My Top Picks: Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2018

These are my current top picks for best desktop vaporizer, I have a full review for almost all of these vapes if you want to see more. These range in price from $160 to $800+

Order shown (random):
Glass Symphony
VapeXhale EVO

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TheWrathoFTerrowin says:

Are you going to review the Xvape Fog?

Steven K says:

I currently own a volcano and the vape xhale evo, if I were to pick up a third which would you recommend?

Tristan McIntosh says:

Stream this weekend? What day were you thinking?

The Mute says:

Why don’t you use water in your glass anymore?

Roddy says:

659 Fahrenheit ????
Isn’t that hot for vaping?

CannabisCultureTechLife says:

Was hittin my Evo while watching this and fuckin burst out laughing at that out take of you hitting over the phone camera stand. Great rundown as always. I always wondered how life would be if I got the sub instead of the Evo. It was on the fence but i think with having a girlfriend hit it all the time Evo probably better choice for safety haha. Cheers!

Jason Cheung says:

no herbalizer?

Petepicsqi says:

You didn’t take a pull on the Ed’s tnt??

Derrick Thomas says:

I can’t beleive you didn’t include the Herbalizer!

Zubink says:

Great video man! Keep it up

Carl Rodrigues says:

Get this change the hose to silicone and swap the cyclone bowl with a smaller connector put in screen boom Bob’s your uncle this vape heats to 500 degrees Fahrenheit .vape on my brothers

Ryan Cairns says:

Loving the contrast between the beginning and end of the video hah haa. Your reaction was petty funny when you elbowed some equipment off the desk too!

TheNLSClan says:

I hope your evo is okay bro!

Rapturelies says:

volcano and plenty both a have plastic taste.

mouth4war says:

Do one for concentrate portables please

James Townsend says:

I recommend trying out the DDave Mod for your Extreme Q. It really makes a world of difference!

RollYourRock says:

LOL! @ 24:30 to 24:40 I thought you going right over backward. – BUT, there is an edit @ 24:40 *Outtakes?

Tibs Cap says:

what about ssv?

Sublimator - Beyond Vaporization says:

Good job mate very good review ! We invented the double decker hit so you know Anyway very good job

Martin Schmidt says:

Tubo-evic is my Main driver. This Thing is a beast. Flavour is amazing. Best with a rig. 🙂

Jordan Smith says:

You should get the Ddave mod for the EQ and do a review

LazyStoner says:

got the volcano heating up as I type this.

Calam Transgression says:

7th floor super surfer??

Martin Schmidt says:

You forgot the tubo evic and mighty and mv1 and sticky brick as Desktop Performance like vapes. 😉

MrJimodoom says:

What do you think of the classic glass “Verdamper”?

John Robbins says:

Blazing my Arizer Extreme Q right now !

TheCartel says:

You must get so fried off these ha

Duramajin says:

Doesn’t it waste the vape when you run it before putting the bag on?

xfurnish says:

where can i get one of those scoops?

Marcel betances says:

Would you guys say the evo has a better flavor than the flower pot for flower? Still deciding on whether or not to get the flower pot. Flavor, efficiency and effect are my deciding factors

Bombastic Elastic says:

15:04 beautiful moment.

Ed A says:

Last but not least Plenty!! Nice video!

Sublimator - Beyond Vaporization says:

And thank you verymuch

Eric Gray says:

Vape Critic, where is the Puffco Peak review? Can’t believe it was’t included… It is a MUST

Dave Brown says:

Lol really great review man spot on I love those emails

Zebedee Totty says:

got my plenty sitting in front of me as i watch this

moqu says:

Have you tried the herborizer ti?

Demi L says:


Will Arthur says:

If you could only have one, which would it be?

letmefeelthevibes says:

FlowerPot just killed Sublimator. The Sublimator has always been way too expensive for what it is. FlowerPot is as powerful, more convenient, and for a honest price. Its value is 10x better than Sublimator’s.
Glass Symphony looks like a second-rate version of the Herborizer XL (which is missing here).
Herborizer Ti is missing too.
I like the E-Nano and the WoodScents a lot, especially WoodScents, congrats to Ed and Dynavap colaboration!

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