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imtehshit says:

It that the grey or black version? I guess colors are hard to determine when you’re squinty as fuck.

chris salinas says:

Thanks for the review. I know this video has been out for a while but I would still appreciate any feedback. my question is, I currently own a Mighty and I love it, but I’m looking for a full convection now. I’ve always been intrested in the Firefly and I know the Firefly 2 is out now.I’m really not excited about using an app to use my vaporizer and I have no interest in using it for concentrate. so based on that do you feel that the original Firefly would still be a good buy ? Especially at today’s discounted prices?

Rich Meyer says:

you need to draw a diagram of the that relates switching to inhalation plotted on a time versus action scale. so us scientists can understand.   otherwise good presentation. thanks for your advice.

Rich Iannariello says:

Just got firefly for 125 craigslist this Vape is awesome iit’s the Mercedes of Vapes… Gives you different high cause it’s convention not cuduction I have Pax an Ascent love the Pax but firefly gives you a cleaner tastier Vape. Ascent also has sweet taste but don’t produce the clouds like the firefly or pax thanks vape critic

Diane Thornton says:

In what can only be called a cluster f*ck, my vape has battery problems. While they will “as a one time courtesy” replace it (Patrick in customer service doesn’t note the 4 previous claims) he also tells me this; “The Firefly unit has a 5 year warranty and the accessories which include the top/bottom lid and the battery have a 30 day warranty. ”
How do you consider the entire UNIT accessories? I am not able to recommend this product any longer and feel a new vape in my future, when I have another $260 to spare. Looking for something with a battery life longer than Firefly is now stating is their standard “Keep in mind, on average, you should be getting 6-7 draws out of one chamber which will equal 1 session. You should get a least 2-3 sessions out of one battery.”
So 2-3 bowls out of ONE charge? Not at all helpful as “portable” this means tied to a power cord after every use. Fail.If yours is better, let’s trade!

TheGreatUtopiaCat says:

This looks like a cool concept but overall an un necessary design for what needs to be accomplished, stupid honestly and too expensive

wickedbecca says:

Great review! Touched on everything. I got it today and was disappointed because it’s not like the one I’m used to using. I was able like e to get one good draw off it by using the same technique you spoke about. But I got disappointed again when the LED turned amber and it got too hot to use. Any advice on that?
Also would you agree it’s not a great one to share? And we got a bit of product pull through the mouthpiece and I had to pick it out of my mouth. Any advice on that?

Thanks again.
Keep up the good work!

Aditya Khanna says:

Can you please let me know how we can use this on a 240 voltage standard countries like i am from India.. i saw on the site if they have a charger to support 240 v supply but they are only offering 110 v standard american voltage system supported chargers.. 

Also if not do you think these can work with a step down transformer?

Sailordude2012 says:

Lol @3:50 you forgot the correct steps to use it.

Branden Anderson says:

One long Dad joke

tnbproduction says:

I just love mine :3

linuxgirl says:

Pretty sure she just thinks she’s a cat, dude.

Azteca Spiderling says:

I was left one of these in my care (I didn’t buy it) to check it out. After several days of trying to figure the best method, the best amount, the best inhalation method – I really dislike this thing. I find it rather tedious to deal with, heavy, cumbersome, only get a few hits before battery needs to be re-charged and small, weak (or nothing at all) hits. I’ve tried changing how hard I hit it, how long I hold it, how much, etc. – I haven’t given up on it yet, but I’m not impressed. Which is how I wound up here…seeing if someone could point out what I’m doing wrong. I agree, the instructions don’t quite tell the whole story.

But the real kicker when it comes to vaping is the total lack of buzz after I am done. I have tried numerous models, and just don’t get anything from them (or it’s very minor). I thought I was the only one and something was off with me, but my ex-bf has a friend who said he has the same issue – it’s like we didn’t do anything. While everyone else seems to get ripped, I say the only thing that would get ripped is my wallet. Just curious if anyone else out there knows someone or has friends that have the same complaint?

Sam Maloney says:

I love mine, glad I saw your advice about pre-heating. I use a disposable pipe screen on top the chamber to keep the fines from clogging the air channels. Easy to clean, and you only get the nasty burning effect if you over heat it. Couple down sides: the packaging kinda sux, BE CAREFUL! Caused me to drop my first on a tile floor as I opened the box, shattering the glass chamber. The company was great about fixing it. The LED turns red when the battery dies, sure would be nice if they gave you a bit more warning! The enamel paint job is very high end, but makes it slippery to hold. Battery life is poor, but a second battery and charger are pretty reasonable and the batteries being shipped now are supposed to last longer. Hope the address some of these things on the next generation model.

Justin M says:

My firefly seems to get really hot. It supposed to max at 400 degrees but I have combusted my material several times. If I’m really careful I can get really good performance out of it, but my spent materials comes out black almost burnt. Any suggestions on how to avoid this?

Jew Dy says:

Thanks for the tips. I think your advice will help me enjoy my vape more. As an aside, I had a very stiff brush (eyebrow) laying around that I wasn’t using that happens to be metal. It works really well for brushing out the debris and it sticks to the unit magnetically.

Sam Bellamy says:

Wow, great review. I’ve owned my Firefly for two days now, and after trying your method really worked; 8 sec on, 1 sec off, 4 secs on draw. Man, that really fixed it for me, I can barely type now. Also, I’ve tried a Pax before and the Firefly, in my opinion, has a much better draw (that tastes better too!).

John Gordon says:

Do you get a kick back from the manufactures for recommending their vaps?

Gzim Liharevic says:

whenever i draw on the firefly i get a mouthful of grind-ed product. what am i doing wrong?

phillip peterson says:

One thing I have found is that the firefly has a tight draw to it. But once I learned to pull a little harder I got better flavor and vapor

hulmad says:

So that whoooole Plate gets nasty with reclaim?

Mark Lange says:

As much as I like coolness and taste thru FF vape, I’m not loving how it does with smaller quantities (I miss being able to put just a few crumbs in a bowl and taking nice little micro-hit).

Would it work to put a concentrate pad in there, just to take up space, so I can do smaller amounts?

And I’m wondering if I’m pressing button for TOO MUCH heat…..my herbs seem to be dried out and spent before I’m getting as many hits as others mention. This has been a frustrating learning curve!

Mayur Mehta says:

what does this GUY think SHE is.. 😀 

demonmod says:

is there something wrong with your eyes? or are you just one of those fucking retards who wears sunglasses inside his home?

woocha79 says:

Hey brother, what kinda of sunglasses are those? Thanks

Steve Batio says:

Do not buy this vaporizers suck go with the yo can 94 f trust me

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