Vapir Rise Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic


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The Vape Critic says:

personally no

TigrlilJ says:

Thanks so much! I’m about to order this. I still have some questions, can I write to you anywhere else?

jeremy f says:

So this is just an okay vaporizer I just won this through a giveaway and I’m pretty stoked there doesn’t seem to be many reviews on this. Does it get the job done?

The Vape Critic says:

don’t believe everything you hear

musikat16 says:

Hey man, love you videos. However, i am wondering if the vapor can release toxins in the plastic whip? Besides that i cant wait to get a vaporizer. Thanks for your time.

Timo Crompinen says:

This is primarily a bag vape that has wand attachments. Don’t let the negativity surrounding the wand put you off.
The fan has ten settings and on the lowest it can hardly be heard. The fan needs to run constantly to keep the element from overheating. People who get stoned tend to forget to switch their vapes off and I’ve heard one or two tales of element burnout.
It can be fiddly to remove the herb chamber using the black holder. I use a nomex glove to handle the chamber.
When I fill a bag it takes over 3minutes because I set the fan to 2/10 to make a tastier bag. I do a second bag at 10c hotter to make sure I get the full strength of the bud.
He makes setting it up look complicated but you only need to do most of those things once and it is ready to go.
It could do with being able to go a bit hotter. Its max is 400f/210c.

The Vape Critic says:

what problems would those be?

michaelknight314 says:

Would you choose this vape over the Arizer Extreme Q ?

tribalrydims says:

what sunglasses are u wearing? they look cool

michaelknight314 says:

Thanks you jus saved me 100 bucks

hbray81 says:

just got mine, you can turn the fan off

tkal17 says:

Would have def considered buying this vape, but seeing as how the fan is always on, that is an automatic no for me. Others may not mind, but I don’t like that lack of control.

This is almost the equivalent of burning a spliff and wasting the smoke that comes from the cherry when your are not toking.

Shame too… This looked like a good purchase up until that point.

Great review as always!

Radioactive Man says:

Thank you very much for all your reviews!

MrTurnitup says:

Is there any smell associated with this machine? A main concern in purchasing on or any unit that would as smell free as possible…. thanks for any help

pennywise247 says:

just bought mine! cant wait to start vaping!

Voodoo Guru says:

Once you’ve had 3 or 4 sessions you’ll APPRECIATE the design and functionality of the accessories. You’ll switch from whip to balloon to multi-whip BLINDFOLDED. Oh and most importantly? NO GLASS [yo]. Best at the price?

Chris B says:

Thanks for all these vids.  They are very helpful since I’m trying to switch off my old water pipe.

Spc Bitcoin says:

with the whip mode, I turn the fan down after taking a drag and hold my finger over the mouth piece. I can’t’ seem to get really thick vapor. sometimes I need a strong beefy hit so I then go use the water pipe. This is a great vaporizer though, I’m totally pleased with the quality and functional design.

Piriathy says:

You’d think they could have consolidated some of those pieces so there weren’t so many steps…

The Vape Critic says:

um this review was very fair, maybe too fair

mos619 says:

This thing looks way too complicated.

Crueldude Joe says:

i heard its the best table vapor next to the volcano!

Figgles274 says:

Great review. I have had one for about a month now. I love it. It’s a 2.0 so I do use it without a fan. Yet to try it on the medium fan setting which I assume is like 3-5 setting. How do you get large clouds? I usually draw slow for 10-15 seconds and am not producing clouds like you do. I do vape at 185C. Really enjoy the flavor from the vape and cleaning it is quite easy as well.

The Vape Critic says:

yes i just checked and the adapter on the end of the water-pipe whip fits nicely inside this vape’s tubing

Devil6CR says:

I have the Buddha Vaporizer, how is this vape compared to the Buddha?

Gzim Liharevic says:

kind of torn between this and the herbalizer. does the quality difference justify the price difference?

brandon g says:

This or the EQ i want to get a good vape under 200 what would you chose

G Razar says:

ive been watching your vid’s and bought myself a magic flight box. I like it, but im now ready for one of the big boys. What do you recommend for a desktop with both bag and whip mode?

dick knuckle says:

it looks like the herb chamber has a lot of surface area

The Vape Critic says:


The Vape Critic says:

yea but the vapor is gonna go somewhere if you block it up for more than a few seconds, most likely back out of the chamber

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