VapeXhale EVO Vaporizer Review – Best Desktop Contender

My VapeXhale EVO Review – See my rating here:

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KAPfactory says:

Hey, Thanks for all the excellent videos!!! How do you think the various hydratubes compare, specifically the honeycomb, hydra bomb, and turbine, Thanks!!!!

Michael Gillman says:

How does this compare to an E-Nano in terms of the hits you can take and easiness of cleaning?

cory finch says:

I just bought this and can not get pulls like this…… I’m doing something wrong

Romano says:

Fark!!!! What a Unit!!!! It looks mean……

John Holmes says:

Is the cloud better than the E-nan0 as far as getting bigger hits

Tyler says:

Already have a volcano digital, need a new valve system..but I was Thinking about selling the unit to buy this. What would you do? Need your advice you’re the only vape reviewer I trust…

John King says:

How would you rate this one compared to the herbalizer?

Tight likeWEED says:

hey man your reviews are the very best on youtube. im in the market for a vape, interested in convection, could you please review the aromed? i’d be so grateful and interested in what you have to say

adamo36532 says:

This one or the plenty??!?! I can only get one

BeastMoo says:

Could you make a Xhale vs Volcano video or a best desktops of 2015?

Endo Roboto says:

Thanks to your reviews, I’ve broken my bank lol. I have a Pax 2, S&B Plenty and now yesterday I am also a proud owner of a Cloud Evo with Honeycomb Hydratube. Your 10% discount on the official site coupled with their 2-year anniversary sale forced me to pull the trigger. I thought the Plenty was going to be the top of the line for me, but this Cloud Evo is amazing. I get huge rips that taste great but don’t leave my throat feeling harsh after a session or several. Having water filtration is a must now. While the S&B Plenty is sent off to repair-land, I’ll probably barely remember I had it. Thanks again!

t1337Dude says:

Hey Vape Critic, I just purchased the VapeXhale Cloud EVO based on your review with the Turbine hydratube. I wasn’t really sure what to pick, but I knew I wanted flavor. Do you have a favorite hydratube?

t1337Dude says:

It’s a shame, they changed the hydrabases so you can’t let your concentrates nail cool off on it anymore. Other than that, loving it so far.

profitfever says:

Dude I’m fairly interested in making a purchase of this vape in the future. Yours has this funky colored pattern on it, whilst the one i’ve seen on ebay seems to be not coloured. IS yours a special addition? I’m trying to buy in the Uk which is always difficult with vapes.

Miles Draper says:

Does anyone know if you can just leave the hydrotube on the vape, basically keep the whole unit stationary? Or does it get too hot?

Thomas Syxe says:

Isn’t the hydra tube a bit hard to clean ? just fill it with alcohol and shake ? lol

RobClayJoker says:

PLEASE review the Sublimator. It’s the BEST vape at this point

freshroasted coffee says:

sure looks like smoke to me. so many people are hung up on having to see smoke or something visual come out when they exhale. Vapor in the true sense of the word, does not have to be visible. I sure hope that for $400 this is not a glorified burner! A Bic lighter can do the same. Can the temp be adjusted on this unit?

Pcgamers Rule says:

Do you need a mouth piece made by the same company or does any tornado or honeycomb of that diameter work with it? I couldn’t find the diameter of the glass opening anywhere btw.

- - says:

+Vape Critic I have the volcano, and the mighty right now.  I love them…but after watching this, I gotta say I want one these now!  Clouds you’re blowing are HUUUGE!  How would you compare it to the volcano?  To me, this seems superior because of the glass, and hydrotube.  Much cleaner, bigger vape hits it seems.  I guess what I wanna know really, is it better than the Volcano?  Saw a lot of people complaining about the EVO on your 2014 video of it.  Was it improved?  And did you also have a lot of issues with it?

ThoseWhoStayUofM says:

You’re the best reviewer of vapes.  If you uploaded more frequently, you would climb to being the most subbed vape reviewer on youtube.  You have vape reviews down to a science and your vids are literally perfect.

Phuck Hugh says:

This puts my pinnacle pro with hydrotube to shame. The Vape Xhale looks amazing.But the unit averages $400 and the custom water pipes go for around $300.  Sure you can find places that sell it for $330 and you can use a $60 bong with a good diffuser.  But you need the total $700 package if you plan on using it for wax.

El Duderino says:

I’m really looking forward to the day you review the sublimator, in not pulling the trigger until I hear your thoughts on it…

jonnyjb69 says:

What would you consider the best vape to be? I’m in the market for one and want the best bang for my buck. Very interested in the cloud EVO as my friend has one, but want to make the most educated choice. Thanks

Ynotillgiveyoumyname says:

I’m very interested getting into herbal vaping after getting into the high end nicotine vapours with RDA’s. I’m willing to pay for the best quality, but I will only have one shot so I need to get it rite. How does the efficiency of this product compare to the volcano? Sucking out of a grocery bag is off putting to me, but I need to know if i need to re-examine my discrimination. Getting a similar ritualistic experience I would get from a traditional glass piece is important to me. However, I will be in a situation where efficiency is my top priority. Also, do you have any suggestions on products i may be able to use with my 100watt mod and RDA’s?

N 9 N E says:

So this is Basically for someone that wants the Quality of the Crafty/Mighty vapes but wants a long/smooth pull to replicate a glass bong?

Party Fevers says:

Looks like I have to settle on the hydrabomb cause all the others are sold out. Anyone got an opinion on the hydrabomb?

dragon166666 says:

Hey Vape Critic!  Love your reviews! I was wondering, which desktop vaporizer do you believe is the most efficient? Based on my research I’m down to the herbalizer and the Evo. The cyber Monday deal for the Evo is really attractive coming out to about 375$ after shipping. Can’t find the herbalizer for less than 600$. Is the extra 225$ worth it?

red Josh says:

are you mark wahlberg? Your reviews are awesome mark.

kemGkem says:

How would you ( the quality of the effect and vapor + smoothness) compare this to the firefly 2.
Would this be a huge upgrade over the firefly 2, really wanna know this one.

Cat. says:

You should actually be able to drink that water since it’s only vapour which is condensed into the water. Weed juice.

Sungodv says:

Stay up?  These VapeXhale sessions would put me down…on the floor!

Steven K says:

How does this compare to the volcano? (What I daily use, I also have a crafty but I never use it, quite disappointed with it’s performance and battery issues)

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Used your code to pick up my evo. It comes a week from today. Gahhhh can’t wait. I have a feeling my Volcano will get used less and my Crafty can finally stop getting abused by using it with my water pipes. Cheers!

RobClayJoker says:

Even Vapefiend from the UK says the EVO doesn’t do what the Sublimator can do

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