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This is my annual “State of Vape” video where I talk about what’s on my mind and what’s new in the vape industry.

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The Vape Critic


Landonian Odominous says:

Have you done a review on the Linx Gaia?

Edward C says:

I find water tools unnecessary ,when all we need is a cool vapour path. Something with great battery life like the mighty, and vapour cooling like the ghost A Vape with innovative cooling tech. Possibility of there being a basic internal coolant system( 30 mls or so) where the vapour is cooled without actually coming into contact with water , but the water is in galleries (like a petrol engine) and the heat is taken to the outside air through being close to the outside with radiator/mighty style cooling fins. Easier said than done 🙂

chris salinas says:

Sign me up !! I want a joint feeling vape. I have the same issue.

wowcrazy70 says:

I want to get the mv1 but when you exhale does it still smell like your smoking a blunt or hitting the bowl

Dusan Durdovic says:

Quick tip for the Mighty and Crafty capsule system users: I found that adding a couple of drops of water with an eye dropper onto the flower in the capsule and then squishing it with the lid before inserting it into the chamber will reduce some of the dryness. A humidifier on the cheap.

Edward C says:

I’ve had a volcano since 2010, no problems . Then a pinnacle, average battery life, bit too plastic. Then a Solo, really great flavour but too much draw resistance . Then I got a Firefly, amazing flavour but fiddly to clean/battery small .Then the mighty, by adding 7 inches of Whip and a glass mouth tip it really does cool the vapor well.

Stan Johnson says:

feels like an MV1 sales pitch

iRA says:

You should definitely start a Kickstarter to build a vape with your expertise my friend, I’ll buy it blind folded. Happy new year!

Addison Tharpe says:

I had a feeling you were going to e making your own vaporizer! I ant wait!

JT droppin D Bombs on EM says:

I have question vape critic, im new to vaping and have never owned one or did it, but I’m not a fan of pipes anymore they choke me out Iol so id like a smoother hit and taste, I would like to get a portable for around the house and traveling to family and friends like the pax 3, ghost mv1 or fire fly 2, it will mostly be for dry herb cause concentrates are hard to find around here, I’ve been looking on eBay for the right deal but these things are super expensive, What would you recommend for a first vape.

Israel D says:

I know this video is old. But the second you said you were going to develop your own vape, my jaw dropped. That is such a good idea I’ll buy it in an instant. I like your opinions on vapes.

And that vape museum idea is so awesome

Harrison Kalmar says:

Where the mega toke at

Fyah Fyah says:

Do you no what the apollo airvape X is like ?

Guy Martini says:

Thanks for a great year of info

Big C says:

Sup bro, love the videos. 1 vape you should defiantly check out is the curv vaporizer from tao. It’s a foreign company but has a great taste and not to mention it’s under 100 bucks. It’s very good for on the go. I’ve had it for i think about 3 or 4 years now. I found a Groupon for it and gave it a shot. Not disappointed. Also have a Mflb and airvape xs. Wanting to get the ghost mv1 vaporizer this year, it looks nice. I appreciate all the videos keep up the good work. Hell I’d like to see your design also. If you could do what other companies can’t in a portable vape, you have customer #1 right here. PEACE BRO.

stormyblueyes says:

How do you feel about the MFLB

Mack Plymale says:

After 2 years and 12 replacement Crafty vapes I am giver up. Just like the Vape Critic said, you can get a wapping hit like smoking. If want to suck on the vape for 20 seconds you may get 75 percent. Also, I found myself blowing though weed very fast with all vapes.

I wish they would make a vape that would vaporize the entire chamber and then you hit it. Not where you to suck on it getting low grade hits while you ramp up and down.

btw.. Can the volcano give lung buster hits if you put a bunch weed in it?

Graham Williams says:

I have had the pax 2 for almost 2 years now with no issues. Heat up time isn’t instant and flavor could be better, but i feel like the simple design and lack of excessive features really result in a great ownership experience. I would pick ownership experience with a 10 year warranty over something that I’ll have to replace in a bit.

The Jester77 says:

I’d like to see you review the Arizer Solo/Air II with the bubble straw water attachment and the 14mm water stem attachment with bubbler… Like to see if the water attachments at least cool down the air enough to enjoy the experience?!?!?

Jay Holmes says:

good chat. awesome collection!!

Bob Mackelmore says:

You should start lifting weights and get jacked. It would fit you nicely

NoOneLikesMyUsernam1 says:

Good luck! I’d buy one.

