:

Very nice review :]
i got one question though, how long do the bags last, how often do you need to buy new ones? 😉

BrittanySmokes Weed says:

I’ve always wanted one of these lol

Jonathan Warford says:

When you say large chamber,? How much will be able to fit in there. Versus how much you were putting in there personally? .5 g 1 g?

anonymoss100 says:

Volcano is shite plastic parts give plastic taste parts break easy,, volcano owner for 2 years and im selling it ! storz and bickel make junk..

Dj Bestow says:

Great video, finally bought mines and got it in today. It’s amazing!

Chill says:

I would like this video but it annoys me how you say herb. The h isn’t silent?? Americans are weird

Ford Hancliff says:

At 398F, what you’ve got there is smoke, and not vapour. THC vaporizes at 365F. AT 398F, you have all the cannabinoids plus some carbon particulates and tar.

Roger Fielder says:

There is no advantage in buying the digital model, the classic is easier and more convenient to use. You should turn up the temperature after every bag. Storz & Bickle recommend that you increase the temperature setting after every bag. This ensures you vaporize all the all the resin in your herb. If you are vaping at a set temperature you are wasting a lot of good weed. If you can get high on the duff you discard after vaping you are not using the machine correctly. Use the temperature setting to control the density of vapour and increase it after every bag. This is a very efficient way of consuming weed, it will last much loner and get you higher than you would from smoking it. It is also simpler to increase the vaping temperature using the classic, the buttons are a fiddle you don’t need when you are stoned.

CurryinaHurry369 says:

“Decently medicated” lmfao

James Billings says:


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