Top 10 Best Vaporizers Right Now

Here are the top 10 best vaporizers for dry herb to start 2019, desktop and portable, based on your feedback.

00:57 Dynavap M
03:55 OmniVap Ti
08:15 Mighty & Crafty
13:32 Ghost MV1
18:05 PAX 3
29:48 Plenty
33:45 Volcano
37:10 E-nano
40:00 VapeXhale EVO
45:33 NewVape FlowerPot

These were chosen based on what you guys just told me the best vapes were in the last year:

My personal favorites list also happens to contain 8 of the 10 vapes shown, so these are all very solid choices.

Post on the forum if you have any comments or questions:

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G43 vaporizer:

Stay up!


Bob Dobalina says:

Great video. I had a vape a few years ago, the old upturned jar one. After a couple of tokes, the herb tasted like burnt nuts, do these do these?

One Mind says:

Have you considered reviewing the hydrology 9 water filtered dry herb vaporizer? I have done some research on it, and it almost seems too good to be true. Hope you can review it. I love your honest and comprehensive reviews. Thanks for all the solid reviews you share brother. Stay up.

Superphase says:

RIP Haze Technologies. Still searchin for that convection portable with big session capacity and on-demand convenience .

Joey Miranda says:


Sebastian says:

Love this chanel !! Actually I`m looking it High ahaha !

Craig Carr says:

Genuinely, if more people had the tubo evic it would be in all their top 3. Right now I own a vapexhale cloud evo, dr dabber switch, puffco peak, pax 3, Argo and an extreme q, then I bought the tubo 2 weeks ago.. game changer.
I’ve only used my tubo for herb and my switch for wax for the last 2 weeks.
When my dynavap arrives, I’m confident it will be 3rd in my list .

Gabriel Arteaga says:

no davinci iq?

Vince Taglia says:

I remember when S&B came out with the Crafty and I got it a year later. I was like “man if this is what vaporizing is like now, I wonder what it will be like in a few years!” Little did I know that was basically the best anyone could do. 4+ years later they are still at the top of the charts. Goddamn German engineering.

ThE joKEr says:

Just don’t like the way Crafty or mighty taste nasty. Pax is weak and waste herb. Love the dynavap shadow

ssaucysimone says:

“Change it to celcius if you’re weird” hahaha great video bud.

Zach Wall says:

Very nice video buddy!

idontcare99999 8 says:

“In Fahrenheit or Celsius if you’re weird” Fully agree…

Jt Munn says:

I would rather know what you think were the best that came out recently not what everyone else thinks you get to try all the new Vapes or most of them everyone else might try one or two new Vapes a year if they’re lucky

Marky Ochoa says:


esta canail says:

I wish you explained how the g43 works just like you did for the other vaporizers.

Korey Williams says:

These are some expensive pipes.. not what I would call a vaporizer. The first couple you showed just look like over priced pipes you still need a torch or a box module to heat the coil. I prefer the battery powered ones you just load and go. I’m not a fan of the extra steps.

Alexander Garcia says:

solo 2

Steven K says:

Not sure what my next buy should be, I bought a Crafty, then a Volcano, then the VapeXhale Evo. I still find myself pretty much only using the Volcano, the other two don’t even come close for me. Volcano effects are head and shoulders above the rest for me

Liz H says:

Had to pull out my Lynx Gaia to do a sesh while watching this lol!

John Cocktostone says:

Video sold me on the flower pot

Michael Sands says:

I had a Crafty for about a year and it was replaced twice because the battery shit the bed. I’d heard the Mighty was better reliability so when I was going through the process of replacing it a third time (!!), I asked if I could pay them another $60 and have them send me a Mighty and they did. To their credit, S&B replaced all the units basically no questions asked within the first year.

The Mighty is big. It doesn’t stand up like the Crafty, and I preferred the app for the Crafty because there’s only a few temperatures I ever use. I hate the unwieldy proprietary charger, especially when I already have 10 micro-usb cables all over my apartment. But it works well and I’ve had it for 2 years.

I wish I had started watching Bud’s video’s before I got either. I realize now I’m more of a Ghost MV1 guy in the sense that I don’t need to vape an entire session in one sitting. But I don’t hold that against the Mighty / Crafty. It works as advertised and tastes great. But it’s hard to justify buying another vape after dropping $400 on a Mighty (the price at the time). But if I do, I’m for sure going with the MV1.

Linda Lauren says:

Bud, question: I would really like to know if it’s better with the VapeXhale to use dry herb or fresh herbs. Because it doesn’t seem to make really big clouds unless using concentrate. Also how the heck do you clean that glass tube that goes through the unit to the bottom … gets real sticky real fast. So far I’m not impressed with it. It was a Christmas gift.

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