Volcano Vaporizer Review: Is It REALLY Worth $600?

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The Volcano Vaporizer is often referred to as the best vaporizer that money can buy… but is it really worth is premium price tag of over $500?

To find out I decided to buy myself a Volcano Vape and I have been using it non stop over the last few days. And today in this short Volcano Vaporizer review video I’m going to let you know exactly what I think of this device and whether or not it lives up to the hype!

Overall there is a hell of a lot to like about the volcano. It’s extremely sturdy and feels very well made. It looks nice (and discreet too). It’s super easy to use. Your herb even seems to go further when vaping a Volcano since it’s especially designed to waste as little herb possible!

My favorite thing about the Volcano though simply has to be the quality of the hits that you get from this thing. You get some of the cleanest, smoothest tasting vapes with this device and you can REALLY taste your herb. In fact out of all of the vaporizers that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot!) this is definitely the best tasting vape that I’ve ever used.

And basically this thing is just BADASS. Which is why I decided to give it a perfect vape rating of 10/10.

If you have the budget and are looking for a seriously high end vape then you will definitely not be disappointed with this device regardless of whether you go for the classic, digital, easy valve or solid valve!

In the end though I simply had to give the Volcano a 10/10 because this is definitely the best vaporizer that I’ve ever used… it just really is that good!


A B says:

Quality editing, solid video

Nick Kay says:

Yes it is

Roman Ness says:

this good for solo use? what a minimal amounts for nice high?

jamilmereck says:

that bag was NOT “packed with vapor” lol….you can get a waaaaay thicker vape cloud in the bag…

buzzy says:

crank that shit up to 8 or 9 son!

Bryce says:

great review, cheers

fingeryaface2 says:

FYI bro. the link to buy takes me to a US site……… great review !!

Terry Giancaterino says:

Great video! I didn’t know how to use this. Since you have tried a lot of them, then you are familiar with the Apex “Air Freshener”? I bought one, along with 20 A-Mod Armod Clone mods, still in the box (look like an AR rifle barrels) from a “Reducing Inventory Sale” vape shop in my town. The Apex was only used a couple of times for demo and the price on the side of the box says, “Reduced to $299.” It only came with just the base, the vaporizer itself (with digital display) and a remote control. Yes, a remote!! It came with no other parts, like the mouthpiece, the balloons, etc., but you can get those in a kit for under $40. Anyway, I want to sell them for pennies on the dollar. I want to part with the Apex (Volcano look alike) for $380 and $200 for the 20 mods that retail for $69.00 apiece– price on side of the box. My shop just isn’t set up for selling these. I can be reached at silkytg@gmail.com Thanks!

moe b says:

Wtf I rather pavk me a bowl, this has bo vapor production what so ever

m14beta says:

Brother you are one of the best Youtubers I have seen, editing is on point…keep it quick but didn’t skip anything….Can’t believe you only have 999 Subscribers…..I had to hook you up with #1000….hope to see more videos man.

kahlil herbivore says:

This is from 2014, you said you have tried almost every good unit on the market? Have you tried- Cloud EVO, Herbalizer, Or Sublimator? These 3 are known to be on a whole different level to the bag-only volcano…….curious as to what vapes you own too, Portables?…..you should join FuckCombustion.com

A U says:

3:41 no its not “perfect for parties and having multiple people smoking” its ONLY for that. I hardly use mine due to it taking an entire gram and u get like 2-3 full bags from it but tolerance really is a bitch once you start vaping.

A U says:

3:48 smoke actually escapes and if u leave it in the bag for 20 minutes it will be gone. I know this because I brought a bag to work as a joke once and we barely got to hit the remnants of the bag and it was only a 12 minute drive.

Pierre David says:

Anyone know where to score, Melbourne? Hit me up

RealTalk says:

Great vaporizer but the biggest issue I have is the level of noise. If you’re trying to use it at night it can be quite loud lol

Yan's Adventures says:

It’s definitely worth the pricetag

oxygojira says:

I got the first in Australia and cost $1200+ and that was 10 years or so ago

Vaporizer Freak says:

Is the Volcano Vaporizer worth $600? Here’s my review!


John Madden Jr says:

You shoulda held the vapor in way longer what a waste

Secret Voice says:

It’s expensive. But it’s the best vape out there and it’ll last. I’ve had mine well over a year now.

yixnorb says:

Got mine and also the volcaco case from Craigslist for $250. The H in herb is silent, unlike the name Herb in which the H is pronounced.

gwyllyn says:

Please rate The Sublimator?

yixnorb says:

Can we get one to fit Donald Trumps mouth? (wont let any hot air out)

djlowtek says:

worth every penny

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