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David Roux says:

What do you think about the grizzly guru?

D SC says:

Super silver surfer?

Dennis Durand Jr says:

is a firewood 4 review in the pipeline?

Stu says:

Stores and bickel must be on the way to releasing a new portable. Well you would hope

Richard Powell says:

Thanks for the upload. I currently have the arizer solo, with that being said I’m looking at the firefly 2 or the mighty. As a upgrade. Can anyone comment on the two? Also I was hoping the mighty 2 would debut haha is that wishful thinking?

That Guy From Quebec says:

Nice video man , i watch you for years , and i feel sad abouth the herbalizer thing , it was kinda of a big bang whe it was out , and i buy it because you review it good. Well i can say i still have this vape too and i still think is one of the best desktop vape, but yes the bags are easy to break,…but i have it for at least 2 years now and still working super fine ,and if you want to buy it cheap ,then wait till blackfriday stuff, it was around 400 on herbalizer website and it was chong edition

thank you vape critic to continue to do the best vapes reviews!

my vapes: davichi|rip , crafty|rip ,plenty|ok ,herbalizer|ok , firefly2|ok

TheOracleCh says:

What about the herbalizer? not a fan? I cant seem to get a straight answer from many on whether i should go with it or the classic volcano/ volcano digit?

Rahayed Munim says:

@The Vape Critic – Love your reviews but wanted to chime in regarding your comment on the convection vapes; you mentioned the firefly, the CFV/Flowermate Swift Pro in context to having to stir the bowl to get the best out of your herb, but missed out the Grasshopper!! Full convection and no need to stir the bowl 🙂 IMO the grasshopper is great but i dont like the fact that it is way too hot when taking draws – you need to use a bubbler to cool the vape. Keep the reviews coming!! I consider your channel one of the benchmarks when considering a herbal vaporizer 😀

Nikheel Patel says:

convection … on demand … pure flavour ..

John Weisgerber says:

The Grasshopper – convection/no stir. But you know that.

pHIL zDRUFF says:

I LOVE the FIrefly 2! Great Product. Perfect for peoples, which dont vape much at the same time. Love it to take some breaths and lay dat great piece of technic away for some time. and then, some minutes later take another hit. Just great.
P.S: thank you for the great reviews. They helped me a lot to make a decision.

NissanPacific says:

I’m really surprised that your channel isn’t more popular, a lot of good content on here. I’ve always been on the fence with portables but the CFV looks like one I’ll have to invest in. I’m surprised they don’t have any sort of fast charging technologies built into portables (or interchangable batteries). Biggest draw back would be a scenario where you’re on low and on the go… xD

Ic37r011 says:

Keep in mind with flower it is different. You should not be getting lots of visible “vapor”. If you are getting lots that means your flower is lightly under combustion without full on catching fire. I can definitely tell it’s more harsh on my lungs when I see significant haze. Mind you it is not as bad as a joint on your lungs. This is a totally different thing than vape e-juice which is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and make that vapor.

Jonatan A says:

More butane powered vapes such as: Vapcap, Lotus, Sublimator Eliminator, Sticky Bricks

Devin Butler says:

I love my firefly2 but friends have some trouble with it lol after you perfect it though it’s worth every penny I bring the pax 3 out for multiple ppl I’m on the fence if I need DaVinci iq or not lol

Julian Ehlers-benz says:

You could maybe review the Herborizer TI, french made vape, kind of like a sublimator lite and easier to use, you would be the first to review it as far as I know and the guy is rly bad at PR 🙂

pat sow says:

I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t mention the airiser air in the portable suction. To me that vaporizer is the AK-47 of portables, reason being you really have to clean it hits like a beast you can replace the batteries great build quality made in Canada much better than Chinese made that’s for sure. Overall a great Vape no string required you really don’t even have to grind it you can literally put kind of cracked nugs in it and vapour way. I know it’s been around for a little while I’ve had mine for two years but I use it every day still. Overall this video was very informative like most of yours great work once again always a pleasure to see you and your latest videos however I would’ve loved to seen a mansion for the airiser

spaggitles says:

Planning on reviewing the Boundless CFC any time soon?

Macbeth R. says:

Hey dude, you talk a lot about the cons of convection vapes, like that you need to stir them often, but you don’t say anything about their pros, or why do you think everybody should be moving in that direction?? The taste? health issues? performance??

Michael Sands says:

Sidekick? Not worth mentioning?
I’m not butthurt. I don’t have one. I’m just curious.

Nikheel Patel says:

speaking the truth!!!!

Par Trivedi says:

long time back, got the mighty based on your review. Simply cannot find a better vape, even today. But I am looking at the IQ or the FF2. I generally prefer convection, but really digging the look of the IQ. Not digging the look of the FF2 so much. What do you think I should get?

Alex Hand says:

+1 for more convection pocket vapes. I want to see something do the Grasshopper better than the Grasshopper. Herbal vape, 5 second heat up time, 100% efficiency with the herbs, stainless/glass/ceramic, unpainted vapor path. But with less than 2 years of preorder backlogs, battery life that lasts a week on a charge or with a more common, user replaceable battery like an 18650 and durable enough to withstand some drops to the pavement. I also want to see some better vape multi tools coming out. The ones out there are either way too overdone and overpriced or just useless. How about just a poker/dabber, scoop and brush on a fold out, vertically stacking axis, with a little sleeve for under $10. I love the little vertical brush that came with the V2 Pro herb cartridge.