Dave Brown says:

By far in my opinion the best desktop Vape also can be portable. The cloud Evo by vapexhale I’m very surprised you haven’t added to your collection as one of the hardest hitting Vapes out there. In my opinion it’s the closest you will ever get to using a regular bong

Amir McMullen says:

I’ve had the Crafty for 2 years come February. It started acting weird around November (would charge in only a couple minutes to full and die before even reaching temp) so come this month I sent it in to Storz & Bickel (before the end of the warranty) and just received a BRAND NEW one back! And I mean everything, the grinder, loader, brush, extra screens, the works! I think it’s a newer version too because now it has a vibration countdown as it’s about to auto turn off (and hopefully the extra 20% battery life the new models have).I’m a customer for life Storz & Bickel. And thanks Vape Critic, I bought both this and the Pax1 before this due to your advice and insight. Keep up the good work!

R1b says:

thisthingrips oil rigs seem to give a huge rip for a small(er) pull

Derek Walde says:

A lot of money on those shelves bro!! what a hell of a collection.. I like your style holmes

stormyblueyes says:

I so agree with you. When i can find a vape that will get me where my Blunts do then I’ll be satisfied

Lewy Pierson says:

Completely with you.. like flower better than concentrates but the flower vape game needs improving. I want that 2 second cloud getter!

Joseph Penafiel says:

I’m a control systems engineer, just graduated college. I would like to help you develop a vaporizer

Chico Reyes says:

Good video

Anon Vap says:

The HealthyRips team launched BOTH the Fury and the Fury 2 vapes towards the end of 2017. Small size, easy to clean, big hits at low temps. Would love to see you get your hands on the Fury 2 for comparison to other “budget” vapes as it comes in just over $100 and I like it more than my Crafty!

Jon Adair says:

Super excited for your new vaporizer, please design it soon!

Dov Tov says:

Through all of the warts the GH in my opinion mimicks a joint on demand convection. The click is like the lighter on a Joint heats as fast.

That funky music is back. How do you keep up with keeping those baby’s charged :)..

Have you tried to turn them all on at the same time 🙂

I have the Solo 2 is much improved on the Solo 1. I was surprised because the Solo 2 improved a legendary vape the Solo 1. Less draw resistance, the stem is secured where in the Solo 1 the stem would be unsteady. The Solo 1 heats the Solo 2 heats super fast. The battery in the Solo 1 is as good as the Mighty. The Solo 2 the battery is super good. I can go 2 and a half hours without charging the Solo 2.

The Pax 3, finally a Pax that I love! Lightening fast charging. Much improved battery life. Vape production increased, much less harsh. I also like that it is the only vape that effectively senses when being pulled and then stops heating when the pull stops. As close to on demand convection from a conduction vape. 10 year warranty. The new Matte finished Pax 3’s have later version improvements. The app is the best of any without question. The effects from the Pax 3 is special.

2017 also was the year that Pax has a real and viable competitor in the Davinci IQ.

The GH is still the much better than any vape but all of that goes out the window because of reliability issues. I have experienced zero problems because the Grasshoppers that are in production today are much improved and much more reliable. IF the efforts of Hopper Labs translates into a reliable Grass hopper with the Performance Front End, nobody can come close. Vape production is better than any pocketable or portable vape. And some use the GH to power there water tools and it as good at doing that as any desktop in my opinion.

The Ghost MV1 I think exceeds the Mighty in every category.

Mathieu Gagnon says:

i really like your updates

Thomas Meier says:

I really like your idea of creating a vape which mimics the experience of a joint. Everytime when I show a new vape to my friends it is always the same feedback. it is not the experience of a J. My thought to this would be a mix of something like the Dynavap M (with the O ring Mod, so that the shotgun is closed because then you have to hit it like a J and get quiet a lot vapor with a short draw. The O ring must be close to the shotgun hole though otherwise the restriction is too strong). unfortunately you can only draw 4-5 times till you have to reheat but it gets very close to the experience of a J. To get the full experience the Cap needs some electronics to stay on the required temp for as long as you want or the bowl does not taste good anymore. let me know your thoughts to this

BlackCat 56 says:

what’s your view on the Gpen pro.if the weed isn’t dry, it doesn’t work right. too complicated. I don’t want to spend 20 minutes to get a rip….. you cant go wrong with a bowl and lighter.

Jon Adair says:

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience in a charismatic and humble manner!

Paul Andres says:

Bro vid is too long …

bluemystic7501 says:

Best of luck and keep up the good work!

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