V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Review by The Vape Critic

My review of the V2 Pro Series 7 vaporizer – See my rating here: https://www.vapecritic.com/v2-pro-series-7/

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James Partch says:

This is the only video i found about the V2 that was helpful.

Greg Bint says:

4:43… your spit coming out and landing on the carpet when you said “class”… THAT WAS THE BEST PART OF THIS VIDEO lmao

Arturo G says:

I’m looking at the chamber and the screen and my IMAG vaporizer as well as other cheap ones use the same screen which is basically a metallic plate with holes: It gets clogged easily and it’s annoying as it generates draw resistance, and that sucks. I don’t think it compares to the PAX 2.

Alex Hand M says:

As a dry herb vape, is this an improvement on the Series 3 in any way other than having a bigger chamber?

18807BB says:

How does this compare to the Pax 1?

Is it worth the extra $60 or so to go with the Pax over this one?

50hellkat2 says:

If I may ask, which one would you recommend as an alternative for dried herb only and very occasional and moderate use.

ruberband29 says:

I’m getting my MFLB in a few days. Any tips for begginers?
Nice review btw.

Cheers from Brazil

John Smith says:

Hello, may I ask which is the best portable vape for herbs only? Thank you.

traxxasbandit1 says:

What other vapes do both herb and e liquid

Afie I says:

I bought this vape and was HELLA upset and disappointed. Bought it directly from v2.com and felt myself sucking the life out of myself using this vape. I figured it was damaged so I decided to return this crap. It also burnt my material on the middle setting and tasted weak on the low setting. Waited a long time to get it, was very excited to get it and then pist that I had to return it and pay for shipping that I don’t even get back for this junk. I should have listened to all those messages in those threads that was written in cap bold letters “DO NOT BUY THIS VAPE YOU’LL BE SORRY”… something to that effect. Anyways I just should have listened. I’m now excitedly waiting for my Arizer Air which comes later today. And from what I’ve seen from these videos, the extra dollars will be worth it. V2 series 7 is just all hype and a piece of crap product.

kill yor idols says:

Please stop talking with your hands its distracting.

BlazedInSpace says:

Can you do a review on the Flowermate V5 mini?

Wednesday Lee Friday says:

My V2 Pro only lasted 4 months, then began to overheat and combust my “ground material.” Company said because it’s the only thing I’ve bought from them and I’d had it more than 90 days, they won’t replace it. So much for the ‘lifetime warranty” they advertise. Too bad too, I was digging it up until then.

c0pyimitati0n says:

So what do you think is the very best portable vaporizer out right now?  Is the Pax still king of the mountain?

Melvin Thomas says:

So, I bought this thing first and watched your video a month or so later. After about a month the top cap wouldn’t seat properly and they had my grinder on back order which ended up being discontinued. So customer service was nice enough to replace the grinder with some top caps I figured I would need in the future. You are correct that the first temp setting is the only one suitable for dry herbs. This being my first dry herb vape i thought it was pretty good. But after watching your video and a few others i realize that i might as well spend the money and get better quality products. Honestly so far mine works just fine, I’m all the way up as i write this but when it comes down to it I want the best that I can afford. This thing cost me about $120 and if I don’t have to buy more cartridges or screens I’m not mad – it was a good introduction to vaping. I see a volcano in my near future.

Wednesday Lee Friday says:

My V2 Pro only lasted 4 months, then began to overheat and combust my “ground material.” Company said because it’s the only thing I’ve bought from them and I’d had it more than 90 days, they won’t replace it. So much for the ‘lifetime warranty” they advertise. Too bad too, I was digging it up until then.

Pat Swanson says:

Is it worth the $40 extra dollars to get the Pax 1 over the Summit or no?
Thanks!, Awesome videos btw man!

john vines says:

Good review

Eye of Sauron says:

Do you recommend it for a beginner?

A R says:

hows the smell when vaping marijuana flowers?

Mark Bee says:


Mr710324 says:

How does this compare to the Pax 2 ?

Janie Jones says:

what’s up with the weird hand show? LOL ……… stooopid

Justin I says:

its definitely nice looking

Dany Snow says:

I got this for my husband as a birthday gift and we both couldn’t be happier. He had a pax that we spent alot of money on and it was gross. It was always clogged and he got gunk all over the kitchen counters when he tried to clean it. Alcohol helps to clean it up, but it still stains. I love that we can just toss the old cartridges instead of cleaning them and I give him spare cartridges as gifts now. Win win.

S. Mach says:

Good review! Shit product after two months of use. 

Not only did the plastic tabs on the dry cartridge break twice, but the metal screens are not available for sale separate. 

YOU MUST BUY A WHOLE NEW CARTRIDGE IF YOU LOOSE THE TINY METAL SCREEN THAT GOES IN THE BOTTOM. A TWO CENT PIECE OF METAL TURNS INTO A $30 CARTRIDGE PURCHASE. I called V2 and asked they send a few replacement screens but they told me to pound sand, they are only available with new carts. I even offered to PAY for them!

Supposedly the dry cartridge should be thrown out after TWO MONTHS?! NOWHERE in the directions does it mention this. This was their excuse for the poor build quality of the series 7 cartridges. 

AVOID UNLESS YOU WANT TO SPEND $30 EVERY MONTH OR TWO. WORST OF ALL V2 DOES NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT. Numerous emails, calls, online chat sessions and the only help I have received was for a defective charger.

Moving to something else.

jonyboyishere says:

Mark walberg

Faux Ferocity says:

How would you compare this to the Da Vinci Ascent? Which would you rate higher?

rb26 says:

is this is best 3-in-1 vaporizer? I really like the idea of a 3-in-1, you can vape e juice, herb or wax. and this one is pretty affordable too

Maxamus Vujaklija says:

will this even get u high

Richard Powell says:

How does this compare to the arizer solo? I am looking to upgrade my portable vape, I have a volcano for home desktop vaping.

Angel Chester 091407 says:

Very disappointed with this vape. I recommend don’t bother.

sahil karda says:

Whats a good $100-200 portable vape for a beginner ? From canada btw.. I smoked the magic flight box once but want something more like a pen

Dank Devenchi says:

How does this compare to the summit

Outcast Imaging says:

whats the best pen and whats the best type of weed to use

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