Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review (SSV) by The Vape Critic


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The Vape Critic says:

sorry to hear about your troubles man, sounds weird that they would do that to you, i try to direct people to particular stores that provide great service despite what the mfg does, i’ve found that sometimes buying direct from mfg isn’t the best for service.

what was wrong with your unit?

williamertz says:

great video, very informative.

The Vape Critic says:

haha i’ve heard that a couple of times, i do think i look like him tho

John Crichton says:

So I got this used  spherical glass in like new condition with a year and a half of the warranty left from an authorized dealer for $150 (gave me the receipt too). Is that a good deal? It was my first vape, I tried.

NWgunzNbud says:

Have you used the hands-free Vaporbrothers desktop unit? It’s glass on glass but you can still use standard whips w it.

GuitarGeeek says:

helpful video!  just ordered mine, can’t wait to get it!

Katapillar says:

A waist of my ten fucking minutes of life I won’t get back just smoke the fuckin thing gosh

makemusicnotwar says:

If you are cleaning your wand you are wasting what I feel is one of the best parts of the vaping process, the wand hash.  Instead of using alcohol or soapy water, use the poker and scrape out the build up.  Be careful though wand hash is very very potent and will make you really sleepy.  

The Vape Critic says:

+Kathryn Roscoe Vape Session w/ The Silver Surfer Vaporizer (SSV) – Demo by The Vape Critic

illuminated one says:

we could figure it out never even see you use it what a waste of time

Sammy Sain says:

Good review. Discussed things I was curious about.

Luis Arredondo says:

Hey I recently purchased one from a local smoke shop they gave me a bad ass deal for $200. But it came with the standard wand and spherical ground glass heater and it does not seem to be working properly seems like the air is escaping. Do you recommend getting a standard heater or the spherical wand?

Katapillar says:

I’m sorry dude but really most of us just wanted to see ya smoke it

The Vape Critic says:

+138kenc hey generally the finer you grind the more intense the vapor will be (thicker, stronger) and usually you’ll know it’s spent when you stop getting any real vapor from it, then you can dump out the spent material and pack more, only need a little at a time with this vape

arashsoft56 says:

Great work man really appreciate the work you do. 

The Vape Critic says:

+Kript3x RE: “Does it smell very much?”

The vapor will smell roughly half as strong as smoke and will dissipate about twice as fast

Beer Drinker says:

There’s a new version out with two dials and loads of accessories

vaper saver says:

the super surfer

The Vape Critic says:



The Vape Critic says:

possibly if you mixed it in with some herbs

noah langmade says:

Thank you! Your bids are the best I always go to you before I think about getting a vape!

okey dokey says:

Learning how to get the very best pulls off of this takes quite a few experiences using it. I hated it at first but after a couple months I fell in love with it. Best non portable vaporizers on the market no doubt about it.

okey dokey says:

Learning how to get the very best pulls off of this takes quite a few experiences using it. I hated it at first but after a couple months I fell in love with it. Best non portable vaporizer on the market no doubt about it

Danny Mo says:

What’s the production and taste quality compared to da buddha,is it slightly better or a lot,thanks Dan Australia

Hamster RU says:

Great review bud, thanks for the up

Candy Land says:

The da Buddha vapor way better

errliest says:

Hands down best vape I have ever used. Nice thick tasty vapes.

Randy G says:

So then WHAT DO you consider the best vaporizer? other than the Volcano of course..

rfe0785 says:

Nice shades

The Vape Critic says:


JKflipflop says:

Been using this as a daily hitter for about 3 years now. It’s still one of the best vapes on the market. You really can’t go wrong with this unit. Get the one with the spherical ground glass.

xjado321 says:

I personally think the ssv is quite a bit better than the plenty. I have been thoroughly disappointed with the plenty vaporizer and have had nothing but good experiences with the SSV. The SSV actually produces quite a bit more vapor. The only vape I would consider getting over the ssv would be the volcano.

Martin Chriss says:

I can type only 500 characters, so here goes the cliff notes: They (7th Floor) will NOT honor their 3 yr warranty. If you purchase directly from them, you will pay I believe $25 more than a mega vape store, that $25.00 pays for 3 yrs of warranty. They will tell you they can’t find the record of you purchasing one, that is until you furnish them bank records. From that point on you can call as many times as like but “that person is not available”. Email them? Automated response. Arizer Extreme Q

Andy P says:

So thoroughly impressed by the SSV. So much so that I vastly prefer it to smoking. I get more fucked up on the SSV. Seriously!

Angela Batten says:

Help me pls just bought an ssv and no vape is coming out! I dont know what I am doing wrong I have turned the dial up, put more and less herb in yet everytimd I breath in no vape comes out

ILSappr says:

Just go to your nearest home improvement store. Get your self a hot air heat gun, its like a hair dryer but stronger. Also they have a tip to reduce the size of the air gun, it’s sold separately. Get your self a water pipe. turn on heat gun on high for 10seconds then turn to low and use a you would a lighter. Make sure you put over bowl before you turn it on so you don’t blow everything out. Works just as good as you most expensive vaporizers. will only cost you about $30usd.

Eric Decker says:

******* Be wary using the blown glass temperature dial. It is large and heavy and it attaches to a cheap pot metal potentiometer that can easily brake if the dial bumps into something. The potentiometer is integrated into the circuit board so you cannot replace it yourself and it is expensive to do it through the manufacturer.

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