Oxygorjia X says:

Why the hell was I un subscribed??? I’ve been subscribed since your third video ever!!!

Mob Mangay says:

Hey Bud what do you think of the Vivant Alternate? Does it have the same chamber size and mouthpiece size as the Mighty/Crafty? My concerns are; 1. Can I use the loading capsules of S&B? 2.I have a water tool adapter for the Mighty, will it fit too?

growing heart says:

new videos are looking good! wish the cf by boundless was mentioned! best vape you’ve shown me in my opinion!

Gavin Sanderson says:

You are my go to for anything dry herb related. I have a Mighty, Plenty, Da Budda and an Arizer Air amongst other less noticeable devices. Without a doubt my favourite is the Air, I have had it for a year and a half and use it multiple times every day. It has never let me down and suits my vaping needs not to mention the ridiculously easy maintenance and replaceable battery. Thank you for what you do and please DO NOT STOP making these videos.

Louis Ricks says:

Hey Man, I recently discovered your channel and you DEFINITELY know what you’re talking about. I’m still on a PAX 1 after 3 years… what would be a significant upgrade???
Thanks, dude…

SeanTron says:

Thanks for the information! Got my volcano classic coming tomorrow and can’t wait to get my hands on it and you’ve put my mind at ease saying it’s still number 2.

I have so many mixed messages which I assume mostly come from people who can’t afford the volcano and want to defend their choice in desktop vape.

Sasha Dianat says:

As the slogan goes all over the net that “the iphone of the vaporizers”, I’ve got to say, wait a moment please….
I bought my Pax 2 a year ago, and now the rubber part over the power button is eroded so the tar oozes into the switch and does not let the device to turn on. This means ALL I need is a rubber covering with an utmost price of 10$. However when I consulted the PAX Labs customer service, what I received was an alibi that, even though your device is genuine BUT we can not offer any services to you because It is bought from an illegitimate retailer. What they offered me was to send my device and pay an extra 160$ to get a new Pax 2 shiped!!! What the hell?!!! I wanted a rubber part, you offer me buying a new device?!!! And this was the answer:
“I’m afraid that’s the least we can do. PS: I’m not trying to sell you anything. ”
So to all you friends, if you want a disposable vaporizer we definitely recommend the PAX series. Doesn’t matter it has 10 or 100 years warranty, it vaporizes in a blink of an eye.
Cheers to all vapers

John Martin says:

what is the cheapest good starting vape that can do both . loose herb and wax. i know i know you get this question alot.

TheKrisPn says:

Can you do review on herbstick eco?

Gary Berdugo says:

suprise he didn’t mention the herbalizer

ray ramon says:

you need a lung and a half for the fire fly to even get a good cloud but it has to be one of the best tasters honestly! I’ve had a original pax for 6 years dropped 100s of times still works great hits like a champ and the battery is still game very reliable pax is solid i think I’m gonna roll with the pax 3 very soon

joe arrowsmith says:

admittedly I only had a short time with it, but I didn’t find the grasshopper required stirring. I attributed it to the relatively long and thin heating chamber, I only had it for a few sessions though, so your experiences may differ.

Definitely look into the vapcap range. one of the most discrete vapes out there (Ti based models anyway, the glass looks like a crack pipe, no escaping that) plus as long as you’ve got a heat source it’ll never let you down. my advice would be to pick up a bunch of different jet lighters with different flame configurations, different people prefer different configs. my personal favourite is dual flame, they seem to usually fire reliably with the flames pretty low, which helps with gas efficiency. dual flames also allow you to heat along the length of the cap without necessarily hitting the very end of the cap (where the clicker is). imo this is the best balance of quick heating, gas efficiency and ammount of control you have of the temperature (most control would be a single jet).
also, the spinning mouthpieces really help out a lot with keeping the cap steady over the flame since you can grip the mouthpiece and spin the body.

Sorry for the ramble, i’ve just been really charmed by how simple, elegant, reliable, and effective dynavap’s gear is.

Nimue says:

You make great vids. You pushed me towards the pax 3 and da vinci and now i use them everyday and fucking love them!

Alex Corne says:

Hi Buzz, totally agree would love to see more portable convection vapes, do you still rate the lotus? I got one based of your video and it has been a solid investment.

Nikheel Patel says:

still loving my mighty

josh sparrow says:

well said. great job!

Scarpie Dread says:

Awesome video Bud. Thank you!!

Kizock says:

Whats about the Flowermate 5.0X /mini ?

bluesnow56 says:

What do you think of Flowermate hybrid X and have you made a review of it? Would it be a good buy?

Josh thorn says:

hey need advise. new to vapes but 8 need one for herbs wax/oil and e oil. been doing a lot of research thinking about getting galaxy by kandypens. what should I get??

Sungodv says:

What about the Summit +? I see no review on it yet.

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