Quant Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Welcome to my review of the Quant Dry Herb Vaporizer. Save 15% on Premium Vaporizers with the code RUFFHOUSE: https://quantvapor.com/
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Krystal R says:

They are closing A LOT of weed related accounts down on youtube. If this is ur main income be safe with what u post sir. Youtube is becoming so lame…

Unmatched nut busting prowess says:


אשד פרוייקטים says:

מכשיר קטן מעולה עושה את העבודה בצורה מושלמת

Ryan Wallace says:

Would u recommend this one Matty ?

sammycatv :D says:

Hi I’m high

gorilla glue says:

How short is the battery life? Like, a couple of bowls? One?

Anthony Angel says:

Looks like trash

It's All In The Hips says:

Someone come get their dad good vid tho

Choco The Chocobo says:

I use mine to vape ear wax!

TK says:

there’s a hair in your nug..

Ben Bardon says:

Is this not the mini sutra?

Ultra Mantra says:

Can someone explain what would be the difference between using a vaporizer and just smoking a joint?

Matt Moore says:

Is this like a clone of the fury 2 or what?

INN24 says:

Yeah this is the HealthyRips Fury

manish kulkarni says:

Can you recommend a 2 in 1 vaporizer for both dry herb and e cig juice?

Mousey Publishings says:

Do u have to press the button to vape? I dont think i have to but its a habit.

jae ski says:

Alot of people still dont understand that if you use quality cannabis to start with… the vape hits will be cloudy and nice for a good while..no combustion.!
but if you’re using that weed that looks like it wass smuggled in he bottom of someones shoe inside their sock, and they walked on it from navada to arizona like that. You know what im talkin about…that flat shwagg herb.. will work in this.. yikes…
.. but if thats what you plan to it continually use in this… your best bet is investing in blunt wraps. Sad but truthful!

Tj haze says:

How tf is this channel still going?

m hazey says:

I have this in all black and its amazing yet so simple to use . Best investment i made and you dont need to use alot but a little goes a long way trust me. Cheers

Mousey Publishings says:

I just got the quant, wood finish bc the black was sold out but i got 28 bucks off with the code “ruffhouse” so thanks. a tutorial would b nice, bro

ashiha says:

Wish I could trade my XVAPE Fog for this.

Mr Alex says:

Hope you dont get strike for those review

rafowens says:

how come this looks so much like the fury 2?

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