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pierre b. says:

And at the end, Plenty is better than arizer or not?

The Vape Critic says:

it’s a good vape i like it

Johnny Fishfingers says:

Okay, thanks again 🙂 You’re very helpful and easily earned a new subscriber.

Think I’m going to go for the Volcano, then. I like the idea of having a balloon at the ready whenever I’d need one also.

BiggieBUL says:

Hey am trying to decide between these two vapes. On the plenty when you fill the chamber, do you have to vape everything that’s in there all at once? I mean if you take a few draws and leave it, will you lose some herb in the process until it cools down or whatever? And are you saying the vaper is not dense on the Q? thanks

BurningBushes2008 says:

Hi Vape Critic…. I have been vaping before 2010, using the Launch Box and beyond. I watched other vape reviews and mostly did the low to mid range vape machines. I recently watched your review on the FF2 and based on that, I plunged for the plus $300. WORTH EVERY PENNY. It has some issues, but has best flavor and POTENCY I ever tasted in all my vaping days!! Based on your FF2 review, I checked out your Plenty reviews and I am getting that one too. I have the Q, nice, but not even in the same league as the flavor and effects of the FF2. Should be getting the Plenty tomorrow, for a super price using a return buyer code from an Internet vendor. Thanks for opening my eyes to the difference in the high priced world. I believe that convection does the superior job in THC extraction, rather than the oven conduction type. Even as wonderful as the PAX OG is, with nice big vapes….they are just not as potent as 4 or 5 of good FF2 rips. Anyway thanks a bunch….Good Vaping my friend!!

David Drum says:

How many hits does the Plenty last, just taking normal hits and the bowl being full?

mitsk2002 says:

Very helpful, thank you!

The Vape Critic says:

yes it’s basically just like the EQ but it doesn’t have a built-in fan and it doesn’t come with a balloon kit, it’s whip only

aspired2be says:

Extreme -Q for the win – you can get this now for $150. This is half the price of the Plenty.

numbuh1spot92 says:

aww man. I was stoked about the extreme q for the price compared to the volcano. Now I’m second guessing it 🙁

The Vape Critic says:

in my opinion yes it is

The Vape Critic says:

great choice! any time

James Duer says:

depends if you use it as a whip or a bag.

Sonaper says:

Hot box or plenty? is it worth to pay extra for the plenty is it really so much of a diffrence

mannymax says:

Man i love The Plenty Herbs vape taste like fruity pebbles.. Easy to pass to friends

Johnny Fishfingers says:

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m torn between this and the full on Digital volcano. I have the magic flight launchbox right now, and it’s fine really, at the price, but the hits are pretty harsh and unpredictable so I felt the need to get something better. Would I use less herb in the digital volcano than the Plenty? Thinking about savings in the long run more than convenience at the moment. Cheers 🙂

greenbag says:

I love your videos.. very thorough. I have an EQ.. with an easy valve mod. The larger surface area of the easy valve’s filling chamber is a huge upgrade. As for the ‘glass being best’ theory… that’s the rule when smoking pipes and bongs, but when it comes to vaping… unless you’re using a halogen unit with all-glass parts, then you’re using a unit with.. at the very least.. steel screens, on both the filling chamber, and the heating element. The heating element itself.. if not a halogen, is either an aluminum block surrounded by ceramic.. like the Volcano, or it’s a ceramic soldering iron element.. at best. It could be some cheap-assed metal element from China. So.. unless you’re using a vaporizer with a halogen lamp, then using all glass parts is pointless. You’re still getting flavour from the heating element and the steel screens.

The Vape Critic says:

Yea you generally get what you pay for with vapes (although some vapes are very expensive and shouldn’t be), but I feel the Volcano and Plenty are both worth their prices.

The Extreme-Q is decent and will get the job done but it’s not a spectacular vape in my opinion and doesn’t feel very luxurious or extremely well made, I think it’s a good starter vape.

yaaweehoo says:

I may get a plenty Vape after watching this.

The Vape Critic says:

that’s pretty gangsta

The Vape Critic says:

Here’s what I do: First, pack the chamber. Then attach it to the vape, set the temp dial to 7, and turn the vape on. Once the vape reaches the max temp and the heater first clicks off that’s when I start vaping. The first couple draws are very light with flavor only, and then by about the 3rd draw the vapor starts flowing through big time. The Plenty does go thru the herbs a lil faster than some others but that’s cus it’s vaping them so good, the first few draws of vapor should be very strong.

shivashantiification says:

Sorry, that comment was a bit premature. I’ve just got my Plenty & found that the herb must be ground to dust for good results. The EQ is more forgiving on a lazy chop. The Plenty is a better whip style vape’ but I like collection bags more.

KentuckyOrDie says:

what about the SSV

Renfield says:

Cost aside for a home Vaporizer whats the way to go? i’m thinking between Digital volcano or the Plenty, what do you think?

The Vape Critic says:

haha yea def tastes great

The Vape Critic says:

both are excellent you can’t go wrong with either

The Vape Critic says:

plenty is better overall in most areas but if you’re on a budget the hot box is not a bad choice at all

The Vape Critic says:

Yes the Plenty is the hardest hitting vape I’ve reviewed. With most vapes you need to take many light draws to reach the desired effect but with this one the draws are very strong (dense), so after only a few of them you’ll be feelin it. Amazingly, they were also able to make this vape produce some of the smoothest vapor I’ve experienced, so in addition to being very strong it’s very comfortable to vape and non-irritating.

tegl1n says:

This review sold me on the Plenty vaporizer. Vapor quality really is the most important consideration!

Angus Janes says:

A remote seems a bit silly.

Will D says:

I’ve tried/experimented with a few different vapes over the years. Not great experiences to date; there are a lot of people who have given up on vapes due to bad early generation vapes on the lower-mid ranges.. A few years later, with mixed results from one of those wooden boxes attached to a whip that I had to modify to get erratic results that were sometimes good, I graduated recently to a couple of second generation mid-range portables that were anywhere from 0 to 2.5 bongs out a possible 5 in terms of effectiveness, with aesthetics to match. Sometimes worked, but frustrating and unpredictable, even trying different things to try to get them to work.

Finally spent the extra to see what’s up with these “higher end” current generation portable and home units, while trying the high-end for the first time, hoping for better. After years of waiting, using a Crafty for the first time…he knows his shit it’s on a different level. It gets a full 5 bongs. I notice also that he’s stayed with this company from the beginning. Crafty is simple, easy, effective. I’d say just go with something from their line, spend the extra. There might be other 3rd generation pipes that are effective, but at this point unless you have some patience and want to sample what’s out there (staying on the high end my not be essential with good mid-range vapes like the Solo, but it also might help), The Q intrigued me, but like most vapes, the design isn’t stellar. If it were, you wouldn’t need to bother with a slapdash elbow method that works but doesn’t speak to top shelf design. I’ve modded a previous whip, and the elbow might be better, but its also potentially unstable and unpredicatable. I’d say the easy end game is just get something from this German line. More $ up front but probably less issues going forward. Like anything, there might be some problem units that have to be sent in, but most comments reflect my own experience that it’s problem-free, easy to use, takes care of business.

Anthony Munoz says:

how stiff is the draw off the plenty? i always hear u say some vapes are harder to hit than others how would it be for a patient who has reduced lung function?

Chad Ozanich says:

Do you find the Plenty to be more consistent than the Arizer Extreme Q or Solo? I’ve owned both of those for awhile and my biggest issue (aside from cleaning) is the inconsistency I get from bowl-to-bowl, even with the same herbs and amounts. Sometimes a bowl will be potent and lasting and other times it’s thin and burns out quickly. I’ve also come to prefer elbow hits from the Extreme Q to any other method (even the bag), so the Plenty looks like a perfect solution. I love the bowl design/size

shivashantiification says:

I own both & the EQ pisses all over the Plenty.

The Vape Critic says:

the exact number of draws u’ll get varies but the chamber is pretty large so if u completely fill it u will get many draws and very strong vapor

TheMidnightOnline says:

Highly recommend the Plenty Vape – Very easy to use, safe, clean (food grade stainless steel etc) and very potent! Not to mention economical on your herb of choice…

Jonathon Courchene says:

Awesome reviews man! Really informative. I was really keen on getting a Vape/Bubbler-Bong setup. The Cloud Evo looks amazing but is pretty high up there in price. I was really impressed with the Plenty reviews. What was your opinion on a Planty attached to a D020 via the extremeQ whip or with an F-Bomb attachment or might as well go with Cloud Evo at that point?

The Vape Critic says:


mannymax says:

I got a little stand for my Plenty and it grips it so it can stand strait up so awesome.

Dan Hartmann says:

Don’t second guess getting the extreme q. It’s an amazing vape. I’ve had mine for over 2 years and still use it. Works great.

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